Gretchen: Keep Briggs

Today Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson gave guest host Dave Briggs her personal imprimatur. In a Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton unity segment, F&FW sports guy explained to Gretch about campaign contribution caps. She exclaimed, “This guy’s smart: I think that we should keep him around.” (What did you snidely mumble, Keith Olbermann?) Expressing what many F&F weekend viewers may have thought, Brian Kilmeade responded that they would “review the tape.”


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One Response to “Gretchen: Keep Briggs”

  1. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Someone needs to remind Wretchen that we know they have meetings before & after the show … The pre-show gives them facts & talking points (which is where Briggs & Stratton would’ve picked up that info) …

    But, the 1-2 barfout of Wretch & Briggs, caused my tv to stay OFF of FNC … Between Food & CBC & TvLand, the weekdays aren’t so bad … But, the weekends still suck because the other networks would rather run uber lame & pathetic infomercials …

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