Megyn Preggers Again

With her “little buddy.” Only two and half months after her friend, FNC meteorologist Janice Dean, proclaimed her pregnancy to viewers during an America Live weather report, AN anchor Megyn Kelly followed suit today. After teasing her Twitter followers that there was “big news to break today–news you won’t hear anywhere else but America Live…in our 2p hour,” Megyn waited until the last five minutes to share the good news.*

After Megyn segued to the weather segment, a gravid Janice began her report and stopped suddenly, saying, “Before I get to the next part of the forecast, Megyn, I just want to take this opportunity real quick to say what a fantastic job you did on Election night. You were like the Energy bunny, the Energizer bunny….You did your show and then you were on for hours and hours and hours with all of the voting taking place. You did just an amazing job!”

Slightly smiling, Megyn replied, “Thank you very much, Janice. And, you know, if I do say so myself, it was even more amazing because I did it on no caffeine. As Janice feigned ignorance with her jaws agape and mouthed why, Megyn began to explicate, stating, “And the reason I did it without any caffeine is because.” Then, pausing for effect and turning sideways to show her protruding belly to the viewers, a beaming Megyn continued, “I, too, am expecting a little baby!”

Pumping her fists in celebration, Janice exclaimed, “Fox News Alert: Forecast calling for babies!” Before she read it onscreen, Janice disclosed, “I have to admit that I, I kind of new about this [inaudible].” After Megyn responded, “Yeah, you were in on the secret early,” Janice announced, “April 2011, clear skies. We’re hoping for delivery. Congratulations, Megyn, Doug, and big brother Yates!” Then, turning into the uninhibited Dancing Machine again, Janice began joyfully gyrating, explaining, “I’m doing a belly dance for you.”

With a prefatory aside to the AL audience, Megyn remarked, “Janice’s baby is due in February, and mine is coming in April. So, we should have, at least, a month of shared maternity leave, JD.” Janice earnestly replied, “I can’t wait, Megyn. I’m so excited, so excited for you guys. This is such great news.” An appreciative Megyn answered, “Thank you, thank you so much, Janice. Throwing her a double-handed kiss, Megyn added, “Mmwhah. I love you. I love you.”

Concluding, Megyn commented, ‘She has been so supportive and such a great friend to me. And my husband Doug and I are very, very excited. So, we’ll take a brief maternity leave after this little buddy comes. And, then, I’ll be back.”

“Little buddy”: hmm. A little brother for Yates, Megyn?

[Author’s aside: Megyn is married to Doug Brunt, an Internet security executive, and the father of their thirteen-and-half month old Edward Yates.]

America Live – 11/08/10 (2:55 p.m. ET)

Update: Megyn’s pregnancy announcement (vid via

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