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Kiran Parties Hard in London

April 28, 2011

Chetry: “Last standing.” With her hubby and kids safely ensconced across the Pond in Larchmont (NY), American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry showed her  male colleagues in London that she’s no dull girl. After CNN’s hard-working royal wedding anchor told a Twitter follower Monday that she had not tried the pubs yet, Kiran remedied that in no short measure the very next day. According to “Page Six” of the New York Post, AM‘s Aphrodite joined her colleagues, CNN’s Piers Morgan, ABC’s Chris Cuomo, and ABC’s News Prez Ben Sherwood Tuesday night at Morgan’s London pub, Hansom Cab. Reportedly, the Nepalese beauty not only “threw back quite a few drinks” with the boys but also “was the last anchor standing” when the party ended at 11 p.m.

Whether Kiran was seen “last standing”–or, perhaps, dancing–atop a Hansom Cab table is not now known. However, if CNN chief Ken Jautz wants real ratings for AM, stills and footage will soon follow.

Calling all iReporters! Kiran?

Update: Morgan Tweets photo of Kiran in her Royal Wedding “sexy wellies.”

Blunt: Friel, “You’ve Been Drinking!”

April 23, 2011

Courtney: “Will you tell me [I’m beautiful]? Fox & Friends Weekend  entertainment reporter Courtney Friel, a former Maxim model, seemed to crave some carnal approval from her dreamy interviewee,  singer James Blunt. Unfortunately, for her, she got less love from him today for her postpartum body than she had received from superstar Trace Akins for her very “preggers”  figure over six months ago.

This morning, Courtney interviewed Blunt about his newest release, Some Kind of Trouble, during a promotional appearance on FNC. After asking the English vocalist about his third album, his American tour, and his private life, at length, Courtney thanked him for his appearance and then curiously concluded, “And, guess what!” Smiling, she began to sing his signature single title, trilling, “You’re beautiful.”

Laughing, Blunt exclaimed, “You’ve been drinking!” Smiling seductively, Courtney cooed, “How many people have told you that?” Acknowledging her blandishment but evading her query, Blunt replied, “That’s very sweet.”

Persisting, Courtney importuned, “Will you tell me it?” Seemingly slightly irritated, Blunt abruptly turned his head away from Courtney. Looking down, he answered, “Uh, maybe, off camera.”

Ouch. However, Courtney should not feel too bad that the handsome Blunt was not willing to stroke her postpartum ego on camera by singing, “You’re Beautiful.” After all, she can still feel somewhat confident: When she asked the more macho Trace Adkins to rate her rather preggers “[Honky Tonk] badonkadonk” on air (on F&FW six months ago), he solicitously declared, “It’s beautiful.”

Nevertheless, if Courtney still needs some reassurance about her body, perhaps, she will ask her fans the next time. But she better be prepared. Her male admirers may well request another Maxim shoot first.

Glam Elam: See Ya, CNN!

April 22, 2011

Looking extra glam in her freshly curled coif and her red decollete dress, CNN biz beauty Stephanie Elam bid adieu to her American Morning colleagues and fans this morning. As her final segment on AM concluded, Stephanie turned to co-hosts Kiran Chetry and Ali Velshi, saying, “Can I just say goodbye to you guys?…[I]t has been awesome being here: But, today is my last day. And, I’m moving to California.”

Leaning in toward Aly and Kiran, Stephanie declared, “I just want to say that I have had so much fun with you guys.” Then, pointing out into the studio, Stephanie added, “And, the people you don’t see behind here, all the guys who are on the stage, are fantastic and they make the morning so joyful. So, I’m going to miss you guys! As the floor crew erupted in applause, Stephanie, exclaimed, “Love you guys!”

Concurring, Kiran replied, “They, do! We’re already gonna miss you.” Chiming in, Ali remarked, “We’ve been sort of dodging the issue because it’s kind of sad.” Stephanie answered, “I know. But, this is my last time on American Morning so I gotta say it.”

Nodding her head in agreement, Kiran remarked, “Well, we love you. And, I think of it as just not goodbye but I think of it as we’re gonna keep in touch.”

Then, as an aside to the AM audience, Kiran elaborated, “She’s been juggling a cross-country marriage and a little new baby, and you know something had to give.”

Laughing, Stephanie concurred, “So, there. So, we’re going back.”

Best of success, Stephanie!

[Author’s aside: To her Twitter followers, Stephanie went into greater detail, Tweeting, “While I’m so excited about moving back to CA after (20!) years away, I’m so sad to leave #CNN and a job I LOVE!” However, she failed to mention that she had lived in Saratoga, CA, and that her family includes hubby/investment banker Jeff Rush and their eleven-month-old daughter.]

Birthergate: Trump Flusters Kiran (& Ali)

April 21, 2011

Chetry: “You can’t get out of the gate!…I’m not embarrassed!” Must-see TV! American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry treated her viewers to ten minutes of the most compelling American Morning ever on the “birther” issue as she and co-anchor Ali Velshi interviewed surprise call-in guest Donald Trump this morning. Although Kiran feverishly tried to get a bumptious Trump to recant his “birther” message, her efforts were for naught even with the aid of Ali.

During a segment entitled “Trump Nation? Donald Trump is ‘seriously considering’ running for president [sic],” Kiran and Ali interviewed Chris Byron, a former Time and New York editor who had followed and interviewed Trump for several years. Less than flatteringly, Bryon portrayed Trump as a “joke candidate” who was interested in raising the ratings of his Celebrity Apprentice but was not willing to reveal “what he’s really worth.” Derisively, Byron laughed, “He brags incessantly about it but the reality is nobody knows whether he’s got cross-town bus money.” Scoffing further, Byron remarked that most of the buildings that Trump had in the neighbor (Manhattan) were merely licensed and then described Trump as mainly a “licensing guy like Pierre Cardin…[with]…his name on socks and underpants” with real estate holdings much less than he claimed.

Not surprisingly, AM producers were able to get Trump on the phone forthwith while Byron was still on the air. When Kiran introduced Trump and asked him for his response to Byron, an irate Trump rattled off some of his Manhattan properties and said that Byron “really has no idea” about his financial statement. Further, he stated that he was worth far more than the $2.7 billion that Forbes had reported. Subsequently, after Byron questioned Trump’s worth and challenged him to put out a net worth statement  and Ali asked what relevance his wealth was to the voter, the real fun began.

When Trump had answered the queries of Byron and Ali, Kiran somberly said, “Alright, listen. I want to ask you one question.” Subsequently, she cited his lead (alongside Huckabee) in the GOP 2012 Presidential field in the CNN Opinion Research poll and asserted that many people had said that he gained his position by wading into the “birther” debate. Then, Kiran asked, “Do you wish that you–do you take back the questions of whether Obama was born in the United States?”

Countering Kiran’s claim, a recalcitrant Trump replied, “I think the reason I’m doing so well in the polls is because people know that I’m a smart guy, I’m a good business.” Before he could finish, Kiran excitedly exclaimed, “Yes, but you can’t get out of the gate! You can’t get out of the gate in a general election if you say that Barack, you’re questioning whether Obama was born in America. You won’t, you won’t win!”

Unpersuaded by Kiran’s fervent postulation, Trump replied, “Oh, I don’t think that at all. I think there’s a real question as to whether or not [Obama was born in the United States]. And, frankly, 75% of the people in the Republican Party are really doubting whether or not he [was]….I don’t know why he doesn’t just show his birth certificate.” Confidently, he continued, “But, the reason I’m up in the polls isn’t that: the reason I’m up is because I’ll protect this country from China and OPEC and all the others who are ripping us off.”

Subsequently, Ali interrogated Trump about his investigation into Obama’s birth certificate in Hawaii before Kiran could continue. When they were finished, Kiran remarked, “This is the other thing, though. Why wade into that debate if you do have a good argument about our country being lost, about questioning our foreign policy, about questioning our fiscal policy? Why not run on that? Why bring it in?”

Remorseless, Trump responded, “That’s a good question. I think my strength is jobs, the economy, and protecting our nation from OPEC, China, and all these other countries that are ripping us off. That’s my strength. The problem is every time I go on a show like, as an example, this morning the first question you asked me is about the birth certificate. So, I go a show, I want to talk about how we’re going to salvage ourself [sic] from losing 300 billion this year from China and the person always asks, ‘Mr. Trump, let’s talk about the birth certificate.'”

Before he could finish, an almost apoplectic Kiran interposed, “Because it’s a non-starter! It’s a non-starter!” In chorus, a highly agitated Ali stammered, “It’s ludicrous, Mr. Trump! It’s, it’s, no, that, it’s just a ludicrous discussion.”

At Kiran shook her head vigorously, Ali pointed his pen at Trump though the camera, saying, “So, if you don’t want it handled, let’s get it on the record right now that you believe Barack Obama was born in the United States and I promise you, after this, that no one at CNN will ever ask you this question again.”

Sounding almost contrite, Trump responded, “I wish I could say that. I wish I could say that with certainty. It’s possible that he was but there’s a big question as to whether or not he was. There are too many things.” Elaborating, he declared, “When I started this two month ago I thought he was. And, every day that goes by…I think less and less that he was born in the United States. He possibly was but I want to get rid of the word “possibly.”

Almost as an intermission, Byron inserted a few questions about a tariff on Chinese. When Trump had answered Byron’s interrogatories, Ali acerbically commented, “Look, those are the conversations we’d rather be having with you so if at some point you’d like to come on and settle the birther issue, we’d get down and talk about business which I always enjoy.”

Trump riposted, “Well, I’d love to have those conversations. You have to stop asking me about a birth certificate.”

As Kiran vainly tried to cut in, Ali retorted, “Well, then, you better stop talking about, you gotta  stop talking about where the President was born if you don’t want us to ask you, Donald Trump.”

Trump persisted, “You have to stop asking me the question.”

Ali testily answered, “We’ll stop asking you the questions when you stop saying that President Obama can’t prove that he’s born in the United States. Deal? Is that a deal?”

Tired of the exchange, Trump sighed, “That’s fine with me.”

Not ready to call it quits quite yet, Kiran declared, “Already, one other quick question before we go: Do you know when this investigation in Hawaii is going to wrap up? When can you give a definitive answer, yes or no?”

Noticeably irritated, Trump retorted, “Why don’t you ask me about OPEC?…Here we go again! I can’t believe you just asked another question on the “birther.”

Softly, Kiran answered, “Well, what I was trying to explain to you. Well, I, I just don’t understand how you think you’re gonna get out of the gate.”

Interrupting, Trump taunted, “That’s okay. Don’t be embarrassed. Don’t be embarrassed.”

Kiran protested, “I’m not embarrassed! I don’t know how you think you can get out of the gate, get anyone to vote for you even if you have every single Republican who you claim doesn’t believe [then a click sounded as if her mike had been cut].

As Kiran when silent, Trump retorted, “Excuse me, you just said I’m leading in the polls!”

Bringing that lively exchange to an end, Ali remarked,  “Alright, well…we can put this all behind us and we’re able to talk about all those other things which are what Americans are very interesting in talking about.” To his guests, he concluded, “Donald Trump, thank you for calling in….[And,]…Chris Byron, thank you for coming in, and, I think, causing Donald Trump to call us.”

Thanks, indeed to guests and hosts alike. “Out of the gate” or not, an AM to remember!

*American Morning – 04/21/11 (@ 7:31 a.m. ET)

Running Kiran Caught

April 20, 2011

Chetry explains, “Ok so here’s what happened.” Today, American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry was seen casually leaving the scene of an accident and she was caught as she raced back to it. However, she is expected to escape any legal liability.

The accident that Kiran left this morning was the Gulf Oil spill (or, at least, a segment on it with Philippe Cousteau being interviewed by AM co-hosts Christine Romans and Ali Velshi). As the shot opened, Christine and Aly were at the AM desk introducing their story: in the background, Kiran could be eyed sauntering to the back of the AM newsroom in her trademark black Ugg boots. Two minutes later, when Couteau lost his audio and Ali and Christine were explaining it to the viewers, Kiran was caught on camera running furiously back down the newsroom aisle toward the AM desk.

Perhaps, with a producer in her ear, Kiran suddenly darted off camera momentarily. Then, while downing one last bite, Kiran eased back to the AM desk and turned her mike back on. As Kiran did, Ali glanced at her briefly but continued to nonchalantly discuss the BP spill effects with Christine. As they finished and Cousteau’s audio returned, Kiran seamlessly joined the conversation as if nothing had ever happened.

However, an alert AM viewer, Geoff Sanders, spotted it, posted it to his Facebook, and Tweeted Kiran a link. Unfortunately, for her, while Sanders deemed it funny, two of his “friends” were less charitable: one said that it was “so weird” and another called Kiran a derogatory term for the mentally challenged.

In response, Kiran quickly Tweeted Sanders and the rest of her Twitter followers, saying, “Ok so here’s what happened” and included a link to her Facebook page. There, she elaborated, “i was grabbing some food & phillipe’s [sic] shot went down so they called me back to set i ran so fast i didn’t realize i was in background.”

Happily, Kiran, you did not. You provided your AM audience with a delightful diversion from the still grim Gulf Coast news. And, kudos, for explaining it to your fans posthaste–not to mention, turning that dreadful distancing AM backdrop into a more personal, pleasing one.

*American Morning – 04/20/11 (@ 8:13 a.m. ET)

Kiran & Friends: But, For How Long?

April 19, 2011

“Reunited & it feels so good.” Today, American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry Tweeted her joy at being back with her recently regular co-hosts Ali Velshi and Christine Romans. She seemed to be praying and pleading for some new sense of AM normalcy. One could hardly blame Kiran: in just seven AM business days, she and her AM audience have witnessed a whopping five different anchor combos of which two notably did not include Kiran.*

It has been over four months since CNN honcho Ken Jautz announced that Kiran’s then AM co-anchor John Roberts was out and that he wanted to make sure that “we have the right ‘American Morning family.'” Jautz elaborated, “We will be looking at different people alongside Kiran on a rotating basis…[and]…T. J. Holmes will be the first to co-anchor with Kiran.”

Since then, T. J. has come and gone (and even had a shorter stint than he had anticipated). When T. J. left, Christine joined Kiran for a short all-gal audition. After only one week, Ali turned that duo into an asexual AM menage a trois.

Almost a month later, AM viewers still do not know who Jautz will actually adopt into the “American Morning family.” So far, Ali and Christine have been like foster children, hoping to get to stay with Kiran and the rest of their host family. Even though Ali may call Kiran, Christine, and himself “the gang,” it will be Jautz who ultimately decides.

For now, both Ali and Christine  are in the CNN family but their resumes do not yet include a permanent AM anchor seat. However, Kiran’s curriculum vitae does and only her face now represents AM’s Web presence.

As to his full future AM “family,” Jautz appears not quite ready to commit.

* The five distinct anchor arrangements were as follow: Kiran and Ali (April 8); Kiran, Christine, and Ali (April 11); Ali and Christine (April 12); Kiran and Christine (April 13); and Ali and CNN correspondent Alina Cho (April 18).

Juliet Returns: New & Improved?

April 17, 2011

“Part of my charm, Karl. Just part of my charm.” FNC anchor Juliet Huddy finally resurfaced on the air to fill in for co-host Alisyn Camerota on Fox & Friends Weekend Saturday. To the joy of her devotees, the sassy, sexy, irreverent Juliet was back sounding and looking better than ever. And, to the painful pleasure of her co-hosts, Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris, and her guest, FNC contributor Karl “The Architect” Rove, she was happy to attend.

Re her viewers, Juliet offered them no explanation for her absence of over two months from the “Fair and Balanced” network. Nevertheless, her nasal timbre sounded markedly improved and her nose appeared somewhat surgically enhanced. But, for those with an eye a little lower on her figure, she offered scant evidence to assay.

Regardless of whether Juliet had any work done or not, the Fox & Friends Weekend fave was back and at her best keeping her boys in their place. On one hand, she was sultrily swaying in the aftermath of Dave’s “dulcet” tones and suggestively discussing “posing oil” with Clayton. On the other, she was giving them grief as the Doublemen twins a la Aly (and the author): To wit, an incredulous Dave Tweeted, “@juliethuddy…keeps confusing @ClaytonMorris & I [sic], RIDICULOUS we don’t look alike.”

Not to mention, Juliet had Karl Rove, the favorite political whipping boy of many on the left and the right, practically in her lap asking for just one more smack. After the former Bush top aide spent two segments beating up President Obama and Donald Trump, Juliet practically purred, “Karl, can I just say something? We were talking about what a savant you were from such a young age.”* Pleading, Rove cautioned, “Be careful. Be careful.”

Chuckling, Juliet joked that the first civics papers of her herself, Dave, and Clayton, respectively, were probably on the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, or Bill of Rights: Then, coaxing him to reveal an apparent off-camera remark, she asked, “Karl’s was?” With his hands in his lap forming a subtle steeple, Rove proudly proclaimed, “The Theory of Dialectical Materialism.” Groaning, Dave interjected, “Oh, Karl, that’s sad!”

As Julia laughed, Rove reveled, “I had a brief case. I had Hush Puppies. Pocket protector. You know, come on, I was a nerd.” Then, as Clayton thanked him for coming, a grinning Rove groused, “Well, thanks for making it so easy for me to come to the curvy couch by having Juliet here to insult me all during the breaks.” Giggling gleefully, Juliet riposted, “Part of my charm, Karl! Just part of my charm.”

Indeed, Juliet. Just part of your charm. Welcome back!

*Fox & Friends – 04/11/11 – (@ 8:19 a.m. ET)

Rove Laughs at Trump: But, Huckabee Doesn’t

April 16, 2011

On Fox & Friends Weekend this morning, Karl Rove, Bush’s “Architect,” continued to deride the GOP’s new front runner, Donald Trump: But, strangely, he was rebutted by none other than Trump’s biggest GOP competitor, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. After calling Trump “a joke candidate” with “weird conspiracy theories” last night on On the Record with Greta van Susteren, Rove not only defended his caustic comments but also attacked Trump further as a “birther,” a big Democratic supporter, and an “interesting guy with a bad hair” deal on F&FW this morning. Later, during the program, Huckabee strongly defended his maverick Republican rival against the GOP establishment attack dog.

During the FNC contributor’s usual weekend appearance on F&FW, Rove was asked by co-anchor Dave Briggs why he had called Trump “a joke candidate” on Greta last night.*  Rove replied that “these early polls” simply showed that still non-anchored Republicans had “sorta flocked” to this “interesting guy” and, to boot, derogated Public Policy Polling (the group that had conducted the poll showing Trump with a nine-point lead over his closest competitor Huckabee) as a “Democrat outfit in North Carolina that does a notoriously bad job of polling in Republican primaries.”

Following-up Briggs’ query,  F&FW guest co-host Juliet Huddy asked, “Would he be a good President?” Derisively, Rove replied, “Not after what he’s done over the last couple of weeks. Look, he’s embraced this ‘birther’ thing. He had a lot of problems to begin with.” Elaborating, Rove harrumphed that Trump had given $196,000 to Democrats including Harry Reid, John Kerry for President, and Joe Biden; had called Pelosi great; and had given money to the last two leaders of the Democrats in the House. Concluding, he continued, “Look, if he’d gone out there and said, ‘I’m gonna fix our economy and I know how to create jobs and I’m a businessman and here are the five things I’m gonna do.” When Huddy countered, “Don’t you think people already assume that he can do, that that’s what he’s gonna do,” Rove sneered, “No, no! Look, look, look! All they know him [sic] is he’s an interesting guy who’s got a bad hair deal.”

Shortly thereafter, when Governor Huckabee appeared on the show, he was queried about Rove’s remarks by Briggs. Introducing the topic, Briggs said, “Karl Rove was just here and he called him [Trump] last night ‘a joke candidate’ [and] ‘inconsequential’  [and] he stuck by that this morning. Then, he inquired, “Does he have a realistic chance, Donald Trump, at winning this thing? Because, look, it might spike you early on, this ‘birther’ thing but, long term, when you get to a general election, is he a serious candidate?”

Coming to Trump’s defense, Huckabee answered, “I don’t think the ‘birther’ issue is a good issue. I don’t think it is lasting. It’s got him a lot of, maybe, attention. I don’t agree with it. But, I don’t think [that] people are rallying behind Donald Trump because of the ‘birther’ issue.”

Surprised, Briggs, replied, “No, you don’t?” Shaking his head, Huckabee answered, “No, I don’t.” Probing, Briggs inquired, “Then, why do they?”

Sounding almost like a supporter, Huckabee replied, “Because they know him. They feel like he’s a tough-minded, no-holds-barred business guy that would be tough with China, tough with the Saudis, [and] tough with the rest of the world.” When co-host Clayton Morris interposed, “And he’s got a popular television show what’s also helpful,” Huckabee added, “And, he knows how to fire people!”

Of course, Rove was smart enough to get ‘W’ elected twice: Nevertheless, his political acumen has been questioned of late by the right as he staunchly defends the GOP blue bloods against the insurgent blue collars. Perhaps, like the Tea Party, Rove may deem Trump “not sophisticated” enough to represent the Republicans. However, if Huckabee is right, “Bush’s Brain” may want to think again.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 04/16/11 (@ 8:16 a.m. ET)

Megyn’s Baby Girl: Yardley Evans Arrives

April 14, 2011

America Live anchor Megyn Kelly and her hubby Doug Brunt welcomed into their family a baby girl this morning at 10 a.m. ET according to AL guest host Martha MacCallum.* Their daughter, Yardley Evans, weighed in at seven pounds twelve ounces.  She “supplants” her big brother, eighteen-month-old Edward Yates, as the baby of the family.

Congratulations, Megyn and Doug!

[Author’s aside: Megyn did indeed let the cat out of the bag to her AM audience a month ago today (03/14/11).]

*America Live – 04/14/11 (@ 2:59 p.m. ET)

Juliet: Tweets “The Deets”

April 14, 2011

On Fox & Friends Saturday! As promised Tuesday, Fox News anchor Juliet Huddy delivered “the deets soon” after heralding her return to FNC this weekend. In a Tweet today, she announced, “See you guys bright and early on Fox & Friends Saturday!”

Back on the curvy couch at last. As Juliet well knows, her acolytes will be looking (and listening) carefully for clues to her unexplained absence of over two months. Hopefully, the buxom beauty will simply share, at least, some of “the deets” with her Fox & Friends fans.

Courtney: Back in Black!

April 14, 2011

Entertainment correspondent Courtney Friel returned today to Fox News after almost four months of maternity leave. In her first appearance back on FNC since giving birth  to her son Cash Hudson Evans (other than her emergency reportage of the Japanese tsunami on March 11), Courtney covered the X-Factor auditions in Newark, New Jersey, for Fox & Friends. Introducing the bonny blonde, F&F co-anchor Brian Kilmeade announced,”Courtney Friel has been scrambled off maternity leave: She’s now back full-time.”*

And, indeed, she was. Dressed to impress, Courtney wore a sleek black-leather-jacket-and-matching-ebony-pants ensemble. Strategically hiding a few baby pounds underneath or not, the sexy former Maxim model was buoyant, beautiful, and non-bloated. As she had promised her fans, she had “pop[ped]…[her]…little baby out” and had returned “in a few months”–none the worse for wear.

Welcome back, Courtney!

Fox & Friends – 04/14/11 (@ 6:34 a.m. ET)

Pawlenty Again: Trump Like Hulk Hogan

April 13, 2011

“I like Donald Trump….He’s successful. He’s entertaining.” In a Fox & Friends interview this morning, former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty took another shot at GOP presidential co-leader Donald Trump this morning. For the second day in a row, Pawlenty compared Trump (real estate mogul and NBC’s The Apprentice reality star) to Hulk Hogan, (wrestling legend and VH-1’s Hogan Knows Best reality star). No umbrage meant, though.

Today F&F co-anchor Brian Kilmeade asked Pawlenty if an April 9-10 CNN/Opinion Research GOP presidential poll showing him with only 2% support vis-a-vis 19% for front runners Donald Trump and Governor Mike Huckabee was very discouraging to him. In response, Pawlenty declared, “Well, it’s not….In the early months here, you’re gonna see just people who have higher name I.D. doing better in those polls. And, if you threw in, you know, Hulk Hogan or somebody like that, they’d be at the top of the polls, too.”*

In a follow-up question, Kilmeade coolly queried, “Do you put Donald Trump with Hulk Hogan?” Laughing, Pawlenty replied, “No. I just mean in terms of familiarity. I like Donald Trump. I think he’s successful, he entertaining, and he’s gonna bring a lot to the debate…if he runs.”

However, belying Pawlenty’s denial that he was coupling Trump and Hogan together were similar statements that he made last night to Piers Morgan on his eponymous CNN show as reported by Politico. Apparently, using the same talking points, Pawlenty positioned himself as the “serious person who has tackled…[the]…issues” in the middle of a “continuum” with “Mitt Romney…with the most name-ID and money” on one end and people like “Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Donald Trump, or I don’t know, Hulk Hogan” on the other. Like today, he hastily added that he intended “no disrespect.”

Perhaps, just as likely, Trump will take no offense.

*Fox & Friends – 04/13/11 (@ 7:04 a.m. ET)

Update: For Pawlenty’s YouTube vid of his F&F interview, link here.

Juliet: I’ll See You Guys This Weekend on FNC!

April 12, 2011

“Will give you the deets soon.” Fox News anchor Juliet Huddy returns at last according to her latest Tweet. After promising her Twitter followers and long-suffering fans for over a month that she would be “back soon,” she revealed tonight that she would appear on FNC this weekend. She added that she would announce the details “soon.”

Of course, to Juliet, “soon” is a relative term!

[Author’s aside: Juliet, get ready for a good once over–and, a few more. After leaving Fox News’ air over two months ago without any explanation whatsoever, your votaries will assuredly want to know what has happened to their goddess. If Aly continues to guest co-host on America’s Newsroom this week, hopefully, you’ll get a chance to share on the Fox & Friends Weekend curvy couch.]

Update: Today (04/14/11) Juliet Tweeted “the deets”: She announced, “See you guys bright and early on Fox & Friends Saturday!”

Dave: “Wish I Were On”

April 9, 2011

“They felt the day merited the weekday crew.” Today Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Dave Briggs appeared particularly piqued at being preempted once again by the F&F A-Team for yet another F&F special edition, “[Government] Shutdown Averted.” When a Twitter follower asked, “Why aren’t you on FF? I miss my Saturday Briggs-fix,” Dave plaintively replied, “They felt the day merited the weekday crew. Wish I were on.”

Meanwhile, Dave’s F&FW co-anchor Clayton Morris, who was similarly yanked from the line-up today remained mum on the matter (while sanguinely Tweeting about other topics). However, Dave and Clayton’s co-host, Alisyn Camerota, did not: In fact, Aly made no secret of the fact that, unlike Dave and Clayton, she was not only in today for F&F‘s special edition but also on–and, in charge–of the Fox & Friends A-Team.

To wit, after welcoming her F&F audience today, Aly introduced the F&F “weekday crew” [Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade], declaring, “I have called Steve and Brian in to duty for our special coverage today.” When the second hour arrived, Aly explained her usual co-hosts’ absence, saying, “Thanks to Steve and Brian for coming in for Clayton and Dave: You guys got the word last night…late that there would not be a government shutdown.” Later, as the final hour began, Aly again elucidated, “Thanks to Steve and Brian for coming in for this special coverage. Hoping that Dave and Clayton are sleeping a little bit late.”

If any F&FW viewers had any lingering doubts about why Aly was on the special edition A-Team today, Steve seemed eager to allay them. When Brian jokingly groused that they were shutdown losers “because at 11:30 at night we were all watching to find out if there was going to be a government shutdown and we were up at 2:30 to come in,” Steve responded, “But, we’re winners because we’re here with Aly.”* Perhaps, less charitably, for those F&FW viewers wondering why Dave and Clayton were not, Steve later had this to say before his interview of Governor Huckabee about the shutdown: “Of course, the reason [that] Brian and I are in today is because the government shutdown was averted.”**

Hopefully, Fox News brass will not censure Dave for his refreshing candor. Dave did little more than tell his fans and followers what Aly and Steve had pellucidly disclosed earlier this morning to their F&F audience. Not too mention, what loyal viewers (e.g., this Carpe Diem author) have long suspected.

[Author’s aside: As for usual weekday co-host Gretchen Carlson, Aly, Steve, and Brian made no mention of her absence from the “A-Team.” Perhaps, they spoke volumes in their silence.]

**Fox & Friends Weekend – 04/09/11 (@ 7:08 a.m. ET)

*Ibid at 8:33 a.m. ET

Ali & Kiran’s Tale: Busted?

April 8, 2011

Oops! Stephanie didn’t get the American Morning memo today. Fresh from her vacation in Puerto Rico, CNN biz beauty Stephanie Elam returned to the AM set today to report on the government shutdown. Unfortunately, for her AM colleagues, Ali Velshi and Kiran Chetry, she had not received that AM “e-mail” as to Ali’s ad libs.

In her mid-show segment this morning, Stephanie dutifully reported on “government & private workers who’ll be hurt by  [a federal government] shutdown.” After her story, Ali emphasized that, unlike governmental workers who would recoup their lost wages, businesses that catered to spring tourists simply lost their seasonal earnings.

Enthusiastically, Stephanie agreed, “They don’t get it back! That’s just lost. And, this is the beginning, especially like D.C.” Elaborating, she added, “Cherry blossoms–I went to school in D.C.–love it! That is like the best time and people come to see that every year. It’s a beautiful time.”

Concurring, Kiran (Gaithersburg, MD native and Terp alum), interjected, “I know. Me, too…It’s a huge draw. Huge draw!”

Turning to Kiran to make his point more poignantly, Ali proclaimed, “We were actually planning a little trip down there for cherry blossoms.” Looking back at Stephanie, he groused, “But, now if the government shuts down, we’re not gonna have that trip.”

Eying Ali quizzically, Stephanie glanced down at her notes and then back up at him, querying, “You’re not? Was I invited to this trip?” Seeming to sense that her friend and colleague Ali might need to be aided–and, perhaps, even abetted–Kiran nodded emphatically at Stephanie and exclaimed, “Yes!” Echoing his helpful co-host, a stone-faced Aly shook his head but once and unconvincingly uttered, “Yeah.”

Still puzzled, Stephanie looked at Kiran. In response, Kiran explained, “It was on an e-mail that we sent a week ago.” Then, she appeared to give Stephanie a knowing eye and a telling smile.

Meanwhile, Ali pursed his lips and licked them as Kiran spoke. Seeming to realize that his apparently apocyrphal anecdote had been exposed, he jested, “Yeah, it’s a class trip!” Laughing, Kiran chimed (to Stephanie), “It may have been in your spam box.”

Perhaps, that’s what happened to John Roberts’ AM e-mail, too, when he gainsayed Kiran on the Imus Show a few weeks ago. Oh, wait! John probably no longer has his Turner account.

American Morning – 04/08/11 (@ 7:28 a.m. ET)

Mommie Megyn: Away With Leave

April 7, 2011

America Live anchor Megyn Kelly announced today that she is going on maternity leave tomorrow. Before presiding over her all-gal “Power Panel” today, the gorgeous gravid host Tweeted, “Today I’ll be delivering my Top 5 Things Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman, Round 2….Baby due next week!” Later, when she concluded that segment, she turned to her guests (Krystal Ball, Andrea Tantaros, and Sam Bennett), remarking, “I’m going to miss you guys when I’m on maternity leave.”* Then, as an aside to her audience, Megyn continued, “Tomorrow is my last show before that–just in case the viewers were wondering.”

Yes, your AL fans were wondering, Megyn. Thanks for sharing this special, joyous event. Of course, you surely realize that photos of your little one and his/her lovely mom will be eagerly anticipated–and sincerely appreciated.

Megyn, may you be blessed with a safe delivery and a healthy, beautiful baby!

[Author’s aside: Megyn and her hubby, Doug Brunt, are expecting their second child. They also have an eighteen-month-old son, Edward Yates.]

*America Live – 04/07/11 (@ 2:44 p.m. ET)

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Update: Tonight (04/07/11), Megyn appeared on the O’Reilly Factor and Bill O’Reilly noted that it would be her “last appearance for a while” because she was going to “have the baby next week.” When he pressed her as to the gender of her baby, she coyly responded, “You’ll find out on Thursday.” Carpe Diem reader, you now a date–a due date.

Maria Molina: Bye!

April 6, 2011

Fox News meteorologist Maria Molina bid her fans adieu anew on Fox & Friends Weekend this past Sunday. Providing her F&FW fans with a strange sense of deja vu, Maria and F&FW co-host Dave Briggs reenacted a similar final scene from almost five months ago. However, hopefully, Maria sent an additional message to her admirers this time.

As F&FW concluded Sunday, the busty brunette joined Dave and the other F&FW co-anchors, Clayton Morris and Alisyn Cameroa, on the curvy couch to offer the audience their au revoir. As Clayton, Aly, and Dave spoke, Maria sat silently and shyly on the end of the sofa in her sexy white dress, short and sleeveless but buttoned-high. When Dave concluded the final F&FW farewell, he turned to the coy, comely meteorologist and mischievously started to wave to the audience. Grinning puckishly, he commanded, “Say ‘bye,’ Maria!”

Glancing briefly at her tormentor, a smiling but embarrassed Maria quickly complied. “Bye!” echoed Maria while she animatedly waved to her fans. Meanwhile, as Aly grinned sympathetically and Clayton tried vainly to hide his smile, Dave ducked his head and chuckled at Maria’s discomfit. Blushing, Maria turned to Dave and playfully shoved him as the show ended.

A mere goodbye to her admirers once again? Perchance. But, she also may have said a welcome goodbye to the old demure Maria who had suddenly replaced the delectable Domenica Davis–and a happy hello to a new more self-assured one.

Possibly, a positive portent of Maria’s rebirth was her appearance on Happening Now today.* In front of the Fox News weather map stood a striking Maria almost channeling her sexy “exhibitionist” FBN colleague, Nicole Petallides as she confidently and sultrily delivered the weather. And, no, dear reader, the Nicaraguan beauty did not mercilessly tantalize her votaries a la the Greek goddess, but she did hold court in her tight, v-necked fuschia top. But, Maria certainly could have been mistaken for Nicole’s sister as she seduced them with her long, flowing locks; her big beautiful brown eyes; and her high, chiseled cheek bones.

Bye, bye, Miss AccuWeather. Maria, hello, Miss Fox?

*Happening Now – 04/06/11 (@ 12:32 p.m. ET)

“Princess” Dave: Lord of the Ring?

April 5, 2011

“It’s to take you off the market!” Fox & Friends Weekend own royal co-anchor “Princess” Dave Briggs seemed to pine for England’s Prince William, or, at least, his purported regal right, not to wear a wedding ring. During two different royal wedding segments Saturday and Sunday past, Dave reminded himself, his guests, and his viewers that wearing a wedding ring was to “take you off the market” and less than convincingly claimed that he himself loved wearing his own every day.

On Saturday, Dave presided over an F&FW debate subtitled “Breaking with Tradition: Prince William Won’t Wear a Ring” (between The Princess of Nowhere author Prince  Lorenzo Borghese and eponymous match-making company founder Amy Laurent). Initiating the discussion, Dave declared, “We wear a ring for a reason, Lorenzo. It’s to honor the institution; it’s to honor your wife; [and] it’s to take you off the market!”* Later, to Laurent, he elaborated, “A lot of wives want their man to wear a ring to kind of take them off the market.”

Then, on behalf of the British royal and, perhaps, himself, he queried, “I think that we all are going to know that Prince William is off the market: so, why should he have to wear one? He says [that] he’s not a jewelry guy: is that okay?” When Laurent objected to his proposition, Dave declared, “Well, I don’t like to wear jewelry: I wear my ring everyday.” For those who missed it the first time, he happily iterated, “I’m not a jewelry guy: I wear my ring.”

However, on Sunday, co-anchor Alisyn Camerota called Dave’s claim into question before their interview with psychologist Jeffrey Gardere about Prince Williams’ regal prerogative. Introducing the topic, Aly asserted, “You heard it here yesterday: The prince and his fiancee, Kate Middleton, have decided [that] it’s okay for him not to wear a wedding band. But what does that say about his decision and other men who don’t wear wedding bands about their personality?”** As she said “and other men who don’t wear wedding bands,” she turned to Dave with an impish smile. In response, a beaming Dave pursed his lips, arched his eyebrows, and mischievously muttered, “Hmm.”

Subsequently, Dr. Gardere answered, “[I]t tells me that, perhaps, his commitment is not there as much as his bride who wants to wear the wedding band…because we know [it] is a physical, emotional, [and] spiritual connection to your partner and a commitment. And, of course, when your partner wears it out, it says that ‘hey, I belong to someone else.’ So, for the good Prince to not want to wear one, I think [that] it goes back to some old sexist views that women are property to men.”

Coming to the defense of the fair Prince, Dave declared, “Well, I mean, when you’re getting married in front of hundreds of millions, perhaps, a billion people, every woman in the world will know he’s married. So, he doesn’t need that, that mark to take him off the market.” Interjecting, a grinning Gardere leaned forward and exclaimed, “‘That mark,’ he says. You heard that, Aly? The mark!” Defensively, Dave declared, “Well, look, I love wearing the, I love wearing a wedding ring–but, it’s very different when you’re Prince William [who] everyone knows [is] married.” Later, he added, “Okay, Middleton reportedly says [that] she’s okay with it.”

In Dave’s “good old days,” Dave’s wife Brandi seemed “okay” with Dave not wearing his ring.  In fact, after the author noted its absence almost two years ago, Dave soon thereafter explained, “I forget where I put my wedding ring all the time….My wife knows this.” Five days later, Dave wished Brandi a happy sixth anniversary in an F&FW on-air phone call without a wedding band on his hand: when a concerned Twitter follower noted the absent ring three weeks later, Dave explicated, “Ahh yes my wedding ring, I did lose it a few weeks ago and have been scrambling around looking for it. I am very happily married.”

Nevertheless, Brandi appeared to revoke Dave’s license a few months thereafter. Perhaps, she wanted to make sure that such guests as the incredibly sexy Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez and suddenly single guest co-hosts Ainsley Earhardt knew that her boy was “off the market.” Now, Dave loves to wear his wedding ring every day.

At least, on air.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 04/02/11 (@ 8:52 a.m. ET)

**Fox & Friends Weekend – 04/03/11 (@ 8:53 a.m. ET)

FNC’s Sweet Schadenfreude?

April 2, 2011

Christine Romans, “you’re just carrying the water for Mr. Obama.” Last night, FNC ratings juggernaut, the O’Reilly Factor, led with this caustic charge against the CNN anchor by CIA counter-terrorism analyst Michael Scheuer. This morning, Fox & Friends Weekend ran it thrice and gave Scheuer himself another shot at the co-host of its CNN rival, American Morning.

As Carpe Diem first reported, Romans and her co-anchor Kiran Chetry’s interview of Scheuer on the CIA’s role in Libya Thursday turned rather testy as it concluded. When Scheuer bemoaned the U.S.’ “spend[ing] enormous amounts of money [where there are no U.S. interests at stake] at a time when we’re nearly bankrupt,” Romans lectured, “And that’s a whole ‘nother story….The economy and this mission in Libya are two separate issues.” Acerbically, Scheuer responded, “They’re not separate issues, ma’am. You’re just carrying the water for Mr. Obama.” Bristling, Romans riposted, “I’m certainly not carrying anyone’s water!”

Last night, O’Reilly opened with an abbreviated clip of that very scene with Scheur’s saying, “You’re just carrying the water for Mr. Obama!” and Romans’ responding, “I’m certainly not carrying anyone’s water”: Concomitantly, O’Reilly remarked, “Former CIA guy Michael Scheuer attacks CNN for what he sees as biased coverage of Libya. We’ll get into it.”

Shortly thereafter, during his first Factor segment titled “War and Money,” O’Reilly aired more of the caustic exchange as described, supra. After doing so, he declared, “Right now the Libyan action is estimated to have cost the U.S.A. more than a half  billion dollarsm and, of course, the figure will rise. Not mincing words, he confidently concluded, “The CNN anchor is wrong when she says the Libyan action and the American debt are separate. They are not!” Elaborating, he added, “Sad truth is every action America takes from now on will have to be evaluated from a cost standpoint: That’s what happens when you’re 14 trillion dollars in debt.”

Today, Fox & Friends Weekend appeared to more patently revel in their CNN rival’s plight as they aired the diss of Romans repeatedly (twice in promos for their interview of Scheuer and once during it) and provided a facile forum for Scheuer to sneer anew at Romans. During the segment, “‘Flickers’ of Qaeda [in Libya]”, co-host Alisyn Camerota aired the AM clip and “innocently” inquired, “Michael, what, what did you object to in how it was being depicted there?”*

Smiling sardonically, Scheuer answered, “I always get a little angry when people treat me as if I’m dumber than I look.” As Camerota chuckled at his jest, Scheur sniped again at Romans, remarking, “And, to argue at a time when the government’s belly up with finances and we’re spending a hundred million dollars a day…on a useless war in which we shouldn’t be involved and say there’s no connection between the two is just apologizing for the [Obama] administration.” [Italics added for emphasis.]

FNC sweet Schadenfreude? Nah. Just a Roman(s) holiday.

Author’s aside: Ironically, in the background of the AM clip and the controversy stands CNN’s Kiran Chetry, American Morning‘s Aphrodite. As Romans receives its fire, FNC may be more than happy if its erstwhile rising star (and former Fox & Friends co-anchor) suffers some of the collateral damage. Especially, if boss Rupert Murdoch deems her to have crossed his proverbial Rubicon.

Update: Fox & Friends Weekend Scheuer interview vid (courtesy of J$P).

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 04/02/11 (@ 9:19 a.m. ET)