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Daddy Marciano Back: “Sans Stache”

November 30, 2011

Shorn Rob shot but shines: AM alum Stephanie Elam notices. American Morning meteorologist Rob Marciano returned to his CNN morning show today after two weeks off for paternity leave. In his first appearance this morning, co-hosts Christine Romans and Carol Costello welcomed back the brand-new daddy and producers aired a photo of Rob, his wife Eryn, and their baby daughter, Madeline Grace.* In response, Rob reported that his baby was “great, that his wife was “recovering,” and that “all was well in the Marciano [household].” Subsequently, he added that he and Eryn were getting [only] two-to-three hours of sleep each night.

Off camera, Rob revealed a mite more to his Twitter followers. Yesterday, he joked, “10 days of hibernation might get me a Chico and The Man casting call :-): Included in his missive, he linked to a photo of him sporting a recently grown moustache. Shortly thereafter, he proclaimed, “Back to work tomorrow sans stache!”

Today, when Rob announced that he was “back in the studio saddle” and working with his “CNN family again,” he was embraced with open arms. “Welcome back, Bobby!,” Tweeted frequent AM guest co-host Alina Cho. Chiming in from the West Coast, erstwhile AM biz beauty, Stephanie Elam jested, “@robmarcianoCNN has that daddy glow. Or may it’s just fatigue? :-).” Pegged by his former CNN colleague, Rob replied, “Yes and yes,” Rob replied.

Truly, Rob. But, surely, little Grace Madeline Marciano is more than worth it all. Welcome back, “Bobby”!

Carol: Ali Is Still Working Off the Turkey

November 29, 2011

Ali Velshi: I won’t be back “until December 12th! Lots of travel.” Where in the world is Ali? American Morning co-host Carol Costello knows but she was not telling this morning. As she introduced herself and co-host Christine Romans, she “explained” Ali’s absence, laughing, “Ali is still working off the turkey!”* For AM viewers who miss Ali and want to know where he is, Carol’s Thanksgiving joke may be wearing thin.

Fear not, Ali acolytes, your  “hairless prophet of doom” has not altogether abandoned you. When one Twitter follower asked, “When r u coming back???,” he responded, “Not until Dec 12th! Lots of travel.” Later, he explained that he was doing a “bit of vacation” but “mostly work.” Furthermore, he chronicled his travels to his native Kenya, CNN studios Abu Dhabi, his friend and former AM co-host Kiran Chetry‘s birthplace Kathmandu, etc.

Apparently, Ali has been enjoying some “r & r” as his American Morning co-anchor role ends next year and is now preparing for his new CNN International Asia “World News Today” co-host position which begins in January 2012. But, he will be back albeit briefly on “December 12th.” Mark your CNN calendars.

*American Morning – 11/30/11 (@6:01 a.m. ET)

Romans: AM “Files for Bankruptcy”

November 29, 2011

“Costello: “That was a Freudian slip.” So it seemed. Today, American Morning co-host Christine Romans teased an upcoming business segment, saying, “American Morning–uh, huh–American Airlines files for bankruptcy protection.”* Laughing,  co-anchor Carol Costello declared, “That was a Freudian slip.” In response, Christine howled knowingly.

As their CNN morning show nears its end in 2012, the two AM co-hosts seemed to scoff openly at the moribund state of their ratings-challenged show. Carol, who made the caustic observation, appeared to continue to be especially sensitive to the coming demise of AM. As the reader may recall, only three weeks ago, after Christine did another biz promo (for an investment story), Carol casually commented, “I want to retire very soon.”

When AM “files for bankruptcy” next year, perhaps, Carol shall get her her wish. As her AM co-anchors stay with CNN, her future seems less secure. While Christine continues her business reports and interviews at CNN and fellow co-host Ali Velshi assumes “new roles across CNN Worldwide” after AM ends in 2012, Carol, has lost her seemingly sole CNN role as “a contributor to American Morning.”

Perhaps, more than one lady’s slip was showing this morning.

American Morning – 11/29/11 (@ 8:21 a.m. ET)

A.M.: Kiran Back–Almost

November 28, 2011

Black Friday. Former American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry returned to her CNN morning program Friday–or, at least, her other half did. In a surprise appearance, Kiran’s hubby, meteorologist Chris Knowles, appeared thrice on AM as a correspondent on the Black Friday shopping mania at Macy.* Somewhat strangely, the AM co-hosts, Carol Costello and Alina Cho made no mention of their former colleague in their collegial chats with Chris.

Not surpisingly, the whilom FNC meteorologist and WPIX weekend weatherman was his usual winsome, witty self. In a rave review of her hubby’s reporting, Kiran Tweeted, “He was fantastic wasn’t he?!” Yes, he was good: But, in the author’s opinion, Kiran is definitely his better half.

As to Kiran’s real return to television, the Nepalese beauty assured her fans earlier this month that she will be back “very soon.”

* American Morning – 11/25/11 (6:02 a.m. ET; 7:02 a.m. ET; and 8:01 a.m. ET)

Juliet’s “John John”: Mocks F&F Interviewees?

November 25, 2011

Ms. Huddy: “That’s my brother!…So proud of him!” Fox5 News NY reporter John Huddy played the stereotypically rude New Yorker this morning to the delight and discomfort of his sister Juliet Huddy and her Fox & Friends co-hosts Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris. Perhaps, a bit, too well for his F&F audience during this holiday season.

As F&F‘s final half hour commenced with a segment entitled, “Black Friday Begins!,” Clayton introduced John, who was reporting from a NJ Walmart Supercenter.* Alluding to a earlier story of a holiday shopper who had allegedly used pepper spray to get to the front of the line, Clayton commented, “He didn’t use any pepper spray to get ahead there.” Interjecting, Juliet humorously queried, “Well, did he?”  Perchance, setting somewhat the tone of his story, John facetiously responded, “I always do. I always use mace to get ahead of the line. Are you kidding me!”

Subsequently, pointing to a young couple nearby, John said, “Look at these folks over here.” As the lady suddenly shrieked in surprise, he exclaimed, “I told you I was going to put you on. I told you!…What do you got here?” When the female shopper replied that she had bought a 42-inch television for $598, John condescending commented, “For a 42-inch? That’s not exactly a bargain!” Then realizing it was a 3-D, he added, “Okay, alright, that’s pretty good. ”

When the lady then asked if John would like to interview her male friend, he brusquely replied, “Yeah. Step out, step out of the way.” As she quickly complied, John pointed derisively down to the fellow’s feet clad in bright red sneakers, remarking, “What I want to see are your shoes. Look at these shoes: look at those shoes, guys. That’s what I’m talking about.”

As the chap chuckled uncomfortably, John continued, “So, anyway, what time did you guys get here, by the way?” When the man declared that they had been there from 11 p.m. from the night before, John replied, “Eleven p.m.?…What have you been doing the whole time?” Sheepishly, the guy answered, “Sleeping and shopping.” Looking at the camera, John laughed, “Okay, I don’t know. That’s a little weird.”

Subsequently, as John began to wrap up his tale, the three amused and discomfited co-hosts appeared in a split-screen shot with him. Trying to hide her smile initially, a reddening Juliet put her hand to her chest and opened her mouth in amazement. Meanwhile, Dave, beaming broadly, laughed to himself and put his head to his hand in disbelief as Clayton futilely bit his curled lip to suppress a smile.

Composing himself as John concluded his report, Dave remarked, “John, I hope they don’t have pepper spray ’cause you just told them [that] they didn’t get a good deal on their TV and that they’re weird. Giggling, Juliet chorused, “And, they’re weird. That’s my brother!” Chiming in, Clayton chuckled, “That’s what it was like growing up in the house of John.”

Finally, bidding adieu John adieu as the camera caught another Walmart shopper with a huge TV, Clayton comically implored, “Hey, John, go mock those people.” Laughing heartily with Dave in response, Juliet jested, “Oh, so proud of him, my little brother!” Seemingly flummoxed by it all, Dave rhetorically asked, “What is happening here?”

Indeed, Dave. Juliet’s “John John” better behave. Or, he really might get that pepper spray the next time.

Fox & Friends – 11/25/11 (@ 8:32 a.m. ET)

Carol Costello: “Jetpack-Wearing Monkey”

November 24, 2011

Jason Carroll: “Was that an insult?” American Morning co-host Carol Costello appeared to be the Thanksgiving turkey this morning in her strange first segue to CNN correspondent Jason Carroll this morning.* When Carol introduced the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade report of Jason, an African American, she remarked, “There will be some new faces floating above the city like a jetpack-wearing monkey. Our Jason–it’s not Jason Carroll.” Making her toss to Jason  even more awkward, Carol continued, “Although I’d like to see you [Jason] wearing a jetpack and flying above the crowds. I bet  you would, too!”

Arching his eyebrows in incredulity at Carol’s comment, Jason laughed uncomfortably. Then he asked, “You know, I, I–was that an insult that I heard a little earlier?” Chagrined, a chuckling Carol exclaimed, “No!” Seemingly, uncertain of Carol’s candidness, Jason replied, “I, I’m going to have to replay the tape to make sure.”

Turkey or not, Carol may well have had to eat some crow today for her Thanksgiving dinner.

[Author’s aside: Apparently, Carol was alluding to one of Macy’s new floats, Julius the Monkey.]

American Morning – 11/24/11 (@ 6:35 a.m. ET)

Juliet Explains Ring

November 23, 2011

Huddy: “Why do I get this one?” Today, fill-in Fox & Friends guest co-host Juliet Huddy dismissed anew any rumors that the large amber ring on her right ring finger indicated that she was betrothed. The thrice-married beauty insisted, “This is not an engagement ring.”

At the bottom of the first hour,  Juliet started to read a headline news story entitled, “Wedding Bell ‘Ruse.'” Stopping, she chuckled, “Why do I get this one?” As she read, “Talking about ringing in the holidays, a new report shows more and more single women…are…wearing fake engagement rings so they can avoid the third degree from family members,” she saucily jested, “Oh, wait! Okay, now I get it.”

When Juliet had completed her tale, she declared, “This is not an engagement ring, by the way.” Co-anchor Steve Doocy deadpanned, “That you’re wearing right now?” Juliet exclaimed, “No! This is a trink[et].”

Joining the jibing at poor Juliet, co-host Brian Kilmeade interjected, “Okay, and there’s the story….It’s amazing, too, to be in your twenties or thirties and feel as if you got to buy a fake ring to keep the pressure off from your own family.” With a raised eyebrow and a suggestive smile, Juliet retorted, “Or, maybe, your forties!” Sheepishly, Brian conceded, “Or, maybe, your forties.”

Ring or no ring, F&F‘s jaunty Juliet is a holiday treat.

Babysitter Bachmann: Gretchen Reminisces

November 23, 2011

“My Cher moment”: Michelle’s subtle sop? Before getting “*itch slappedby Jimmy Fallon and his house band last night, GOP candidate Michele Bachmann received a much warmer welcome from Fox & Friends anchor Gretchen Carlson and her co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy earlier in the morning. In her return to the F&F curvy couch Tuesday before the Republican debate, Bachmann opined on politics, her new book, Core of Conviction: My Story, and–her teen years as Gretchen’s babysitter.

After the interview about politics, Brian asked Bachmann about her memoir, querying, “What are going to learn in this book that we didn’t learn already?” In response, Bachmann recalled her family’s abrupt fall from the middle class into poverty and recounted how she had to get a baby-sitting job to pay for such necessities as her glasses, clothes, and school lunch. Interjecting her own story, Gretchen remarked, “Speaking of babysitting, one of the families you babysat was my family.”

Animatedly, Bachmann replied, “That’s right! One of the best families ever.” As producers aired a black-and-white photo [@ 05:29 of vid] of a radiant young Bachmann, apparently, keeping an overjoyed child afloat in the water, Gretchen rejoined, “Well, thank you very much. But, one of the small-world coincidences right there. And…there’s Michelle with me in the pool when I believe we were at the resort.”

As Gretchen reminisced, Michelle interposed, “I was about fifteen, and, so, maybe, you were, maybe, six.” Gretchen answered, “I was about six, five or six. And what I loved about Michele Bachmann, back then Michelle Amble, was her long hair.” Then pointing to the bottom of her bum, a wide-eyed Gretchen exclaimed, “It went all the way down to right here!”

Beaming broadly, Bachmann cooed, “Oh, yeah….My Cher period!” Nodding her yes, Gretchen pointed at Bachman and joyfully tattled, “And, she let me drink grape soda, too!” Laughing, Bachmann concluded, “Yes…I was a very good babysitter!”

Bachmann’s “my Cher period”: a subtle sop to the unamused mother of Dancing with the Stars celeb Chaz Bono?”

Courtney: “I’m Preggers Again!”

November 22, 2011

And, “I’m not leaving Fox News….I’ll be doing more at the local FOX.” FNC entertainment reporter Courtney Friel gave her Red Eye fans an extra scoop this morning. After announcing on Facebook and on Twitter that she was gravid again, the RE guest revealed in the “Postgame Wrap-up” that she will soon be heading to the West Coast as well.*

In her FB post yesterday, she cheerfully proclaimed, “Accidentally left the oven on and I’m baking another baby!” Subsequently, she elaborated, “19+ weeks pregnant and found out today it’s a GIRL! Due April 13th.”

When she appeared on RE this morning, “TV’s Andy Levy” fill-in, comic Paul Mecurio, asked Courtney about her “exciting news.” After she repeated her FB account in part, Mecurio jested, “Is it Jamie’s?” Smiling at his cheeky jape about some unknown lad, she gamely reassured, “No, it’s my husband’s.”

Playing the journo a mite, Mecurio probed, “And, you’re leaving Fox News, I hear.” Hoping to put that rumor to bed, Courtney responded, “I’m not leaving Fox News: I am transferring out to Los Angeles. Makes more sense to be there for the entertainment industry.” When Greg Gutfeld‘s RE sidekick Bill Schulz interjected, “We’re sad to lose her,” Courtney, perhaps, more candidly commented, “I’ll be doing more at the local FOX.”

Congratulations on the new “bun in the oven,” Courtney and Carter!

[Author’s aside: Courtney following the footsteps of another Red Eye fave, Lauren Sivan?]

*Red Eye – 11/22/11 (@ 3:57 a.m. ET)

Rob & Eryn’s Girl: Madeline Grace Marciano

November 20, 2011

More “Baby girl” details. American Morning meteorologist and proud papa Rob Marciano personally and proudly announced the birth of his new baby Thursday: He Tweeted, “The Bambina has landed.” The very next day, he shared a photo of his dear daughter with his Twitter followers, jesting, “Baby girl prepping to rock her 36 hours of freedom party.”

For Rob’s fans and their AM audience, his joyful colleagues, co-hosts Christine Romans and Carol Costello, proclaimed anew the good news Friday when they segued to the weather report by Rob’s fill-in Reynolds Wolf.* As AM producers displayed a photo of Rob, his beautiful wife Eryn, and their darling girl, Reynolds remarked that the newborn’s name was Madeline Grace Marciano and that she weighed “seven pounds thir[teen], 7.13″ [sic].” As a quite questionable aside, he added, “I know Rob…is [as] tired as Erin.”

Chuckling, Christine’s interjected, “I know. You know…he said, ‘Erin is recovering: Dad is a wreck.'” Chiming in, Carol aptly observed, “Eryn looked great in that picture: she looks beautiful.” Marveling, Christine remarked, “I know. I think that’s after twenty hours of labor, actually.” Concurring, Reynolds interposed, “Looks amazing: Looks just amazing.”


*American Morning – 11/18/11 (@ 6:35 a.m. ET)

[Author’s aside: For a great pic of Eryn lovingly cradling her infant, link here.]

Rob Marciano: A New Daddy

November 17, 2011

“It’s a girl!” Today American Morning co-host Christine Romans cheerfully trumpeted that meteorologist Rob Marciano is now a new dad. Introducing his fill-in this morning, she proudly proclaimed, “Reynolds Wolf is in the Extreme Weather Center because Rob Marciano is in the Extreme New Parenthood of Having a Brand New Baby.”* Subsequently, with a shout out to her daily AM Adonis and his beauty, Christine declared, So, congratulations to Rob and his wife and their new bambi.” Uncertain of the babe’s gender, Christine looked to her co-anchor Carol Costello for aid: Happy to oblige, Carol exclaimed, “It’s a girl!”

To Rob’s fans, Reynolds further explicated, “That right….Everything we’ve heard has all been thumbs up. Rob and his wife Eryn (wedding pic) are doing just fine welcoming the new baby.” Voicing the obvious, he continued, “And, certainly…a life-changing moment for Rob–no question about it.” Piping in, Christine added, “And, we’ll get pictures as soon as we can.”

Congratulations again, Eryn and Rob! Please send those photos in soon. I.e., before you return in a few weeks, Rob.

*American Morning – 11/17/11 (@ 6:17 a.m. ET)

Rob Marciano: “Wife Having a Baby” [Today]

November 16, 2011

American Morning meteorologist Rob Marciano concluded his final weather report yesterday, nonchalantly announcing, “Guys, wife having a baby tomorrow. So, I’ll see you guys…in a couple of weeks.”* In response, childless co-anchor Carol Costello joyfully exclaimed, “Oh! Congratulations!” Chiming in less cheerfully, co-host Christine Romans, mother of three, remarked, “I have one piece of advice: Go take a long nap this afternoon–and, then, you’ll take the next one in five years.”

Nodding his head, Rob concurred, “Yeah, today may be the day. With a smile, the father-to-be sarcastically added, “I hadn’t heard that piece of advice yet, Christine. Thank you very much.” After Rob had segued to the two, Carol commented, “Thanks, Rob! We can’t wait to see the pictures,” and Christine declared, “That’s awesome! That’s very awesome.”

Subsequently, in dire need of Roget or Rodale, apparently, Christine Tweeted, “Congrats @robmarcianoCNN on the impending baby. AWESOME!” In response, an appreciative Rob revealed the sex of his child: he wrote, “Thanks! She‘ll need a Dr. Seuss edition of Smart is the New Rich. :-) [Italics added for emphasis.]

Congratulations to you and your wife, Rob!

American Morning – 11/15/11 (@ 8:17 a.m. ET)

“Jackie” Guilfoyle: This Is So Inappropriate!

November 15, 2011

 Gutfeld: “Kimberly, how many times did [Bill Clinton] ask you out on a date?” The Five co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle was not amused with her co-anchor Greg Gutfeld‘s final interrogatory about her love life during their program Friday. At the start of the show, Greg kidded the former Victoria’s Secret model about her former Camelot hubby, San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom; subsequently, at the middle mark of the program, he teased her about allegedly being hit on by Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ wealthy father; and, then, ten minutes later, he freshly asked, “Kimberly, how may times did he [Bill Clinton] ask you out on a date? Smiling uncomfortably at his latest dig, Kimberly retorted, “This is so inappropriate! What is this?”

Perhaps, Red Eye‘s Greg just being Greg? As Kimberly moderated the “A” Block with a story on Richmond (CA) mayor Gayle McLaughlin‘s skipping a Veterans’ Day event for an “OWS” rally, she jibed, “Greg, you’re from the Bay Area. What do you have to say for yourself?”* Sighing with a smile, Greg replied, “Nice, very good. Didn’t expect that from you.” After ripping the liberal McLaughlin, Greg remarked, “Something about the Bay Area and mayors, Kimberly: I won’t get into it….Where do they get them from–the San Francisco zoo, the cast of Godspell? Grinning, Kimberly guffawed, “This is getting rough!” Sympathetically, co-host Andrea Tantaros interposed, “And, very personal!” Concurring, Kimberly added, “Yes. And, it’s getting weird and awkward!”

Subsequently, at the bottom of the hour, Greg introduced a story on the Canadian/American pipeline delay. After airing a video of Seinfeld actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus impugning President Obama for letting Big Oil continue to run the show, Greg told The Five panel and the audience that her family ran the approximately four-billion-dollar Dreyfus Group that “deals in U.S. and European markets in criminal oil.”**  After replying that the company was actually worth $3.8 billion, Kimberly cooed, “My response is [that] her father is a very, very nice man. Elegant, charming–I will say that. And, obviously, very rich.” Every the wag, Greg riposted, “Yeah, so, obviously, he hit on you!” As the other Five co-hosts laughed, a blushing Kimberly hid her head in her hands: Looking at Greg, she implored, “So, what’s going on with you?” Less than convincingly, an amused Greg answered, “I’m sorry.”

In the following “E” block, the co-anchors discussed an Obama-bashing Karl-Rove-group-sponsored “Two Presidents, Two Visions” ad. When it was Greg’s turn, he joked, “The most important question here when we’re talking about Bill Clinton–Kimberly, how many times did he ask you out on a date?” Reddening anew, Kimberly replied, “This is so inapprop[riate]! What is this? What’s going on at that end of the table?” Laughing, Greg riposted, “Answer! Answer the question.” Shaking her head, Kimberly retorted, “I’m not answering any question like this!” Turning to Kimberly, guest co-host Juan Williams declared, “Now, see, you just legitimized this whole thing. I thought [that] he was joking. Now, you communicate that this is serious.”

Throwing Kimberly a life line, Andrea declared, “Alright, I’ve got to save my girl….I just want to know how many times Bill Clinton asked you out, Greg?” Grateful, Kimberly chimed, “Yeah!” Waggishly, Greg retorted, “I’m not his type!”

So inappropriate? So The Five. And, so FNC!

*The Five – 11/15/11 (@ 5:01 a.m. ET)

**Ibid at @ 5:32 a.m. ET.

***Ibid at @ 5:41 a.m. ET.

Briggs’ Disturbing Double Entendre?

November 11, 2011

Dave: “Is #PennSt now ‘leading from behind?'” Today, Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Dave Briggs seemed to joke jarringly about the incredible Penn State tragedy. He  Tweeted, “Is #PennSt now ‘leading from behind?’ Assistant coach Mike #McQueary placed on administrative leave tonight.” Not funny.

According to the Sandusky Grand Jury Presentment,* a Penn State graduate assistant (namely, McQueary) allegedly witnessed former Penn State defensive coach Gerald Sandusky rectally raping a “naked boy…estimated to be ten years old” in a Penn State football locker room shower in 2002. Prima facie, Dave’s query, “Is #PennSt now ‘leading from behind?,” sounds like a disturbing reference to that horrific event. If it is, Dave, the devoted father of two young children, should apologize sincerely and profusely for his remarkable lapse of judgment.

Hopefully, Dave meant something entirely different (and innocuous) by his remark. If so, he may do well to explain. Posthaste.

* To reference the Sandusky Grand Jury Presentment, click the link “a grand jury’s findings of fact” contained within the Sports Illustrated article.

Ali Remembers Carol–Finally

November 11, 2011

Ali “Oops”? Only three days after American Morning co-host Carol Costello said that she wanted to “retire very soon,” her AM co-anchor Ali Velshi seemed to send out signals that she might have already done so. As he started the first and second hours, he welcomed viewers, saying, “Christine [Romans] is off today. I’m Ali Velshi along with Alina Cho.” However, in the third and final hour, he remembered Carol and announced that she, too, was “off.”

Ali, a Rick Perry “oops” moment avoided–barely: And, you only had to remember two things! Be thankful you don’t have to give account to Christine later. Note well the unrelenting grief that she gave the poor Texas governor yesterday for his lapse of memory.

Saved by AM‘s attentive producer!

Kiran Chetry: Back Very Soon!

November 9, 2011

Three months and counting: From “soon” to “very soon.” Tonight former American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry assured her Twitter followers that she will be returning to TV “very soon.” Fresh back from a trip to Cabo to a friend’s wedding, she announced her imminent return as she freely opined on the CNBC GOP debate and enthusiastically engaged her acolytes.

However, Kiran’s fans may well want to temper their excitement somewhat. On July 30 in her final namaskaar on AM, the Nepalese beauty plaintively proclaimed, “I’m not going to say, ‘goodbye’: I’m gonna say, ‘See you soon.’” Since then, it has been over three months and counting.

Today, she teased that she would be back “very soon!” Hopefully, she will indeed. But, don’t get your hopes up too high–yet.

Kara Gropes Kilmeade

November 9, 2011

Brian’s butt grabbed: Big “Deal or No Deal”? Yesterday, Fox & Friends co-anchor Brian Kilmeade went from “kissing” Susan Lucci in the “Shot of the Morning” to having his rear squeezed by sexy Deal or No Deal model Patricia Kara in a  “Deal with Your Body” workout promo. Not surprisingly, the “brown-haired guy who isn’t Steve Doocy” just could not wipe that silly smile from his face–at least, perhaps, until he got home to his wife Dawn.

In the first hour, producers went to the archives for their “Shot of the Morning,” viz., a clip of Susan Lucci showing Brian Kilmeade how to “make out” on the curvy couch earlier this year. When co-host Gretchen Carlson expressed surprise that he was not embarrassed about it, Brian jested that he did not have a problem with kissing other women–but that his wife did. Perhaps, the segment gave Brian an extra shot of testosterone because he seemed rather primed to play thereafter.

Subsequently, when Gretchen teased an upcoming workout segment with Deal or No Deal models Patricia Kara and Pilar Lastra, Brian walked down the hall between the two beauties toward the set. As he did, they progressed forward doing lunges in tandem: when Patricia appeared to instruct him to squeeze his buttocks in the process, he playfully feigned cupping both with his hands. When she beamed broadly in response, a bawdy Brian turned to her and queried, “Now, you don’t want me to squeeze your butt, right?”

“What!” interjected an off-camera Gretchen. Apparently, not offended in the least, Patricia playfully squeezed Brian’s tush with her right hand, sensually smiled, and shrugged her arms “innocently.” Reddening, Brian continued, “Wait a second. That would be a real problem. That would be unbelievable.” Somewhat embarrassed, Brian threw his hands up, walked back down the hall, and escaped through a nearby doorway. In response, Patricia (and Pilar) looked back at the camera and laughed naughtily.

Vintage F&F: Another clip for the archives.

Fox & Friends – 11/08/11 (@ 7:27 a.m. ET)

Carol Costello: “I Want to Retire Very Soon”

November 8, 2011

The wife of Ken Jautz’s “Odd Couple” out? Last Friday, CNN announced that American Morning was being replaced in 2012 with two new morning shows in its time slot. Furthermore, it revealed that CNN newbies Ashleigh Banfield and Zoraida Sambolin would co-host the 5-7 a.m. ET edition and that former AM co-host Soledad O’Brien would anchor the 7-9 a.m. ET one: Ergo, AM co-hosts Ali Velshi, Christine Romans, and Carol Costello were out as CNN’s early morning co-hosts.

However, CNN issued almost simultaneously a press release detailing Ali Velshi’s future (assuming “new roles across CNN Worldwide” as he started “signature segments on CNN/U.S. and anchor CNN International’s ‘World Business Today'”). As to Christine, she herself Tweeted, “Have no fear. You will still see my business reports and interviews.” Meanwhile, Carol stayed strangely silent.

Today, she seemed to break her silence today after a segment by Ali and Christine on personal finance hyping their new book, How to Speak Money. When the two tossed to her with a tease for their investment story tomorrow on “how to make your money work for you,” a subdued  Carol laughed, “Okay, I’m excited to hear that one–’cause I want to retire very soon.”* In response, Ali merely grinned as Christine chuckled animatedly.

As AM ends, for this Costello, the question may not “who’s on first“–but if she’s on at all.

*American Morning – 11/08/11 (@ 6:47 a.m. ET)

“You Sexy Thing”: Camerota CENSORED

November 6, 2011

Aly’s “sextacy“: Too hot for today’s F&FW? Yesterday, Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Alisyn Camerota reminded her long-time fans why they first fell in love with her. Probably, not unlike the very reason that her hubby Tim Lewis did.

During an F&FW “Best Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Ever?” segment Saturday, producers showed Ashley Richmond and her father David Sparks perform their fabulously fun wedding dance (which has garnered over a million views). During the course of the interview with the Internet sensations, an obviously impressed Aly revealed, “Now, see, I must confess, my husband and I did the same thing ten years ago when we got married. We did a funny first dance and we surprised the whole crowd. And, it was great.”*

And, indeed it was–if the universal response of the readers of Aly’s “In the Green Room” blog wedding dance post (December 5, 2007) were to be believed. However, unfortunately, for the F&FW viewers who want to judge for themselves, Fox News has deleted the actual dance footage. Nevertheless, the rest of the post and the comments remain.

Happily, Aly has provided some clues to her wanton wedding dance in an earlier post that day. She wrote, “‘You Sexy Thing’ by Hot Chocolate…was the song we first dance[d] to at our wedding.” She quipped, “As I write, my wedding video is in the edit room and we’re trying to find some creative way to protect Tim’s reputation (clearly we gave up on mine long ago).”

Unfortunately, apparently, Fox News has now retrogressively redacted the “offensive” clip. In doing so, it seems to have transgressed from editing to bowdlerizing the content of Fox & Friends Weekends. For viewers of the show since its inception, this self-censorship is especially abhorrent.

A disgraceful surrender to Orwellian political correctness? Or, merely an unfortunate anomaly? For some perspective, F&FW fans may well want to remember Jenny McCarthy’s classic opening that regularly made even Juliet Huddy blush.

F&FW fans who want to see Aly and Tim’s “You Sexy Thing” wedding video available, as Neil Cavuto might say, “DEMAND IT!”

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 11/06/11 (@ 9:25 a.m. ET)

CNN’s New “A.M.”: Soledad O’Brien Back

November 3, 2011

Out with the old & in with the new? For the most part. CNN announced that it is replacing its flagging American Morning with two new two-hour show in a “new format of news and conversation in the morning” in 2012. Fresh CNN faces, Emmy-winning former TruTV anchor Ashleigh Banfield and current NBC5 News Today (Chicago) Weekday Edition co-host and Telemundo Chicago correspondent Zoraida Sambolin, will co-host the 5-7 a.m. ET edition: CNN veteran, award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien returns to her former American Morning time slot in the subsequent 7-9 a.m. ET hours.

Perhaps, with a soupcon of a positive spin, Executive VP and Managing Editor of CNN Mark Whitaker proclaimed, “This is an exciting time to be relaunching our morning show, with the morning television audience more up for grabs than it has been in years.” As to the nature of the new programs, boss Executive VP of CN Ken Jautz opaquely declared, “We are planning to offer something original in the four-hour morning block to complement our direction in primetime.” More pellucidly, the CNN release explained that Banfield and Sambolin’s program would cover a “broad spectrum of the day’s news” and that O’Brien’s show would be a “new conversational ensemble program that explores top issues of the day opening the conversation to people of all walks of life.”

Not surprisingly, the three new hosts were quite effusive in their enthusiasm for their respective shows. Banfield said, “I’ve dreamed of joining CNN for more than 20 years. It’s the gold standard of news–the brand, the people, and the product.” Her co-host Sambolin added, “I am completely thrilled to be coming to CNN. Ashleigh is an accomplished journalist with an incredible wit and dynamic personality.” As to O’Brien herself, she declared, “I couldn’t be more eager to return to daily news, to bring conversation and context to CNN viewers in the morning. I welcome the opportunity to give voice to people who aren’t often heard and stories that are sometimes overlooked.”

Understandably, CNN did not discuss the future of American Morning “temporary” co-hosts, Ali Velshi, Christine Romans, and Carol Costello in its press release, supra. However, in a separate release issued today, CNN said that temporary AM co-host Ali Velshi  would be taking “new roles across CNN Worldwide” as he “launch[ed] signature segments on CNN/U.S. and anchor CNN International’s ‘World Business Today.'” However, CNN did not mention Christine Romans or Carol Costello in either. Nevertheless, when Romans was asked about her future, she Tweeted, “@HRHughesIII have no fear. You will still see my business reports and interviews. As to Costello, her plans may be less certain: her CNN bio simply lists her as “a contributor to American Morning.”