Lady Gretchen’s Bull Ride

Peeping privileges? Before her mechanical bull ride Friday, Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson teased her male admirers with the prospect that they might get a chance to be her Peeping Toms. Previewing the segment celebrating the Professional Bull Riders season opener at Madison Square Garden, Lady Gretchen laughed that viewers were concerned about her wearing a skirt during the upcoming bull ride and she cheekily suggested that she just might chance it.

However, Gretchen was no Lady Godiva. When Gretchen finally climbed atop the mechanical bull on the sidewalk outside the F&F studio, she wore a bulky blue coat and long black pants.* Nevertheless, even though Gretchen decided not to show any skin, she did show some game as she bravely took the bull for a wild ride under pro bull riding champ Pistol Robinson‘s direction. As Brian provided color commentary, Gretchen beamed broadly as she animatedly aped rodeo bull riders’ one-handed hold on the raging “beast” beneath her. However, when the mechanical bull’s operator increased the speed of the bull, Gretchen ride was cut short as she lost control and tumbled to the padded ground.

Slightly injured, Gretchen gingerly got back up, laughing, “And, they said that wouldn’t happen to me, Brian.”* As she gently cradled her left hand with her right one, Brian asked, “Give us an idea of how bad this is for your life and career.” Chuckling, Gretchen jested, “It’s a lot of bull!”**

No bull: F&F‘s “heifer” deserves a lot of props for putting herself out there for her viewers. Unlike her still cloistered CNN rival Kiran Chetry, FNC Gretchen need not submit to an Upper West Side haughtiness dictating a separation from the “unwashed masses.” Rather, she can freely revel with the “benighted” hoi polloi. Bravo, Gretchen!

[Author’s aside: CNN chief Ken Jautz may well want to take note as he tries to revive his flat-lined cable news morning show, American Morning.]

*Fox & Friends – 01/07/11 (@ 6:52 a.m. ET)

**When Gretchen returned to the set, she revealed to her audience that she had cut her hand (in the unintentional dismount) and that it was “bleeding pretty good.”‘ [@ 7:00 a.m. ET]

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