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Natali: Morris’ “Mamma Mia”

July 31, 2010

Clayton’s baby boy: Miles Benjamin Morris. As Fox & Friends Weekend began this morning, co-host Clayton Morris joyfully showed off photos of his newborn son and himself to his co-hosts, Alisyn Camerota and Dave Briggs, and to his F&FW audience. As he did, the now single Clayton expressed his elation at being a father but never showed a photo of the mother of his child nor even mentioned her. However, later, during the show, Dave let the cat out of the proverbial bag by naming her twice.

Of course, fans of Clayton have long had a good idea of the name of his presumed paramour. On April 12, disclosed that it had received a tip that a married Clayton had a relationship with CNET anchor, Natali Del Conte and that she was rumored to be pregnant with their love child. (Further, the source indicated that Clayton’s wife Sara Batterson Morris had started divorce proceedings.) On June 20 (Father’s Day) on F&FW, Clayton revealed, “I’m going to be a new dad”: Only a day earlier, Natalie had Tweeted, “My mom and sister are throwing me the baby shower of the century today.”

However, recent tweets by Clayton, Natalie, and tech friend Ryan Block appeared to conclusively identity Clayton’s lady. On Monday (July 27), Clayton joyfully Tweeted, I’m better than ever. Had a son a today. Was at hospital all day. Trying to finally sleep now.” On Tuesday (July 28), Natalie Tweeted, “Excited to take my son home from the hospital today. That’s right, it’s a boy! Healthy and handsome!” Tellingly, the very next morning Wednesday, Clayton Tweeted, “I was supposed to be in today but just had my son. First night home from hospital.” Then, Thursday, in a now deleted Tweet, Ryan Block wrote, “Still catching up from Seattle, but belated congratulations to @natalidelconte and @claytonmorris on the arrival of Miles!”

If Clayton or Natali’s more casual followers were still unaware of their apparent love child, Dave Briggs appeared intent on spreading the word to them. In the final hour of F&FW, Dave and Aly seemingly surprised Clayton with footage of him changing Miles: Dave added that Miles’ mother Natali had sent in the video. If the viewer missed it the first time, Dave repeated her name. Perhaps, at the behest of Clayton, Dave began the introduction of Natali to his F&FW viewers.

Even though neither Clayton nor Natali have yet acknowledged that they have a child together publicly, to the author’s knowledge, it appears pellucidly clear that they do indeed share a son–and his name is Miles Benjamin Morris.

MacCallum: AN’s Makeshift Host?

July 30, 2010

Bill Hemmer: “We’ve been on the job hunt for a year!” A Freudian slip by the America’s Newsroom anchor who reportedly recently renewed his multi-million contract with Fox News? As his AN co-host Martha MacCallum took the week off, his former CNN colleague and recent FNC hire Arthel Neville filled in once again seamlessly for her today. Perhaps, a  tad too well for MacCallum’s comfort.

At the bottom of the nine o’clock hour (ET) on America’s Newsroom this morning, Neville announced that Ellen DeGeneres had quit as a judge on American Idol and that Jennifer Lopez was a potential candidate to replace her. When she had finished, a grinning Hemmer puckishly asked, “So there’s a job opening, right?”* As Neville chuckled in the background, Hemmer cryptically continued, “We’ve been on the job hunt for a year.” However, Hemmer failed to elaborate further.

“We’ve been on the job hunt for a year.” Really? For what position? As the author mulled Hemmer’s words over, he remembered that America’s Newsroom then co-host Megyn Kelly took off approximately year ago (September 2009). However, when her son Yates was born, Kelly did not return to AN: rather, she took the reins of her new show, i.e., America Live. And, MacCallum was ostensibly given Kelly’s baton at AN.

For now, the AN graphics read, “America’s Newsroom w/ Bill Hemmer & Martha MacCallum. But, for how long?

*America’s Newsroom – 07/30/10 (@9:34 a.m. ET)

Shep de Sade?

July 28, 2010

“Face-Planted” Trampoline Bear vid returns. Fox Report weekend anchor Julie Banderas decided to ban it from her show Monday: However, Fox Report weekday anchor Shepard Smith brought it back on his show today (after giving it a rest yesterday). To paraphrase Marquis de Sade, apparently, Smith thinks that the best way to the viewers heart is through torment–of the trampoline bear.

The saga of FNC’s Fox Report and the Trampoline Bear video continues to be a strange one. Sunday, during her Fox Report, Banderas gave a “Bear Alert” about New Jersey allowing its first bear hunt in five years with bear footage, including the approximately seven-year-old controversial Trampoline Bear clip. As it ran, Banderas laughed, “Maybe, all they [New Jersey authorities] need is a few trampolines. That’ll take care of ‘em: It’ll wipe ‘em all out!”

In response, after the show Sunday, the author Tweeted, “When will FR quit exploiting trampoline bear’s pain?” After getting no reply that evening, the author penned, “Banderas’ ‘Teachable Moment’?” before midnight.

Subsequently, Monday morning, the author Tweeted a link to Carpe Diem’s “Banderas’ ‘Teachable Moment’?” to his followers, writing, “.@JulieBanderas (like Shep) laughs at Trampoline Bear’s distress. PETA pride: Will her Kardashian friends teach her?

In a direct response to the author’s article Monday evening, Banderas Tweeted, “I’d like to go on the record by saying all who know me are aware of my passion for animal rights. I would never (cont)” (At the link, her entire message read, “I’d like to go on the record by saying all who know me are aware of my passion for animal rights. I would never condone animal cruelty and have informed my producers not to air the bear on a trampoline video on my show ever again.“) Strangely, she added, “I decided to kill the video long before any writeups and PETA had nothing to do with it.” (An almost incredible statement since she had just aired it the night before on her show.) Happy with Banderas’ overall response, the author gave her kudos and asked if Shep would follow suit in his Carpe Diem article, “Banderas Responds: Bars Bear Vid.”

However, shortly thereafter, when checking Banderas’ Twitter page again, the author realized that Banderas had inexplicably expunged her message of her “passion for animal rights” and her decision to quit airing the Trampoline Bear video (as well as a follow-up Tweet and ReTweets). Nevertheless, her Tweets and ReTweets remained on the Internet elsewhere, e.g., It appeared that Banderas had recanted her apology by scrubbing her website but whether she had actually changed her mind was unclear and what the effect on Smith would be was all the more uncertain.

Interestingly, before his next Fox Report, Smith apparently opened a new Twitter account and Tweeted, “With my first tweet, you’ll join me for the Fox Report at 7pm EST, and 6pm Oxford, MS time- won’t you?” Five minutes later, seeming to hint at Banderas’ scrubbed messages, he added, “My weekend pal and colleague @JulieBanderas was on Twitter, and she’s good at it from what I hear so I had to join. You rock Jules!” Later,  when Smith aired the “Bear Alert” (with Jack Hanna) without including the Trampoline Bear video, he appeared to signal his agreement with Banderas.

Alas, Smith’s turn from his folly was not to last. Today, during his Fox Report, Smith gave another “Bear Alert” of a mother black bear rescuing an errant cub entangled in a fish net. Unfortunately, as that sweet footage ended and as the obnoxious trampoline bear clip began, Smith gleefuly proclaimed, “Then they wandered back into the woods, possibly, to find a much larger net–with some springs!” After the show, he Tweeted, “It was a great show today….How about the bear alert, and planet blago? Two of my faves.”

Maybe, it was indeed Shepard Smith who got Julie Banderas to delete from her Twitter page her strong statement in support of animal rights and her decision to bar the bear video forever from her weekend Fox Report. Happily, however, her message still got out to her followers and fans. Unfortunately, so did his: Smith still does not get it.

Update: Fox Report Thursday (07/29/10): No “Bear Alert” (with Trampoline Bear video). (However, anchor Shepard Smith did report on the serious story of a mother grizzly who killed one person and attacked two others at Yellowstone National Park in Montana.)

Update2: Fox Report Friday (07/30/10): Once again, no “Bear Alert.” (However, guest host Jon Scott updated deadly Yellowstone mother grizzly bear report.)

Update3: Fox Report Monday (08/02/10): “Bear Alert” without the offensive Trampoline Bear video (by guest anchor Jon Scott).

Banderas Recants Apology

July 27, 2010

And, deletes other related Tweets! After asserting her “passion for animal rights” and her decision not to run the Trampoline Bear video again on her weekend Fox Report last evening to her Twitter followers, Julie Banderas has taken it all back. I.e., she scrubbed her Twitter page of that particular Tweet, a follow-up one, and related reTweets. However, as Julie should know, the omitted Tweets and RT’s in chronological order can be found elsewhere, e.g.,, and are as follow:

JulieBanderas I’d like to go on the record by saying all who know me are aware of my passion for animal rights. I would never (cont)
JulieBanderas I decided to kill the video long before any writeups and PETA had nothing to do with it
JulieBanderas its the same video replayed RT @Nate592 : @JulieBanderas Is the bear alert always the same video or is it different ones?
JulieBanderas Thx! was on last wknd RT @Russell_Hansen :How could any1 ever believe u wouldn’t have only the deepest love 4 animals? I miss u being on fox!

Unfortunately, Julie has done a similar scrubbing to her Twitter page before when she caught flack from followers for support of Alan Colmes (after Red Eye‘s Andy Levy quit following Alan for his use of the derogatory term “teabaggers” for Tea Party members. After Carpe Diem’s “Julie: ‘I’m Following You Now, Alan’” article about her deletions, did Julie think that she could pull it off this time without detection? Or, perhaps, did she gave in to pressure from her Fox News superiors or her weekday counterpart Shepard Smith?

Regardless, Julie made the wrong decision. She was right when she initially said, “I’d like to go on the record by saying all who know me are aware of my passion for animal rights. I would never condone animal cruelty and have informed my producers not to air the bear on a trampoline video on my show ever again.”

Since Julie has deleted her statement from the record, Julie’s Fox News fans and Twitter followers deserve to know where she now stands: I.e., did she really mean what she said about animal rights and the offensive bear video or not?

Update: A hopeful omen today from Julie’s colleague, Shepard Smith. In his first “Bear Alert” (07/27/10 with Jack Hanna on Studio B) since Julie’s Tweets, supra, and their erasure, he did not follow it up with the offensive Trampoline Bear footage.

Update2: A second propitious sign today from Shep. On Fox Report this evening (07/27/10), Shep recounted the earlier “Bear Alert” on Studio B (albeit abbreviated) sans Trampoline Bear video.

Stay tuned.

Banderas Responds: Bars Bear Vid

July 27, 2010

Fox Report weekend anchor Julie Banderas responded Monday evening to a critical Carpe Diem article calling for her “teachable moment” as to animal rights by banning the controversial Trampoline Bear video. In the CD column, the author had noted that Julie had “joined her weekday counterpart Shepard Smith…in finding great delight in the pain of the Trampoline Bear.” Further, the author bemoaned her laughter and remarks last Sunday during yet another odious airing by Fox Report of the approximately seven-year-old video of the black bear (falling from a tree, being propelled high into the air, and then crashing forcefully face first into the hard ground).

Citing the Carpe Diem post, Julie asserted
, “I’d like to go on the record by saying all who know me are aware of my passion for animal rights. I would never condone animal cruelty and have informed my producers not to air the bear on a trampoline video on my show ever again.

Kudos, Julie! Now, it is time for your weekday counterpart Shepard Smith to follow your exemplary stand in pledging not to show this exploitative Trampoline Bear video ever again on his weekday Fox Report (or his Studio B).

Will you, Shep?

Update: Julie has scrubbed her Twitter page of her Trampoline Bear Tweets and reTweets, including her animal rights stand and her decision to not ever air the Trampoline Bear vid again.

Update2: In his first “Bear Alerts”  (07/27/10) on both Studio B and Fox Report since Julie’s Tweets, supra, and her deletions thereof, Shepard Smith did not include the offensive Trampoline Bear footage.

Banderas’ “Teachable Moment”?

July 25, 2010

PETA pride: Bear bashing? Fox Report weekend anchor Julie Banderas joined her weekday counterpart Shepard Smith today in finding great delight in the pain of the Trampoline Bear. In a Fox News “Bear Alert,” Julie announced that New Jersey had given approval to its first bear hunt in five years as Fox Report producers ran the exploitative almost-seven-year-old video of a tranquilized black bear falling from a tree onto a trampoline, being bounced high into the air, and then crashing headfirst into the unforgiving ground. As the footage ran, Julie laughed, “Maybe, all they [New Jersey authorities] need is a few trampolines. That’ll take care of ’em: It’ll wipe ’em all out!”* (The floor crew roared with approval.)

Not so very funny. Perhaps, the Kardashian sisters, Kloe and Kim, should have given their apparent friend Julie a lesson on animal appreciation earlier this month during their Fourth of July yacht cruise of the Hudson River.* Both of the beauties have been given an education of their own on animal rights by PETA. In 2008, Kloe posed for PETA’s “Fur? I’d Rather Go Naked” campaign against the killing of animals for their coat after the organization told her what occurred to the animals during fur harvesting. In April of this year, Kim had to defend herself for holding a kitten by the nape of the neck in a Twitter photo after coming under fire from PETA for doing so. Perhaps, they can now help explain to Julie that the Trampoline Bear deserves some respect as well.

The author is certainly not suggesting that Julie is cold-hearted after following her copious love Tweets about baby daughter Addison. However, regardless of one’s views of PETA, one would be hard pressed not to agree that animals should be treated as humanely as possible. To find humor in the harming of an animal, i.e., the Trampoline Bear, is simply regrettable at best. Hopefully, Julie (and Shep) will soon so concur.

[As to Julie’s friendship with the Kardashian family, her sister Melissa Bidwell is co-executive producer of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” As to the aforementioned cruise, Julie, hubby Andrew, and their daughter Addison all were aboard with the Kardashian family for that luxurious outing on July 4th. The next day an appreciative Julie Tweeted, “@KhloeKardashian @KimKardashian @KeepinUpWKris It was great seeing u guys! Addison says she’ll never forget her 1st 4th!!! :)”]

*Fox Report – 07/25/10 (@7:41 p.m. ET)

Update: Citing this article specifically, Julie responded, “I’d like to go on the record by saying all who know me are aware of my passion for animal rights. I would never condone animal cruelty and have informed my producers not to air the bear on a trampoline video on my show ever again.”

Update2: Julie has scrubbed her Twitter page of her Trampoline Bear Tweets and reTweets, including her animal rights stand and her decision not to ever air the Trampoline Bear vid again on her weekend Fox Report.

FNC’s Preview “View”?

July 24, 2010

“Power Panel”: Foxes’ View! On America Live yesterday, anchor Megyn Kelly introduced the new all-woman “Power Panel” to discuss View-like issues (rape by lying, advertising to teen mothers, and being nice in embarrassing situations). On Megyn’s panel were Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Alisyn Camerota, Fox News contributor and conservative columnist Andrea Tantaros, and frequent FNC guest and senior writer of the Daily Caller S.E. Cupp. Not only did these smart, sassy, and sexy ladies address issues oriented toward the gals, but also they exuded an irresistibly alluring pheromone for the guys, too.

Does Fox News have plans for this particular bevy of beauties? With five solo male anchors (Shepard Smith, Neil Cavuto, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity) and only two solo female hosts (Megyn Kelly and Greta van Susteren), it may well intend to transform this potent Power Panel “pilot” into an hour-long program that would foster more gender equality in FNC’s line-up. To make room for it, FNC could replace Studio B with Shepard Smith in the afternoon with the Power Panel and elevate Shepard’s standing to the other male solo anchors by transforming the Fox Report with Shepard Smith into his eponymous Shep Report.

If so, perhaps, the Power Panel might be more aptly named the Foxes’ View.

Brian: Let’s Check Her Shirt!

July 24, 2010

New and improved? Fox & Friends co-anchor Brian Kilmeade seems to have noticed his guest co-host Juliet Huddy’s seemingly enhanced assets yesterday. As he read a headline news story entitled “Tracking Your Undies” (about Walmart’s plans to “put individual tracking chips in the jeans and underwear it sells”), Brian bawdily jested, “Yes, where was Juliet last night? Let’s find out. Let’s check her shirt!”*

Laughing heartily in the background, Juliet racily riposted, “You wish!” Finishing his report and tossing to Juliet, a beaming Brian remarked, “The data will be able to tell you where you and where you shouldn’t go. Juliet.” Co-anchor Steve Doocy teasing admonished, “I wouldn’t have gone there, Brian.” Chuckling, Juliet concurred, “Yeah. Were did that come from? Has he been drinking this morning?” Then, aping Brian facetiously, Steve added, “Yeah. Check her shirt!”

Apparently, her F&F co-anchors already have! Not to mention her audience.

Fox & Friends – 07/23/10 (@6:23 a.m. ET)

Ed Henry Reveals Cook’s Direct Number

July 23, 2010

Transparency in media. During his American Morning segment entitled “She Ordered Sherrod to Quit: Where is Cheryl Cook?,” CNN senior White House correspondent Ed Henry chided the Obama Administration for its lack of transparency today and then inadvertently provided his own. As the popular newly elected president of the White House Correspondents Association board brought viewers into his inner sanctum and let them listen in to a direct call to USDA Deputy Under Secretary Cheryl Cook, he gave them a peek at his personal pad which included the direct line to Cheryl Cook’s office. On his tablet was the name “Cheryl Cook” underscored twice and with the telephone number (202) 720-4581 written next to it.*

In an attempt to verify that the number was indeed that of Cheryl Cook and to interview Cook if possible, the author dialed it. Surprisingly, it went through and an actual person, who did not identify herself or the office at all, answered the phone. When the author asked to speak with Cook, he was quickly redirected to someone else. This person, in turn, sent the author to another who identified the office as that of Cheryl Cook. After requesting again to talk with Cook, the author was transferred to someone else who gave him the e-mail address of Stephanie Chan for media inquiries as to Cook.

Ed Henry: Talking the talk and walking the walk.

*American Morning – 07/23/10 (@6:15 a.m. ET)

F&F: Huddy Back Home

July 22, 2010
Fox & Friends guest co-host Juliet Huddy was back where she belongs today–on the curvy couch. Clad in her sexy, short, sleeveless, and scoop-necked fuschia dress, Juliet brought back fond memories of her time in the center seat on F&F Weekend (with carnal Mike Jerrick and haughty Julian Phillips) with her forever fresh, fun, and flirty flair. As usual, she like the current F&FW queen, Alisyn Camerota, proudly took her seat at the table with confidence, sass, and sauciness. I.e., she did not demand the respect of her male colleagues, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade: rather, she expected it and earned it without an apparent second thought. In fact, if anyone needed the approbation, it very well may have been the boys.

Welcome back, Juliet. Stay for a while!

Olbermann’s Racial Authority?

July 22, 2010

Believe it or not: Reagan’s Interior Secretary James Watt! Last night on Countdown, incredibly, MSNBC’s top dog Keith Olbermann cited Watt approvingly in his advice for President Obama to “be Obama” and “to stand up” to the “perpetual fraud machine that is Fox News” who “assassinated” Shirley Sherrod with their “complete perversion of journalism” in their “manipulation of reality to make the racist seem benevolent, and to convict the benevolent as racist.”

And just who is this James Watt that Olbermann accords approbation? He is the Reagan Interior Secretary who had to resign after cracking a joke insulting blacks, women, Jews, and the physically challenged. In reference to one of his advisory committees, he callously commented, “‘We have every kind of mixture you can have. I have a black, I have a woman, two Jews and a cripple. And we have talent.”

Yikes! Ironic, though. Perhaps, Olbermann, too, will want to proofread his producer’s copy in the future.

F&F’s “Serious Table”

July 20, 2010

Kilmeade: “[N]ot my call…kinda liked it.” Author: “Not my call…kinda hated it.” Yesterday Fox & Friends producers trotted out a new “serious table” a la American Morning. In this segment, co-anchors Brian Kilmeade and Alisyn Camerota interviewed K.T. McFarland, Fox News National Security Analyst about a Washington Post article concerning America’s bloated, cumbersome, and costly spy activities.

As the discussion began, co-anchor Alisyn ominously asserted, “Well, it’s a bombshell report this morning, it’s called, ‘Top Secret America.’ And the Washington Post says [that] it’s hidden from public view and largely lacking in oversight. In a stunning expose, the paper says top secret intelligence gathering by the government has grown so large, so unwieldy, and so expensive that no one really knows what this costs or how many people are involved.” Weighing in, Brian queried, “But, does this report put us at risk? Joining us right now…K.T. McFarland….[I]s it…an important story?” If the “serious table” and the grave tone of the co-anchors left any doubt, McFarland laid it to rest, “Yes, and, it’s an extremely important story!”

Fearing that Fox & Friends may have been inexplicably reading from rival American Morning‘s playbook, the author Tweeted Brian, asking, “Brian, what’s up w/ the “serious table”? Did Chris Wallace have an extra? Relax, we take KT just as seriously on the curvy couch.” However, Brian replied, “[N]ot my call…kinda liked it.” Kinda hating it, the author replied, “Re ‘serious table,’ Fox & Friends does not need to borrow from stodgy American Morning’s props. Rather, AM should learn from F&F.”

Unfortunately, today the “serious table” was back on the F&F set for Brian’s interview of KT in Part 2 of “Top Secret America.” And, it will probably remain for Part 3. Perhaps, the offensive furniture will be sent back home to the American Morning studio thereafter. One can only hope.

F&F Exposes Robin Hood 702

July 19, 2010

Not only did Fox & Friends air the “f-bomb” this morning but it also exposed the face of Robin Hood 702 I, a high roller who reputedly takes from the rich casino barons and gives to the poor. In a preview to its “Robin Hood 7002” segment,  F&F juxtaposed apparently new frontal footage of Robin Hood (albeit with sunglasses, a baseball cap, and a beard) with 02/25/10 F&F vid of a masked Robin Hood. When co-anchor Steve Doocy introduced Rick Levanthal as the one “who’s been following the story,” Levanthal abashedly grinned, saying, “He should have worn that mask when he was with [me?]. He didn’t, though!”*

Subsequently, during Levanthal’s report, F&F showed copious rather sharp shots of the benevolent bad boy at the casino (and, oddly, also included a darkened video of him). When Levanthal’s tale (which included Robin Hood’s surprising use of the f-word) concluded, Rick remarked, “I think the editor took a few minutes off this morning.” Apparently, Rick was not kidding: Not only did the editor miss the obscenity, but also s/he failed to digitally alter the facial features of Robin Hood for F&F.

However, when Rick narrated his account again on Happening Now, the “slumbering” editor had seemingly awakened: Not only was Robin Hood’s “f-word” excised from the footage but also his visage was digitally obfuscated. When Rick concluded his bowdlerized story, HN guest co-anchor Rick Folbaum remarked, “Now, obviously, Robin Hood wanted his identity disguised and that’s why we sort of pixellated his face.” Smiling sheepishly, Rick replied, “Right.”

However, Robin Hood 702 may not be so amused. The mysterious bandit has been covered by Levanthal as early as August 20, 2008. However, today, on Fox & Friends, he was stripped basically bare for the world to see.

*Fox & Friends – 07/19/10 (@8:46 a.m. ET)

*Happening Now – 07/19/10 (@12:55 a.m. ET)

Fox & Friends’ “F-Bomb”

July 19, 2010

“F**king” on air? And, on video, to boot. Not quite the family-friendly fare that one might expect from Fox News’ Fox & Friends. However, FNC correspondent Rick Levanthal brought just that to kids and their parents watching during a segment entitled “Robin Hood 702.”

Ironically, in his report, Rick introduced a modern day anonymous Robin Hood who came to the rescue of a cancer-stricken local man and his family with his gambling prowess as a Vegas high roller who “admits he’s not perfect” and who is a “sinner and a saint.”* As the footage began to conclude, “Robin Hood” presented his winnings to the needy man and his family, declaring, “That’s going to cover your rent for a year. Okay? And, you know what, if you need another year, I’m gonna f**king co(ver), I’m gonna cover another year.” Quickly, Rick interjected, “Uh, apologize for the language there.”

When Rick’s segment ended, F&F co-host Alisyn Camerota smiling stated, “You said, ‘He’s a sinner and a saint’ and he illustrated that.” Rick laughed, “Yes. And, he proved it: Didn’t he? Waggishly alluding to a recent court ruling declaring FCC indecency policies unconstitutional, Brian Kilmeade commented, “Bono feels a little bit better this morning.” In a bit of an understatement, Rick remarked, “I think the editor took a few minutes off this morning.” Co-host Steve Doocy concurred, “Indeed.”

Then, concluding with an aside to the Fox & Friends audience, Steve somberly said, “And, we do apologize for that language.”

Update: When Rick’s report aired more than four hours later on Happening Now, the editor was back on duty, apparently. The offensive “f-word” was bleeped and Robin Hood’s visage was obscured digitally for good measure.** However, to offset his/her censorious actions, additional VIP gambling vid (of bikini-clad go-go girls) was added to the footage.

*Fox & Friends – 07/19/10 (@8:46 a.m. ET)

**Happening Now – 07/19/10 (@12:55 p.m. ET)

“Snooki” Camerota: Fab Abs

July 17, 2010

Fox & Friends guest host Alisyn Camerota was “rocking the poof” Friday as  she buffed her abs with the “Jersey Core” workout. The self-proclaimed “Jersey Shore Girl” and “Snooki Camerota for that moment”* playfully touched the taut chest muscles of her New York Sports Club trainer hunk before fist-pumping her way through a heated workout. Not particularly fond of exercise in general, Aly willing went the distance for the “cause,” that sexy six pack. And that sexy six pack is something that she has long held in high esteem, whether through an appreciation of the well-honed abs of others (e.g., those of Terrell Owens in his F&F fitness segment) or a rightful pride in her own (e.g., the ones in her 80’s bikini pic).

Looking good, Aly: Tanned, toned, and tempting!

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 07/17/10 (@8:31 a.m. ET)

A.M.: Animus Minimus

July 15, 2010

Kiran, “what is that white flying saucer?” As American Morning guest host Jim Acosta read a story about the Idaho wildfire, courtesy KPVI-DT footage ran (7:06 a.m. ET) of flames and billows of smoke with a small white flying saucer-like object crossing the sky. When the author saw it the first time, he hit “replay” to make certain that he was not seeing things. When he did, there the same small ivory plate was traversing the heavens. Of course, the author immediately thought that CNN may be getting “punked” by a puckish iReporter.

When the author Tweeted co-anchor Kiran Chetry for an explanation to the phenomenon, she provided none to him nor the rest of her AM audience. However, the story and the video strangely did not run again.

AM‘s “UFO”? Had only eagle-eyed John Roberts been at the helm today. Surely, the viewers would not have been so left in the dark.

Huddy Debuts Timidly

July 15, 2010

Bill O’Reilly: “You feel free to disagree with me. I won’t be mean. I promise you.” Fox News correspondent Juliet Huddy made a timid debut in her new segment, “Did You See That” on the O’Reilly Factor.* Unfortunately, Juliet’s weekly topic was politics, not exactly her forte a la Charles Krauthammer, Laura Ingraham, or Alan Colmes. However, she knew the facts but when it came to opining, she fell short.

Whenever host O’Reilly would voice skepticism during her discussion of TX Dem Congressman Ciro Rodriguez (D-TX) or NV GOP Senatorial candidate Sharron Angle, Juliet would seem to waver. For example, when Juliet indicated that she did not think that Rep. Rodriguez had acted like a statesmen in his outburst toward constituents, O’Reilly said that he admired Rodriguez more and Juliet quickly confessed that she, too, liked passion. Subsequently, when Juliet began to criticize Ms. Angle’s anti-Harry Reid commercial and O’Reilly replied, “I don’t think so: I think this is a homerun, Juliet backtracked, saying, I think it’s a homerun: I think Harry Reid is shuddering right now.” Seeming to sense somewhat too much obsequiousness from Juliet, even for himself, O’Reilly kiddingly responded, “You feel free to disagree with me. I won’t be mean. I promise you.”

For her virgin appearance in “Did You See That,” Juliet still did reasonably well with her fresh, fun flair. Yet, she seemed to have crammed for the subjects and to have not fully digested the material. For future “Did You See That” segments, perhaps, Juliet, O’Reilly, and the audience would be better served with a lighter fare more a propos to FNC shows like Fox & Friends and Red Eye. (As to F&F, while the various co-hosts do discuss heavier topics, they generally do so as a group generally, not as sole authorities.)

For now a tepid, but hopeful “thumbs up” for Juliet in her new O’Reilly role.

O’Reilly Factor – 07/14/10 (@8:49 p.m. ET)

Wiehl: “Rooting” Lindsay?

July 14, 2010

From Lindsay Lohan’s “Freaky Friday” to Lis Wiehl‘s “Hump Day”? After reading Fox News legal analyst Wiehl’s “Just Go to Jail, Lindsay,” the author was still not sure what the sexy former prosecutor had in mind for the wayward waif. After Wiehl encouraged the troubled starlet to take the high road, serve her time, and be an example to her young female following, she exhorted Lindsay to do it for herself. Subsequently, sounding like one of Lindsay’s possible reality-series-bad-girl cellmates, Wiehl concludes, “And we’ll all be rooting you.”

Copy edit error or artistic license by the racy New York Times best-selling novelist?  Rather, Lis Wiehl: Lindsay Lohan cheerleader or cellmate? Either way, Lis, it might make for a “mean” book.

America Live CatFIGHT: Megyn vs. Kirsten

July 13, 2010

FNC’s feral felines: The seven best minutes on cable news in recent memory!* Both America Live host Megyn Kelly and guest New York Post columnist Kirsten Powers had their nostrils flared and their teeth bared as they slashed each other mercilessly with their sharp claws. The a propos topic: New Black Panther Party voter intimidation.

If the reader did not have the pleasure or pain of seeing the polemic blood flowing with abandon today, J$P provides a video here. From one corner, Megyn ferociously cut Kirsten for not knowing what she was talking about, threatened to mute Kirsten’s mike for talking over her, accused her of lying (re watching whistle blower interview), and slapped her with a final suggestion that “it’s going to be more helpful to the viewers if the next time you come back on you have your facts.” From the other corner, a slightly more docile Kirsten responded that she did indeed know what she talking about, challenged Megyn to cut her mike, charged her with hysteria, and accused her of playing the race card (“the scary black man thing”).

Rowrrr! America Live became America Alive today.

*America Live – 07/13/10 (@1:37 p.m. ET)

Gretchen Fetchin’ Mr. WRight

July 13, 2010

Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson lived up to her high school moniker, Fetchin’ Gretchen, today. Swathed in her short, sleeveless, scoop-necked teal dress this morning, the former Miss America cast her carnal cantrip. And, FNC correspondent (and former F&F Weekend co-anchor) Kelly Wright fell victim willing to her sensual spell.

During an F&F segment on Senate Wall Street reform legislation, Gretchen introduced Kelly’s report, saying “Kelly Wright joins us from Washington with more on that. Three Republicans have decided to go with the Democrats. Right, Kelly?”* Not ready to fully respond to her query before paying her his tribute, he tersely answered, “Yeah, Gretchen, you’re right.” Then, as if kneeling before his Reubenesque Venus in adoration, he stammered, “And, Gretchen, really, I’ve got to take note right now. You look very nice this morning. Very nice.”

Basking in Kelly’s praise (while co-anchor Steve Doocy laughed in the background), Gretchen responded, “Well, well, thank you very much.” A somewhat flushed Kelly replied, “You’re welcome.” As an embarrassed Kelly tried to begin his story, a grinning and brazen Gretchen continued, “I appreciate that. Compliments are few and far between so thank you.” Kelly nervously laughed and simply replied, “All right.”

Subsequently, Kelly gave his report and sequed back to Gretchen and her co-hosts Steve and Brian Kilmeade. Having not completely collected himself, Kelly remarked, “And, Gretchen, I send it back to you. And, Steve and Bryant [sic], you guys look nice as well.” As Gretchen smiled knowingly, Steve chuckled, and Brian deadpanned, “Alright. Thank you very much.”

Gretchen finds Mr. WRight–wanting.

*Fox & Friends – 07/13/10 (@6:32 a.m. ET)