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T. J. Gets Down

January 31, 2011

A prince: not a pauper. American Morning co-host T. J. Holmes humbly got down for his fans and, more importantly, America’s troops today without hesitation. And, no, he did not deign to ask his CNN staff to do the dirty work for him a la AM‘s Halloween 2010.

In a salutary story entitled “Going ‘Deep Dish: 7000 pizzas delivered to troops for Super Bowl,'” T. J. interviewed Pizzas 4 Patriots founder Mark Evans about his altruistic mission to supply pizzas to America’s forces around the world. When their confab concluded, Evans challenged T. J. to participate against him in an inaugural “Push-ups for Patriots” competition.* Not too proud to get down on his hands and knees, T.J. gamely dropped to the floor with little regard for any sartorial sensibilities. Instead, he gamely dispatched his older rival Evans well before the commercial break.

Apparently, T. J. applied CNN chief Ken Jautz’s prime-time programming exhortation to AM., i.e., to make it “more  compelling, more lively and sometimes fun.” Effortlessly. Well done, T. J.!

*American Morning – 01/31/11 (@ 7:57 a.m. 

Trotta Skewers Couric: “Pretend Journalist”

January 30, 2011

Outspoken conservative Fox News contributor Liz Trotta trashed CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric during her weekly America’s News HQ commentary today. When AN co-host Eric Shawn asked the former Washington Times NY bureau chief how the media “report card” was for their coverage of the Egyptian protests, she replied, “It’s not very good.”* [Especially, for Katie Couric.]

Elaborating, Trotta explained that the media, especially the Big Three broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, and CBS), had long put foreign news “on the shelf” and, consequently, they were having to play “catch-up” in their Egyptian protest coverage without proper context, specificity, and facts. Concluding, Trotta blamed their purported sorry state on “major budget cuts” and the “star-ridden system.” Re the “star-ridden system,” Trotta caustically commented, “No better example of that, of course, are people like Katie Couric….This pretend journalist makes supposedly $300,000 a week and doesn’t even appear Thursday and Friday on the CBS Evening News to cover a very big story.”

In defense of Couric, Shawn answered, “Well, some, I think, would disagree with your contention that Katie Couric is a quote ‘pretend journalist.'” Incredulous, Trotta emphatically exclaimed, “Oh, certainly, you can’t have deluded yourself with thinking [that] this is a woman who is a journalist. Come on, now, Eric!” Arching her eyebrows, she scoffed, “You’ve been a reporter too long: You know that!”

Disagreeing, Shawn stolidly stated, “No. She is a journalist. She has, in my view, absolutely is, has been a solid journalist.” Unconvinced, Trotter riposted, “Well, you’re a lot kinder than I would be.”

*America’s News HQ – 01/30/11 (@ 11:56 a.m. ET)

Janice Dean Takes Maternity Leave

January 27, 2011

Tomorrow. Fox News meteorologist Janice “Dancing Machine” Dean Tweeted yesterday that she will begin her maternity leave this Friday in a flurry of Tweets to her followers. (As Carpe Diem previously reported, Dean and her fireman hubby, Sean Newman, are expecting a second son early next month.) When one fan joked that the birth would be “great TV, Dean joked, “Look out utube!” On a more serious note, Dean disclosed that her good friend and America Live host, Megyn Kelly, “will have the exclusive baby pics when he comes on her show!”

Janice, may you be blessed with a safe delivery and a healthy child!

Bill Hemmer: Kiran & T.J.’s Favorite Fox

January 25, 2011

John Roberts: Their forgotten “dog”? Yesterday, one month to the very day that American Morning co-host John Roberts bid adieu to his AM audience, John’s television wife Kiran Chetry and his substitute T.J. Holmes seemed to have conveniently forgotten all about him. In fact, AM’s quilom alpha male appeared altogether off the CNN radar.

During a Super Bowl segment almost mid-show, Kiran and T.J. interviewed famed New York sportscaster Len Berman about the upcoming game. When they had finished their interview, Berman jested, “You know what I think is really cool [is] that you guys are going to sit with the Fox people and watch the State of the Union address.”

Nodding her head in mock agreement, Kiran deadpanned, “Absolutely! Everyone’s invited.” Looking at Kiran and then to Berman, a smiling T.J. replied, “Yeah. Me and Bill Hemmer, we already worked it out.” Chuckling, Kiran continued, “Me and Bill-o, we’re just gonna be there watching the game.”

Not surprisingly, neither Kiran nor T.J. made mention of John Roberts, AM’s co-host as of a mere month ago, who defected to Fox News. Rather, they both chose to inject America’s Newsroom anchor Bill Hemmer, a 2005 AM alum (who like Roberts was canned during an AM revamping and left for FNC) into their collegial chatter. Perhaps, the wounds are still too raw for them to reach out to their latest “Benedict.”

Dave Briggs: You’re Not Worthy?

January 23, 2011

“Folks, don’t have a Super Bowl party if you don’t have a great TV! That’s my public service announcement.” This morning Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Dave Briggs laughingly made this off-the-cuff jest during a Super Bowl tech segment after co-host Clayton Morris had showed him a 42″ high-def flat screen television. Even though Clayton smiled, those F&FW viewers among the 14.5 million unemployed Americans who are not as fortunate as one of their favorite co-hosts to have a great job and a good salary may not have appreciated Dave’s humor. Rather, they may been sensitive to any message that they are not worthy in their financial straights to host their family and friends to celebrate this national pastime without a “great tv.”

Doubtlessly, Dave meant no real affront to his poorer F&FW audience members: In fact, if he thought that he had given offense to them, he would probably readily retract his gibe. However, even if he would not, dear reader without the “great tv,” by all means, go ahead and throw that Super Bowl bash. With or without Dave’s permission. Or, mine.

*Fox & Friends – 01/23/10 (@ 7:35 a.m. ET)

Dreyfuss’ Diss: Dave’s Delight

January 22, 2011

“He seemed so grateful, guys!…Speaking of rude.” Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Dave Briggs perfectly and facetiously encapsulated Hollywood legend Richard Dreyfuss’ apparent utter disdain for F&FW and its co-hosts this morning. From the start when Dreyfuss barely offered co-host Alisyn Camerota a condescending “hiya” to the very end when he deigned not even bid her adieu, the interview was an amusing tango between the proud “I-am-not-a-liberal” guest and the “fair-and-balanced” F&FW co-hosts.

Before the colloquy commenced, Aly glowingly introduced the “Academy-award-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss” to her audience, cheerfully greeting him, saying, “Good morning, Richard!”* With an almost dismissive wave, an unsmiling Dreyfuss tersely replied, “Hiya.” After Aly then asked him what had happened to civics classes and why they had gone away, Dreyfuss pointedly retorted, “Well, if civics is the comprehension and maintenance of this republic and democracy, then what’s happened to it are these shows which are three minutes in length and you can’t get anything  said.”

Quickly, coming to the defense of F&FW, Clayton riposted, “This is capitalism, right? And, we, we put on a show every morning where we invite different viewpoints in here to have a civil discourse on Fox & Friends. You’d be hard pressed to find another show that allows different viewpoints to be able to share their thoughts about American society.” Conceding, Dreyfuss answered, “That’s true” but insisted that another approach would be gainful “monetarily” and “in cultural gratitude” (for the “advertising company or agency that breaks away from the herd and does it differently”).

Subsequently, as the interview neared an end (and Dreyfuss had further explained the virtues of his initiative to Clayton and Aly), Clayton touted Sri Chinmoy’s America the Beautiful: Reflections on Her Past, Present and Future audio book read by Dreyfuss. Then, Aly dutifully advertised Dreyfuss’ website, and promised to put the address on her blog. After she did, she sweetly said, “Richard Dreyfuss, thanks so much for coming in to talk about all of this,” and Clayton echoed, “Thanks, Richard.” In response, a haughty Dreyfuss arched his eyebrows and smirked.

Then, when the camera shifted to F&FW co-anchor Dave Briggs (to read the previews for the next block), he clapped his hands animatedly together and heartily laughed. To his co-hosts, he chuckled, “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! He seemed so grateful, guys!” Segueing to the promos, he sharply sniped, “Speaking of rude–what’s the rudest city in America?”

Fox & Friends Weekend – 01/22/11 (@ 6:21 a.m. ET)

Update: J$P features video of  “bizarre” Dreyfuss interview, supra.

“Silly” Sullenberger? Silly F&FW!

January 22, 2011

“He’s the hero pilot behind the miracle on the Hudson…Captain ‘Silly’ Sullenberger.” As Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Dave Briggs teased an upcoming airline safety segment at the beginning of F&FW, he set the tone for a bigger bungling of the segment by the producers, i.e., a “silly” attempt to rerun the segment in the final hour as if it were new.

Toward the end of the first hour, Dave and Clayton’s interview of Captain “Sully” Sullenberger was excellent (even though Dave unwittingly called the pilot “Silly” Sullenberger anew). Apparently, the producers thought it was, too. So much so, that they ran it again about three hours laterwithout context.

In the final ten minutes of the program, F&FW returned from commercial break as if it were live. Immediately, without any introduction, the producers began to air the taped interview. As it ran, they even failed to alert their audience with a simple graphic stating that the segment had “previously aired today on Fox & Friends Weekend.” To boot, when the taped interview ended, co-anchor Alisyn Camerota (as if addressing Dave and Clayton directly) said, “Alright. Thanks, guys!”

No thanks, FNC. If F&FW producers are struggling to fill four hours of programming (including ads), it may be understandable to repeat a segment on occasion. However, it not acceptable for them to mislead the audience into thinking that such reruns are original content.

[Author’s aside: In partial defense of the producers, perhaps, they were exceptionally tired in that final hour of the show. Before their bungled second airing of the Sullenberger interview, supra, they had a less egregious gaffe early in that hour. During a story on GOP front runners, they displayed a poll graphic (including GOP candidate photos), mislabeling Mitt Romney “Palin” and Sarah Palin “Romney.” A bit more F&FW “morning joe” needed?]

Kiran: “Living the Teenage Dream” With TJ

January 20, 2011

T. J.: “What are you trying to say?” Rowrrr! American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry took her onscreen flirting with interim co-anchor T. J. Holmes to a whole new level on AM this morning. When the show returned from commercial break for its final ten minutes to the lilt of “Teenage Dream,” Katy Perry was heard singing “You and I will be young forever: you make me feel like I’m living a teenage dream the way you turn me on.”* As if on cue, Kiran coquettishly commented, “Katy Perry, you gotta love her: Um, I’m living the teenage dream today sitting here by T.J.”

Uncertain of her meaning, T.J. queried, “You [sic] saying I’m young? What are you trying to say?” Laughing, Kiran answered, “I don’t know. You got to listen to the lyrics to find out.” Chuckling, T. J. concurred, “Okay.”

Later, if recently wed T. J. finally does indeed listen to those lyrics, he may well get more than a little flushed (as he remembers Kiran’s siren tease this morning). Yes, Perry’s pop hit does open rather  innocently, viz., “You think I’m pretty without any make-up on; You think I’m funny when I tell the punch line wrong.” However, Perry’s paean to youthful passion does get steamier with passages such as “I’m a [sic] get your heart racing in my skin-tight jeans; be your teenage dream tonight.” Not to mention, the dirty ditty culminates with the comely chanteuse’s carnal call,” viz., “Let’s go all the way tonight; no regrets, just love; we can dance until we die; you and I, we’ll be young forever.”

Doubtlessly, Kiran’s colorful exchange with T. J. was probably little more than playful, bawdy banter between colleagues–albeit AM‘s Nepalese Aphrodite and CNN’s ebony Adonis. Nevertheless, even if Kiran’s hubby of ten years does not mind the on-camera coquetting, T.J.’s new bride may be less understanding. I.e., if T.J. is not careful, his “‘interim’ period” at AM may be shorter than he had hoped.

*American Morning – 01/20/11 (8:50 a.m. ET)

The Donald Jabs Obama: Hu, Too?

January 18, 2011

“You’ll let me know whether our President drops to his knees, right?” As Chinese President Hu Jintao arrived into the United States today, New York real estate mogul Donald Trump got in a sharp jab at President Barack Obama. During a phone interview with Your World host Neil Cavuto, the potential 2012 U.S. Presidential candidate opined about American-Chinese relations as Cavuto simultaneously covered live President Hu’s arrival at St. Andrew’s Air Force Base. When Cavuto noted, “Alright, they’re rolling out the red carpet [for President Hu],” Trump laughed, “”So, I don’t have a television in front of me: You’ll let me know whether our President drops to his knees, right?”*

In response, Cavuto smiled at Trump’s apparent acerbic reference to President Obama’s past “bowing” controversies, cautioning, “Now, Donald, careful, the President, the Vice President is there.” “Chastening” Trump further, “Cavuto continued, “You could do this when you’re President but right now we have an etiquette here.” In turn, Trump simply awaited Cavuto’s next query without comment.

[Author’s aside: In response to Trump’s jest, supra, off-camera Your World guest and FBN anchor Judge Andrew Napolitano could be heard laughing heartily.]

*Your World with Neil Cavuto – 01/18/11 (4:06 p.m. ET)

Aly: “Guys, How Do I Look?”

January 16, 2011

She’s got legs: she knows how to use them. If ZZ Top were singing about Fox & Friends co-host Alisyn Camerota, both of her co-anchors Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs would assuredly agree. And, so would Aly’s “first boyfriend ever,” Keith Partridge, a/k/a David Cassidy.

After welcoming her F&FW fans to the show, leggy Aly turned to Dave and Clayton and asked, “Quick, guys, how do I look?”* Immediately, both of them looked down at her gorgeous gams. “Spectacular,” declared Dave as his eyes slowly rose from her stems upwards. Meanwhile, Clayton more quickly scanned Aly’s figure–her legs, her face, and then her bust–opining, “Um, good, stunning!”

Having acquired her co-hosts’ enthusiastic aesthetic approval, Aly declared, “Okay. That’s what I’m looking for because it’s a very special morning here. My first boyfriend ever is here later in the hour, Keith Partridge.” Elaborating, Aly continued, “Well, he didn’t know it….I did write a fan letter to David Cassidy when I was five years old because I loved him so much, in the Partridge family.”

However, Aly had grown up and Cassidy was soon to find out. Before the first hour drew to a close, Aly interviewed Cassidy during a “Lifeboard” lifestyle segment. After introducing the Lifeboard founders [Sue Shifrin-Cassidy (Cassidy’s wife), Linda Blum Huntington, and Eva Adrienne Anderson], Aly animatedly asserted, “And joining them, is singer, actor, and avid Lifeboarder himself, David Cassidy, my childhood heartthrob.** Before responding, Cassidy looked down lustily at her legs: glancing up flirtatiously, he answered, “Aah, we’ll talk about that.” Seemingly, flushed and chagrined by his attention, especially, in front of his wife, Aly laughed, “Indeed, we will!”

At least, on Saturday, a little leg from Aly seemed more than sufficient for her and her F&FW admirers. Of course, on weekdays, more may be expected from F&F‘s saucy Italian dish, at least, if Brian Kilmeade has his way–and, of course, if it’s for charity.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 01/15/11 (@ 6:00 a.m. ET)

**Fox & Friends Weekend – 01/15/11 (@ 6:53 a.m. ET)

Brian: “Naked” Graf Great

January 16, 2011

She’s famous; she’s got a good body; and it’s a great cause. After Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade’s first sports segment Friday, he pruriently promised, “And, by the way, I do have a heartwarming fund-raising naked story…coming up later.”* About an hour later, Brian delivered with a headlines story about tennis legend Andre Agassi’s unorthodox fund-raising method on behalf of typhoon victims in Taiwan.

Around mid-show, Brian wrapped up the headline news reports, stating, “Tennis great Andre Agassi has got a new way to raise money for charity: auction off a chance to see pictures of his wife tennis great Steffi Graf naked.”** Subsequently, as a clip aired of Agassi inducing reluctant bidders to pay a handsome price for a charity item by offering to show them his spouse nude in a phone photo,” Brian joyously exclaimed, “And, he did!”

Incredulously, co-host Steve Doocy, shouted, “What!” and guest co-host Aly Camerota  intoned, “Ooh!” In response, Brian explained, “But, it’s for a great cause.” Then, after he elaborated that the charity event was for typhoon victims, Brian asked, “Now, could you really get mad at him? If you’re Steffi Graf, are you mad at Andre?”

Animatedly, Aly answered, “Of course, you’re angry with him!” Brian responded, “These people are, are in trouble. They need clothes and shelter. The least you could do is take yours off.” After guffawing, an amused Aly remarked, “That is grossly inappropriate.” Undeterred, Brian readily riposted, “She’s famous; she’s got a good body; and it’s a great cause. It a good combination!”

Bemusedly, Aly shrieked, “What!” Coming to her aid, Steve declared, “Had you [Brian] been there, it sounds like you would’ve paid.” Brian answered, “I think my wife would be in to it for a great cause.” Unpersuaded, Steve replied, “I don’t think so!” Grinning mischievously, Brian queried, “You don’t think so?”  Smiling somewhat, Steve answered, “Absolutely not!

Amused at her F&F co-host, the “brown-haired guy who isn’t Steve Doocy,” Aly advised, “I think you should ask her first her before you offer it up.” Beaming, Brian answered, “Right, I think I just did. I think I just did. We’ll find out if she has cable.” Laughing in response and looking into the camera, Aly declared, “Dawn [Brian’s wife], write into my Twitter account, please.”

Just another day of F&F fun with Aly and the boys.

*Fox & Friends – 01/14/11 (@ 6:35 a.m ET)

**Fox & Friends – 01/14/11 (@ 7:37 a.m. ET)

Roberts: No Silver Fox

January 11, 2011

What was “the wifeKyra Phillips thinking? Former American Morning co-anchor John Roberts made his virgin appearance on Fox News yesterday on Studio B with Shepard Smith with a drab brown suit and a recently colored coif to match. Unfortunately, CNN’s celebrated silver-maned alpha male looked more like an FNC brown-haired beta boy.

When Roberts made his surreal appearances on Studio B with Shepard Smith, Special Report with Bret Baier, and Fox Report with Shepard Smith, he seemed to sense his fans may not be completely on board with his transition to Fox News. As hosts Shepard and Brett heartily welcomed him aboard, Roberts barely mustered much beyond a mere “thank you” to his new colleagues.

As usual, Roberts’ report (on Congressional safety) was well done but the presentation was certainly not in his usual confident, amiable manner. Like his recent American Morning colleague Kiran Chetry, he may still consider CNN the “gold standard” but he needs to buck up. And, John, even if you are FNC’s senior national correspondent, you can loosen up, too: you’re not on CNN anymore.

Who’s Briefing Obama?

January 10, 2011

Mr. Brennan, perhaps, Jim Clapper should be “sitting in front of the TV 24 hours a dayafter all. To his briefers’ disgrace, President Barack Obama made two salient mistakes in succession today in front of French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the American people as he praised the heroes of the Arizona tragedy. After a few perfunctory remarks about the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords and some of her constituents, Obama opined, “I think it’s important for us to also focus though on the extraordinary courage that was shown during the course of these events: the twenty-year-old college student who ran into the line of fire to rescue his boss, a wounded woman who helped secure the ammunition that might have caused even more damage; [and] the citizens who wrestled down the gunman.”

Ouch! Had the director of national intelligence Clapper been watching Fox News’ America Live, he would have seen a healthy Patricia Maisch, who grabbed the magazine from the shooter: contrary to earlier reports, she had not been shot and was not among the casualties.* Had Clapper been watching CNN’s American Morning, he would have heard the twenty-year-old intern, Daniel Hernandez, who came to Representive Giffords aid, say, “I don’t know if the gunshots were still going on when I was running towards the Congresswoman.”** Even if it were not the job of Clapper to appropriately apprise the President, someone should have.

It is simply inexcusable for any cable news viewer to be better informed than the President of the United States of America. Not only is it embarrassing for the Commander in Chief to be out of the loop but also it is a bit scary for John Q. Public. Time to turn on the tv, Mr. Brennan?

*America Live – 01/10/11 (@ 1:30 a.m. ET)

**American Morning – 01/10/11 (@ 8:13 a.m. ET)

AM, F&F: Yin, Yang

January 10, 2011

Subliminal messages collide? Giffords “memorial” Palin pic: Now you see it, now you don’t! As both American Morning and Fox & Friends decried the divisive political climate evident in the aftermath of the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (AZ-D), they both also appeared to embrace it subliminally this morning. Case in point: the respective placement and non-placement in their programs of a Giffords “memorial” anti-Palin sign (a peace sign above the word “NOT” and a gun sight graphic). I.e., AM focused on the sign like a laser and F&F hid it like the plague. [Author’s aside: The sign is an obvious acerbic reference to Sarah Palin’s controversial campaign against pro-Obamacare Democrats, including Giffords, using guns sights graphics.]

Ironically, the intended subliminal messages of both AM and F&F were made overt by their parallel universe placements. On one hand, AM situated co-anchor Kiran Chetry so that the anti-Palin sign was to her screen right: this position not only prominently placed it side-by-side with Chetry but also between her and her sitting guests throughout the program. On the other hand, Fox & Friends put reporter Mike Tobin and Tucson interviewees in front of the anti-Palin sign: ergo, except for the times a guest would momentarily move out of position, it would be hidden from the audience’s view.

Yin, yang: AM, FM. Today, the two parts made the whole. Unfortunately, most viewers this morning only got one half of the picture.

Lady Gretchen’s Bull Ride

January 10, 2011

Peeping privileges? Before her mechanical bull ride Friday, Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson teased her male admirers with the prospect that they might get a chance to be her Peeping Toms. Previewing the segment celebrating the Professional Bull Riders season opener at Madison Square Garden, Lady Gretchen laughed that viewers were concerned about her wearing a skirt during the upcoming bull ride and she cheekily suggested that she just might chance it.

However, Gretchen was no Lady Godiva. When Gretchen finally climbed atop the mechanical bull on the sidewalk outside the F&F studio, she wore a bulky blue coat and long black pants.* Nevertheless, even though Gretchen decided not to show any skin, she did show some game as she bravely took the bull for a wild ride under pro bull riding champ Pistol Robinson‘s direction. As Brian provided color commentary, Gretchen beamed broadly as she animatedly aped rodeo bull riders’ one-handed hold on the raging “beast” beneath her. However, when the mechanical bull’s operator increased the speed of the bull, Gretchen ride was cut short as she lost control and tumbled to the padded ground.

Slightly injured, Gretchen gingerly got back up, laughing, “And, they said that wouldn’t happen to me, Brian.”* As she gently cradled her left hand with her right one, Brian asked, “Give us an idea of how bad this is for your life and career.” Chuckling, Gretchen jested, “It’s a lot of bull!”**

No bull: F&F‘s “heifer” deserves a lot of props for putting herself out there for her viewers. Unlike her still cloistered CNN rival Kiran Chetry, FNC Gretchen need not submit to an Upper West Side haughtiness dictating a separation from the “unwashed masses.” Rather, she can freely revel with the “benighted” hoi polloi. Bravo, Gretchen!

[Author’s aside: CNN chief Ken Jautz may well want to take note as he tries to revive his flat-lined cable news morning show, American Morning.]

*Fox & Friends – 01/07/11 (@ 6:52 a.m. ET)

**When Gretchen returned to the set, she revealed to her audience that she had cut her hand (in the unintentional dismount) and that it was “bleeding pretty good.”‘ [@ 7:00 a.m. ET]

Huddy: A “Naughty” Heel?

January 7, 2011 spokesman: “Still trying to get info” on Juliet Huddy’ promised shoes for the needy. On Thanksgiving Day, America Live guest co-anchor Juliet Huddy offered to sell her soul, er, sole(s) to the highest bidder to help raise money for impoverished people around the globe. Unfortunately, she has yet to deliver.

On that Thanksgiving Day AL show, Juliet and her fellow guest co-anchor Rick Folbaum interviewed CEO Wayne Elsey about his charity that supplies new and used shoes to the world’s poor. During the colloquy, Rick playfully bent down and stripped Juliet’s foot of her sleek stiletto and jested to Elsey that he would be sending it in the mail to

Almost an hour later, as the show was ending, Juliet revealed, “They [] actually asked…if I would sign it and then they would try to do like a little, a little auction thing.” To the viewers, Rick announced, “ [another address].” As Juliet enthusiastically took her pen, Rick elaborated, “You [the viewer] can get these shoes!”

Amping up the ardor and anticipation for the bidding on Juliet’s worn shoes at, Rick racily asked, “What size are they, by the way?” After answering that her high heels were a size eight, Julie suggestively upped the ante, adding, “And, they’re by Naughty Monkey’s Closet. Naughty Monkey!” Subsequently, she signed her sexy stiletto and ordered, “Bid!”

Unfortunately for Juliet’s fans and fanciers, they have been unable to comply with her command: I.e., Juliet has yet to give her soles for the souls who need shoes. In fact, her chosen charity,, has not even mentioned the auction at all on either of their web addresses since Juliet offered and signed her shoes up for bid.

Consequently, Carpe Diem has repeatedly called for an explanation. On December 6, spokesperson Elizabeth replied that she had checked on Juliet’s shoes that day, that they were in route, and that they should be up for bid the following week. When they were not, Carpe Diem checked back on December 20: this time, Elizabeth indicated that she had checked with FNC and that they had not sent the shoes but that they should be in after New Year’s Day. Yesterday, when the Carpe Diem followed up yet again, Elizabeth said that was “still trying to get info” on Juliet’s shoes.

Juliet, are you being a “Naughty” heel, and giving the runaround? Remember your promise to the needy on Thanksgiving Day. Time to pony up!

A.M.: T.J. Time!

January 6, 2011

After Holiday drear, some CNN cheer. Today interim American Morning co-host T. J. Holmes finally brought some belated Christmas spirit to AM viewers in the New Year. After enduring the unceremonious departure of alpha male co-host John Roberts on Christmas Eve and the subsequent parade of AM “C Team” anchors, Joe Johns and Jim Acosta, the AM audience was treated to a notable tryout by “B Team” player T.J. Holmes.

Even though the young buck may still lack the gravitas and urbanity of Roberts, Holmes demonstrated a refreshing common sense and unpretentious presence much needed in the Manhattan AM air. Not to mention, he evinced a certain charismatic connection with his audience and a ready rapport with co-anchor Kiran Chetry. Nevertheless, as evidenced by his self-proclaimed “interim” status, Holmes may yet have to contend with other “B Team” AM anchors like his handsome ivory twin Rob Marciano and foppish biz whiz Ali Velshi.

Good job, T.J.!

Roberts: Going Rogue

January 3, 2011

From CNN’s “voice of God” to FNC’s “voice of Everyman”? reported today that CNN correspondent and recent American Morning co-anchor John Roberts is expected to jump ship to Fox News. Approximately, three weeks ago, CNN chief Ken Jautz stated that Roberts would be leaving AM and that CNN was “discussing an Atlanta-based reporting role for him.” However, exactly ten days ago, when Roberts bid AM adieu, he proclaimed that he was going to Atlanta (to be with his gravid fiancee, CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips) but he did not confirm that he would be working at CNN.

In fact, in retrospect, Roberts seems to have deftly avoided making that assertion to his American Morning audience in his final appearance on the program on Christmas Day. As AM ended (and before it segued to CNN Newsroom), AM guest co-host Carol Costello announced, “The American Morning show has to bid John Roberts adieu because we will miss you. You’re going on to bigger and better things in Atlanta.”* Without elaborating on her comment, Roberts ambiguously answered, “Well, I’m going on to a lot of things in Atlanta.” Immediately thereafter, steering the conversation strictly to family (vis-a-vis work), he continued, “Yes, my sweetheart is going to have twins in March. And, I don’t think I’d be long for this world if I didn’t go down to Atlanta to join her for that blessed occasion.”

Subsequently, when Roberts tossed to his fiancee, Kyra Phillips, the CNN Newsroom anchor kept the subject of Roberts’ departure to Atlanta restricted to its implications for their family. Smiling, Phillips commented, “Carol, you know I can’t do this all on my own”: Carressing her babies’ bump, she added, “Let me tell you, these little guys are kicking right there. They’re like ‘Where’s Dad? Where’s Dad? We want him here!'” Staying on message, John interjected, “Dad is coming down to Atlanta to be with Kyra and our new family which will be arriving very soon.”

Seemingly, not quite satisfied with John’s farewell to the AM audience, Costello appeared to try to reassure the viewers herself. To Roberts, she remarked, “You’ll still be working for CNN as well [and will] be covering really big stories for us and doing special reports and really fascinating stuff like that.” Without committing himself, John simply stated, “I’m looking forward to being down there. But, this, this, this lady [Phillips] right here is the one that is, is the main focus.”

At least, as to Roberts’ CNN colloquy with Costello.

Update 1: According to the Huffington Post, FNC “officially announced” that Roberts would depart CNN to become an FNC senior national correspondent, citing FNC veep Michael Clemente who stated that FNC was “excited to welcome John to FOX News.”

Update 2: TVNewser reported that Roberts made the move to FNC because of Roberts’ regard for Roger Ailes as a “brilliant broadcaster and consummately loyal boss” and the opportunity to “play for a winning team.” [Keenly, TVNewser noted that “loyalty is a particularly sensitive issue for Roberts referring to Roberts’ recent axing from American Morning by new CNN chief Ken Jautz and to his being “passed over” by CBS in 2006 for Dan Rather’s CBS Evening News anchor seat in favor of Katie Couric.]

Huddy: Holiday Honey

January 2, 2011

Juliet was back! Fox & Friends Weekend guest host Juliet Huddy reigned anew as she bid 2010 adieu and 2011 bonjour. Substituting for Gretchen Carlson and Alisyn Camerota, respectively, on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, the leggy lovely reminded her audience aptly of F&FW‘s auld lang syne.

F&FW‘s alluring alum brought back fond remembrances to many fans of the era when she once sat in the center seat between her partner-in-mischief Mike Jerrick and the third-wheel Julian Phillips. Sporting a shameless joie de vivre, she then happily traded in the coin of the F&F realm, the double entendre. Emblematic of her embrace of the tawdry trope was her reaction when F&FW would open with Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy saying, “Yes, the carpet does match the drapes!”: A sassy, saucy Juliet would blush but beam.

As the new year rolled in, the thrice-divorced Juliet showed that she is still no shrinking violet. Characteristic of her racy cant were her remarks yesterday during the “New Year, New You: Kick Off 2011 by Tossing Useless Things” segment. When her guest said that one might want to throw out a too-tight sweater, Juliet scoffed and and suggested that one might want to toss out an old husband instead.*

F&F‘s golden goddess? Janus Juliet.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 01/01/11 (@ 9:54 a.m. ET)

Courtney: Happy New Year, Baby!

January 1, 2011

At last, Cash Arrives! Fox News entertainment correspondent Courtney Friel and hubby CNN biz correspondent Carter Evans celebrated the joyous new year with the birth of their son, Cash Hudson Evans. Their beautiful baby boy was born at 6:08 a.m. ET this morning and weighed in at 9 pounds.

Congratulations, Courtney and Carter!

[Source: At 8:33 a.m. ET today, Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Dave Briggs tersely announced the happy occasion to viewers and meteorologist Janice Dean happily filled in the details for viewers.]