John Jabs Rob

Weatherguy Rob Marciano got put “in his place” by American Morning’s alpha male John Roberts this morning. After John showed off some “impromptu” solo guitar playing to co-anchor Kiran Chetry’s lavish praise, Kiran asked, “Rob Marciano, what do you think? Pretty impressive, right?”

A bit mockingly, Rob responded with an upheld imaginary cig lighter while bobbing his head as if at a rock concert: Kiran rocked with laughter. Then Rob said, “Between now and Monday, I want him to grow his hair back out like [unintelligible but an apparent reference to his MuchMusic veejay days].

Reddening, a smiling John replied, “Low blow, Robbie.” Then hitting back with a subtle but stiff jab, Roberts riposted, “Don’t be talking about photos, Rob!” (Apparently, a reference to an Internet pic of a seemingly besotted, beaming Rob lying supinely on a mattress with his arms around a trio of tempting tarts.)* Laughing but subdued, Rob replied, “Boy! I didn’t tee it right!”


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6 Responses to “John Jabs Rob”

  1. Kerry Says:

    Perhaps JD is a little sensitive about his weave, I mean hair.

  2. lesskiran Says:

    I loved it. He read a story about him a while back where he stated he was a member of a “garage” band. He can play in my garage anytime he wants.

  3. Kep Says:

    John Roberts is so stuck on himself. He’s one of the liberal elites, don’t you know. And Kiran? She acts so juvenile all of the time. She thinks Roberts is so funny. He was a rock n’ roller, a veejay, yup, right down Kiran’s alley. Typical lib. And Rob? Well, I suppose he’s one of those Planet in Peril, the earth is melting nutjobs. CNN wouldn’t hire anyone else.

  4. jakeho Says:

    Kep, John does sometimes seem overly egocentric: However, Kiran is a smart, sharp, and sexy journalist. As to Rob, he actually received a lot of flack when he questioned Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth on AM.

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    […] viewers of AM know, Roberts is the MAN on AM. Even weatherstud Rob Marciano cedes the preeminent role to Roberts albeit with an occasional obligatory nip at his elder’s heels. Roberts is CNN’s real […]

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    […] Chetry and his substitute T.J. Holmes seemed to have conveniently forgotten all about him. In fact, AM’s quilom alpha male appeared altogether off the CNN […]

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