Bill Hemmer: Kiran & T.J.’s Favorite Fox

John Roberts: Their forgotten “dog”? Yesterday, one month to the very day that American Morning co-host John Roberts bid adieu to his AM audience, John’s television wife Kiran Chetry and his substitute T.J. Holmes seemed to have conveniently forgotten all about him. In fact, AM’s quilom alpha male appeared altogether off the CNN radar.

During a Super Bowl segment almost mid-show, Kiran and T.J. interviewed famed New York sportscaster Len Berman about the upcoming game. When they had finished their interview, Berman jested, “You know what I think is really cool [is] that you guys are going to sit with the Fox people and watch the State of the Union address.”

Nodding her head in mock agreement, Kiran deadpanned, “Absolutely! Everyone’s invited.” Looking at Kiran and then to Berman, a smiling T.J. replied, “Yeah. Me and Bill Hemmer, we already worked it out.” Chuckling, Kiran continued, “Me and Bill-o, we’re just gonna be there watching the game.”

Not surprisingly, neither Kiran nor T.J. made mention of John Roberts, AM’s co-host as of a mere month ago, who defected to Fox News. Rather, they both chose to inject America’s Newsroom anchor Bill Hemmer, a 2005 AM alum (who like Roberts was canned during an AM revamping and left for FNC) into their collegial chatter. Perhaps, the wounds are still too raw for them to reach out to their latest “Benedict.”

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2 Responses to “Bill Hemmer: Kiran & T.J.’s Favorite Fox”

  1. Kep Says:

    Oh, are Kiran and little TJ now resorting to Fox bashing? Ms. Chetry has a lot of nerve. Roger Ailes has more class in his pinky finger than Kiran or the entire CNN network will ever have. Kiran thought herself to be so important and popular that she brazenly demanded that she be crowned the queen of the middle chair on Fox and Friends, even if that meant the firing of Gretchen Carlson. Fox put up with Kiran’s diva attitude for over 6 years. She certainly got more promotions than others received who might have been more qualified than she was. And now, she’s making little digs. Yeah, she’s certainly in a position to claim some sort of superiority over her old network. We all know her great ratings success at CNN. And now, hubby is taking shots at Fox in his tweets. These two need to grow up and get over it. They acted like spoiled brats and got canned.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Watch your show most of ever morning. Wasn’t happy with the repeated coverage between Michelle & Rick Perry. One of the best points of the evening was what Ron Paul had to say. It received minimal mention from you, Martha, or Fox & Friends.

    I haven’t picked my candidate but there is a lot about Rick Perry
    I don’t know & I don’t think you do either! Fox News should be looking into just exactly who he is what he plans for this country.
    I don’t mean who he married or how he cuts his hair.

    This isn’t funny! We already have a disaster on our hands because the majority of people wanted “change you can believe in.” Do you think we are enjoying the change?

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