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Courtney Friel Delivers: Baby Cameron Kaiulani

April 6, 2012

“These contractions hurt!…She’s here!” FNC (and Fox 11 KTTV) entertainment reporter Courtney Friel joyfully announced the arrival of her newborn daughter Cameron Kaiulani Evans early this morning–only thirty-five minutes after she gave birth! After chronicling her labor experiences for her fans yesterday and earlier today,* a relieved Courtney joyfully Tweeted (at approximately 2:56 a.m. PST), “She’s here!” Subsequently, she reported that Cameron weighed seven pounds ten ounces; measured twenty-one inches; and was” born at 2:21 a.m. PST April 6th.”

Cameron is also welcomed by both her father CNN Newsource national biz reporter Carter Evans and her one-year-old brother Cash Hudson.

Congratulations, Courtney and Carter!

* Courtney’s labor Tweets included her hospital admittance; her water breaking; her medicine taking: her pain (“these contractions hurt! prefaced with a few expletives), her epidural, her TV fare, her hunger; and her long wait.

Courtney: “I’m Preggers Again!”

November 22, 2011

And, “I’m not leaving Fox News….I’ll be doing more at the local FOX.” FNC entertainment reporter Courtney Friel gave her Red Eye fans an extra scoop this morning. After announcing on Facebook and on Twitter that she was gravid again, the RE guest revealed in the “Postgame Wrap-up” that she will soon be heading to the West Coast as well.*

In her FB post yesterday, she cheerfully proclaimed, “Accidentally left the oven on and I’m baking another baby!” Subsequently, she elaborated, “19+ weeks pregnant and found out today it’s a GIRL! Due April 13th.”

When she appeared on RE this morning, “TV’s Andy Levy” fill-in, comic Paul Mecurio, asked Courtney about her “exciting news.” After she repeated her FB account in part, Mecurio jested, “Is it Jamie’s?” Smiling at his cheeky jape about some unknown lad, she gamely reassured, “No, it’s my husband’s.”

Playing the journo a mite, Mecurio probed, “And, you’re leaving Fox News, I hear.” Hoping to put that rumor to bed, Courtney responded, “I’m not leaving Fox News: I am transferring out to Los Angeles. Makes more sense to be there for the entertainment industry.” When Greg Gutfeld‘s RE sidekick Bill Schulz interjected, “We’re sad to lose her,” Courtney, perhaps, more candidly commented, “I’ll be doing more at the local FOX.”

Congratulations on the new “bun in the oven,” Courtney and Carter!

[Author’s aside: Courtney following the footsteps of another Red Eye fave, Lauren Sivan?]

*Red Eye – 11/22/11 (@ 3:57 a.m. ET)

FOX Friel & CNN Hubby’s Tsunami Duel

March 11, 2011

F&F vs. AM: secret battle of the spouses! Cable news duo, FNC entertainment reporter Courtney Friel and her hubby CNN correspondent Carter Evans took off time from their Hawaiian vacation to report on the Japanese tsunami for their respective networks. As the waves approached Carter’s native Hawaii, the rival spouses vied for viewers as Courtney reported for Fox & Friends from Oahu and Carter likewise for American Morning.* While acquitting themselves well, neither spouse mentioned their “hated” connubial competitor by name.

*Fox & Friends (Courtney’s appearances) – 03/11/11 (6 o’clock hour link, supra; 7:53 a.m. ET; and 8:37 a.m. ET)

*American Morning (Carter’s appearances) – 03/11/11 (@ 7:30 a.m. ET & @ 8:28 a.m. ET)

Update: TVNewser‘s managing editor, Chris Ariens, echoes Carpe Diem’s story, supra–almost seven hours later. H/t? Nah. But, in his defense, it was the eighth of nine stories that he posted today and the weekend had already begun.

Courtney: Happy New Year, Baby!

January 1, 2011

At last, Cash Arrives! Fox News entertainment correspondent Courtney Friel and hubby CNN biz correspondent Carter Evans celebrated the joyous new year with the birth of their son, Cash Hudson Evans. Their beautiful baby boy was born at 6:08 a.m. ET this morning and weighed in at 9 pounds.

Congratulations, Courtney and Carter!

[Source: At 8:33 a.m. ET today, Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Dave Briggs tersely announced the happy occasion to viewers and meteorologist Janice Dean happily filled in the details for viewers.]

Friel: “Just Get Him Out of Me Now!”

December 17, 2010

Fox News entertainment correspondent Courtney Friel announced today that she is taking maternity leave as of tomorrow. After her holiday movie segment on Fox & Friends, Courtney segued to the F&F co-hosts, remarking, “This is my last day before I go on maternity leave so I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. I’m gonna pop this little baby out and see you in a few months.”*

Taking the toss and pointing to herself, a grinning Gretchen Carlson commented, “Courtney, take it from somebody who has popped a couple of those out. It’s not quite that easy.”

Jesting, Brian interjected, “Yeah, it seems effortless.”

Shaking her head, a smiling Courtney exclaimed, “I don’t care. I just want him out of me. I’ll take whatever happens: Just get him out of me now!”

Grinning, Gretchen replied, “Good luck!”

Good luck indeed, Courtney. May you and Carter have a Merry Christmas and joyfully ring in your new year with a happy and healthy new son.

Author’s aside: According to TV Newser (August 9), Courtney revealed that she and her hubby CNN biz correspondent Carter Evans had a “reporter in the making.” She added that she was “PREGGO with a baby BOY” and that she had a late December due date.

*Fox & Friends – 12/17/10 (@8:43 a.m. ET)

Father Morris Meddles?

August 15, 2010

Fox & Friends Weekend co-hosts: Pray together with significant other tomorrow morning? The usually nimble Father Jonathan Morris, an FNC contributor, may have gone from preaching to “meddling” this morning on F&FW. During his segment entitled “Pray Together, Stay Together” (concerning a new study published in the August edition of Journal of Marriage and Family), Father Jon noted that only 0.3% of “couples that pray together every day…end up separating.”* As he concluded his story, he pointed in turn to F&FW co-hosts, Dave Briggs, Courtney Friel, and Clayton Morris, asking, “So tomorrow morning, yes, yes, with your spouses?”

Perhaps, not expecting Father Jon to directly apply his homily to them, the three co-hosts looked rather sheepish. With widened eyes, Courtney reluctantly shook her head “yes.” Clayton, perhaps, in the most awkward position, deftly deflected the padre’s query, riposting, “I’ll be praying.” Hedging, Dave answered, “We will keep that in mind.”

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 08/15/10 (@10:24 a.m. ET)

[Aside: As to the alluded to F&FW couples, supra, Courtney is married to CNN Newsource correspondent Carter Evans; Clayton is now together with CNET anchor Natali Del Conte; and Dave is married to attorney and former Colorado Congressional candidate, Brandi Moreland Briggs.]

Friel Says: Ailes Says

March 19, 2009

How did FNC entertainment correspondent Friel get her job with Fox News? When Soupcans asked her just that, Courtney responded, “I went on a date with Roger Ailes.” Courtney haters may have hoped to themselves, “Just what I thought!” However, realizing that her humor might get lost on such people, she clarified, “OMG: I’m joking!” (She added that she actually got her position after her agent had sent her demo DVD to FNC and she had had a successful interview in NYC.)

In the Soupcans piece appropriately posted on St. Pat’s Day, the former Maxim model was clad in a sexy green dress and discussed her love of Rio’s beaches, partying, and culture. Courtney dismissed the rumors that she and Julie Banderas have had their claws out for each other. Also, she revealed acerbic “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell’s nickname: Trouble.

Furthermore, Courtney discussed the dynamics of her being married to Carter Evans, a CNN’r; her regrets, if any, of her laddie mag pics; and her celeb chums. For her full interview, cf. the Soupcans link, infra. An interesting read.

Update: To Washington Whispers, Rogers riantly replied, “”I’m glad Courtney Friel made this joke and not Neil Cavuto.” (Tip of the hat, JDP.)


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