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Roberts: No Silver Fox

January 11, 2011

What was “the wifeKyra Phillips thinking? Former American Morning co-anchor John Roberts made his virgin appearance on Fox News yesterday on Studio B with Shepard Smith with a drab brown suit and a recently colored coif to match. Unfortunately, CNN’s celebrated silver-maned alpha male looked more like an FNC brown-haired beta boy.

When Roberts made his surreal appearances on Studio B with Shepard Smith, Special Report with Bret Baier, and Fox Report with Shepard Smith, he seemed to sense his fans may not be completely on board with his transition to Fox News. As hosts Shepard and Brett heartily welcomed him aboard, Roberts barely mustered much beyond a mere “thank you” to his new colleagues.

As usual, Roberts’ report (on Congressional safety) was well done but the presentation was certainly not in his usual confident, amiable manner. Like his recent American Morning colleague Kiran Chetry, he may still consider CNN the “gold standard” but he needs to buck up. And, John, even if you are FNC’s senior national correspondent, you can loosen up, too: you’re not on CNN anymore.

Roberts: Bye, Bye, AM

December 24, 2010

Hello, HotKyra–and the babes! Today, on American Morning, co-anchor John Roberts confirmed that he is leaving CNN’s morning news show to join his gravid affianced, Kyra Phillips (CNN Newsroom‘s host), in Atlanta. Before AM segued to CNN Newsroom, guest co-host Carol Costello turned to John and announced, “The American Morning show has to bid John Roberts adieu because we will miss you. You’re going on to bigger and better things in Atlanta.”* In response, John laughed, “Well, I’m going on to a lot of things in Atlanta.” Explaining, he remarked, “Yes, my sweetheart is going to have twins in March. And, I don’t think I’d be long for this world if I didn’t go down to Atlanta to join her for that blessed occasion.”

Pointing to Kyra (then on a split screen with him and Carol), John stated, “There she is, right there. Hi, sweetheart!” Rather than return his greeting directly, a smiling Kyra declared, “Carol, you know I can’t do this all on my own.” Standing up and rubbing her bulging belly, she continued, “Let me tell you, these, these little guys are kicking right there. They’re like ‘Where’s Dad? Where’s Dad?’ We want him here!”

To both Kyra and Carol, John commented, “Dad is coming down to Atlanta to be with Kyra and our new family which will be arriving very soon.” Reassuring John’s CNN acolytes, Carol responded, “You’ll still be working for CNN as well [and will] be covering really big stories for us and doing special reports and really fascinating stuff like that.” John added, “I’m looking forward to being down there.” Then, gesturing to Kyra, an adoring John stammered, “But, this, this, this lady right here is the one that is, is the main focus.”

Best of luck, John! You’ll be missed.

*America Morning – 12/24/10 (@ 9:58 a.m. ET)