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Clayton: Celebrate W/ Sara

January 31, 2010

Yes, Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Clayton Morris is indeed singing from his possibly former spouse Sara Batterson Morris’ hymn book. Yesterday the author noted in Carpe Diem’s “Clayton & Sara: ‘Me’ or ‘We’?” that Clayton (on his F&FW show) and Sara (on her Brite Girl blog) were both surprisingly discussing the same topic, i.e., the use of “Me” vis-a-vis “We” by a partner and its implication for the couple. Further, the author mentioned that whether or not Clayton and Sara were still married, that the two were still in tandem, at least, for that day.

Today, Clayton appeared to confirm that he and Sara were indeed in sync Saturday. This afternoon, Clayton Tweeted a link to Sara’s article yesterday in the Orlando Beauty Examiner. The column was identical to her Brite Girl post yesterday which encouraged the celebration of Madly in Love with Me Day (Valentine’s Eve), a day of awareness of the need of each woman and girl “to recommit to a life-long self-love promise to know and honor what her heart and soul desire, never settling for less,” including non self-realizing relationships. (The idea was conceived by Christine Arylo, author of Choosing Me Before We.)

N.B. Clayton did not convey his marital status.

Dave: F&FW’s Father Figure?

January 31, 2010

Parental props to Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Dave Briggs. The father of two showed that he has a sensitive nature as to little ones. In an interview of the doctor and parents of a four-year-old Max Irvine (in a segment entitled “Miracle Meal: High Fat, Low Carb Diet Eliminating Seizures), Dave noticed that the small boy, seated on his father’s knee, was getting frustrated and upset because his dad was trying to hold him very still.

As the little lad began to whimper, Dave tenderly stated, “Max is trying to get at Daddy. Max, are you okay this morning?” He continued, “He acts like most four-year-olds: I have one at home. He’s just a little bit upset. This probably isn’t the perfect circumstances for a four-year-old.”

After that much needed moment, Max (and his dad) seemed to relax more throughout the rest of the interview. As the segment ended, Dave kindly commented, “Hey, Max! You can go play now: You don’t have to hang out anymore. Go get him a treat or something.”

A tender dad: good job, Dave!

Clayton & Sara: “Me” or “We”?

January 30, 2010

Fox & Friends co-anchor Clayton Morris and Brite Girl founder Sara Batterson Morris seemed to be singing from the same hymn book this morning again. Clayton on his show and Sara in her blog, discussed the very same subject today, i.e., married persons using the “we” or “me” as personal pronouns and the implications thereof. Coincidence?

Reader, after watching Fox & Friends and considering whether to write about co-host Alisyn Camerota’s horrid housecoat habit, the author noticed Carpe Diem visitors interest in co-anchor Clayton Morris’ marital status. Remembering that FNC contributor Karl Rove had kidded Clayton about his inordinate interest in pursuing guest Amber Lee Ettinger (the Obama girl) and that a ring-less Clayton had jested about his employing the singular during a segment on happier couples using the plural “we,” the author decided to examine the matter further. When he did, he then discovered that Clayton and Sara were opining on identical topics today.

For those Carpe Diem readers who may have forgotten who Sara is, Clayton introduced F&FW fans to his wife with a pic of the shark-snaring bikini beauty on New Smyrna Beach, FL, on August 10, 2008. Later, in March of 2009, he showed off his Orlando lovely again on a Gary Vaynerchuk wine-tasting vid. Apparently, Clayton married Sara Batterson on May 20, 2006, at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Orlando, FL.

As to Clayton’s questionable connunbial state, Clayton has seemingly eschewed wearing his wedding band since October of 2009. From the author’s perspective, Clayton’s marital status is generally irrelevant unless he himself alludes to it. Since he did today and readers seemed quite intrigued, the author looked at Sara’s Facebook and Brite Girl sites for a few clues. In her personal info, Sara states, “Right now, I am taking a new path in my life. It is crazy when you think you are on one path and then life, or someone in your life, throws you a curveball…” Obviously, Sara’s statement indicated a major life change.

Seeking an even clearer indication, the author checked out Sara’s Brite Girl blog. To my utter surprise, today’s post (dated “Saturday, January 30, 2010 At 9:48AM’) was entitled “Madly in Love with Me Day.” It’s topic? The creation of a woman’s movement of self-love by Christine Arylo, the author of Choosing Me Before We, and her celebration of the day before Valentine’s as a time to recognize the need for each woman and girl to “know and honor what her heart and soul desire, never settling for less,” including relationships.

Is it “Me” or “we” for Clayton and Sara? Regardless, the two seemed to be in tandem today. Intentionally or not.

Huddy Back: “Holding a Cigarette”

January 30, 2010

“Bad girl” FNC anchor Juliet Huddy is finally back on Fox News. After an unexplained absence, the leggy towhead told her Twitter followers that she will return this evening. In a slightly suggestive Tweet, she said, “Fox News 6pm – Rick Folbaum and me…Can just holding a cigarette get u sick?”

If Juliet is saucily puffing it, do you really care? Tune in, and see if she is REALLY back.”

Live Desk Canned: Gallagher?

January 29, 2010

Gone: without a Trace? Not quite. As the end of the program today, co-anchor Trace Gallagher announced, “As you may have heard, this is the last day of the Live Desk….Megyn Kelly’s new show, America Live, will be starting on Monday.” Without his co-host Martha MacCallum (who was already with her new partner, Bill Hemmer, on America’s Newsroom), Trace seemed somewhat lost. Sounding more than a mite melancholy, he added, “And, of course, you can’t get rid of me. I’ll be along for big stories and breaking news. It has been a great time.”

When the author heard Trace’s farewell, he thought of another anchor who appeared to exit his show under similar circumstances, i.e., Alan Colmes. When Alan left the popular Hannity & Colmes apparently to allow Sean Hannity to have his eponymous show Hannity in the same time slot, Alan was bound for unnamed future projects: thereafter, Alan has made guest appearances on various FNC shows and has had a recurring role on the O’Reilly Factor as a debate opponent of his conservative sister-in-law Monica Crowley. If Trace is fortunate, maybe, he will find a similar position, and, possibly, even be paired regularly in some capacity with his recently frequent Live Desk guest co-host, Juliet Huddy.

Regardless, good luck, Trace!

“America Live”: “NON-Sexy” Megyn?

January 27, 2010

America Live with Megyn Kelly: Fox News revealed the name and nature of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s new show in promos aired yesterday on the cable news network.* Previewing Kelly’s new role on the program that begins next Monday (February 1), FNC somberly heralded Kelly as “smart, tough, trusted” (as it boldly emblazoned the words individually on the screen for emphasis). As a video montage of a serious, somewhat stern Kelly ensued, Fox News declared, “[D]igging deep, debating key issues, discussing the topics impacting you.” In other words, mind you, viewer, not sexy but serious.

Apparently, FNC did not intend to make the same mistake as CNN did when it introduced its new show for its beautiful blonde, Paula Zahn, eight years ago. I.e., FNC did not want its own version of the infamous “zipper” promo. In that instance, when CNN controversially previewed its then new show, American Morning, with Zahn, a male voice-over announced her as “provocative, super-smart, oh yeah, and just a little sexy: then, as the word “sexy” flashed on the screen, the seeming sound of an unseen zipper opening could be heard. (CNN pulled the ad posthaste after the ensuing media uproar.)

However, FNC may well want to remember, as it certainly knows, that indeed “sex sells.” The former co-host of America’s Newsroom and legal eagle of the O’Reilly Factor is not only known for her serious smarts and mental acuity but also for her sexy stems and short skirts. Trying to make Fox News viewers forget the latter may make them somewhat less inclined to watch her.

* Vid link: via Johnny Dollar’s Place (J$P).

O’Reilly: New Krauthammer Segment?

January 27, 2010

Last night Fox News host, Bill O’Reilly, announced a probable new O’Reilly Factor segment with Charles Krauthammer, a Pulitzer-winning conservative syndicated columnist and regular panelist on FNC’s Special Report. As he introduced Krauthammer in a segment entitled, “Inside Story,” O’Reilly stated, “Tell us what’s really going on inside the Obama administration right now….The concept of this, and we’re hoping to make it a regular segment with you, is that you find something that the folks may not know.” Given the chance, there is little doubt that “America’s most influential commentator” (according to the Financial Times in 2006) will indeed do so if given the chance.

O’Reilly Factor (01/26/10) – @8:48 p.m. ET

Dave: “We All Have a Past”

January 23, 2010

So Tweeted Fox & Friends co-host Dave Briggs yesterday. After Dave praised Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown’s wife [Gail Huff] as a “wonderful woman and talented news gal” who was “once in a rock video,” he linked to her sexy music vid, declaring, “We all have a past.” With that cryptic comment, Dave, the spouse of Brandi Moreland, an attorney and, apparently, 2002 Colorado State Representative candidate, seemed to possibly herald his beloved’s reemergence into the political sphere yesterday.

Dave, doubtlessly, Mass (or Connecticut) voters could not care less if you were cavorting in a skimpy bathing suit on camera a la Senator Brown’s wife. No offense, but, some of them will probably not care to link to that particular site.

However, if Brandi has a link similar to Senator Brown’s Cosmo spread, she, too, may well win over the affections of her voters.

Specter’s Sexism: Wallace Amused

January 22, 2010

First,’s Joan Walsh: now, Tea Party’s Michele Bachmann. Are women being the butts of politician’s sexist remarks still “funny” to Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace? Seemingly, so. In his promo for his show on Fox & Friends, Chris immediately sided with Democratic Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter who condescendingly told Republican Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann to “don’t interrupt me” and to “act like a lady” (Wedneday on Dom Giordano’s Radio Show).

Apparently, Wallace was so amused that he began his segment, jesting, “I want to make this clear right from the start: Brian, I’m going to treat you like a lady, and I expect you to act like one.”* F&F co-anchor Brian Kilmeade replied, “I just hope you treat me a little bit better than Arlen Specter treated Congressman Michele Bachman….Was that the angriest you have heard him?” Wallace answered, “No….You know, he’s cantankerous and that’s just part of his personality. But, again, I’m treating you like a lady: act like a lady, Brian.”

Meanwhile, grimacing agitatedly and clearly unamused, co-host Gretchen Carlson exclaimed, “Hey, but, come on, Chris! Yeah, but there’s a difference between being cantankerous and being sexist.” She continued, “Do you think that he would do that same exact behavior to you: he would use a derogatory term like “act like a gentleman,” Chris. Dismissively, Chris smirked, “He’s never said to me, ‘Act like a lady,’ but he’s stuck it to me a couple of times. Yeah.” As the boys on the curvy couch chuckled, Gretchen insisted, “You know what I’m getting at.”

Then, for the audience’s benefit, Gretchen had the producers air the actual audio of Specter lecturing Bachmann on a proper lady’s role. When the recording had run, Brian asked, “That’s going to come back to haunt him. Don’t you think, Chris?” Chris responded, “I got to say, I find it kinda funny.”

For some, it might seem “kinda funny” since it came at conservative Bachmann’s expense. However, they may well remember that Wallace found “pretty funny” a similar remark about liberal Joan Walsh,’s  editor in chief, by Dick Armey less than a year ago (January 28, 2009) on Mike Gallagher’s radio show. In that instance, when Gallagher asked Wallace about feminists being very angry that Armey had said, “I’m glad you [Joan Walsh] couldn’t be my wife,” Wallace replied, “It’s pretty funny actually.” (For the full import, Armey’s full quote was “I’m so damn glad that you can never be my wife because I surely wouldn’t have to listen to that prattle from you every day.”)

Sexism still funny in 2010? Yow!

*Fox & Friends (01/22/10) – @8:34 a.m. ET

“In for Megyn”: Not!

January 21, 2010

“I’m Martha MacCallum: Good morning, everybody!” After Mediaite‘s report that Megyn Kelly was leaving America’s Newsroom (and had secured her own show during the Live Desk slot), Martha appeared ready to let the AN audience know that a new alpha vixen was now in control. Seemingly, freed from her beta role, she was no longer “in for Megyn” and dressing like a bridesmaid, she was simply “Martha MacCallum” and dressed to impress in her ironically “Kelly green” arm-baring short dress and ebony spikish high heels.

Hello, Martha! See you later, Megyn. Literally.

AM: Judgmental John?

January 21, 2010

After a salacious American Morning segment about newly elected Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown and his daughters, co-host John “I Got a Closet, Too” Roberts just had to moralize this morning. When the Jeanne Moos story entitled “Dad Said What?!” (featuring Brown posing nude in Cosmo in 1982 as it’s “Sexiest American Man; his American Idol contestant daughter Alya singing and dancing saucily on stage at the victory party–not to mention, gasp!–pulling confetti from her cleavage; and Brown playfully announcing that his single daughters were “available”) had run, John sarcastically stated, “Thanks, Dad!”  Co-anchor Kiran laughingly replied, “It wasn’t that bad: He was just teasing! I thought they were real, really cute.”

Looking straight ahead, John deadpanned, “Mm-kay.” When he then turned to Kiran, she asked incredulously, You thought it was bad?” As he hesitantly began to open his mouth, Kiran queried, “Did you?” Seemingly cloaked in sheep’s clothing, he lupinely grinned, “Oh, yeah!” In response, Kiran simply smiled and shook her head in disbelief.”

John, the liberal lion of the Senate would be disappointed, too. After all, when it comes to filling his shoes as to such mores, Brown appears to be yet a mere lightweight. Seemingly, he still has much to learn.

Megyn Kelly: Afternoon Delight

January 20, 2010

In less than two weeks, America’s Newsroom co-host Megyn Kelly is getting her very own FNC two-hour program according to Mediaite. On February 1st, Megyn’s still unnamed show is slated to replace Fox News’ Live Desk which is co-hosted by Martha MacCallum and Trace Gallagher. In turn, Martha will take Megyn’s position on AN.

The move by FNC Senior Programming Veep Bill Shine came as little surprise. More a month ago, when Martha began regularly filling in for Megyn on AN and recently re-signed Juliet Huddy began ably subbing for Martha on LD, the author opined that Shine might be preparing to give Megyn Kelly her own show upon her return from maternity leave. (Apparently, he indeed was.) However, the author assumed that Megyn might replace Greta van Susteren on On the Record if she did not re-up with Fox News (as suggested by the New York Times) or, maybe, Shepard Smith on one of his two daily p.m. shows to provide better representation for women in the p.m.

Instead, Megyn got the Live Desk slot. Why? Perhaps, Shine has determined that Greta is still in the FNC fold for the foreseeable future and that Shep can keep his two programs for the time being. And, perchance, with Martha’s move to AN being such a success and Juliet Huddy’s sudden disappearance from LD and the Fox universe, Shine was presented with an unexpected void at LD and a golden opportunity to fill it with Megyn’s own two hour show.

Regardless, the lovely legal eagle deserves her own show. Not only is Megyn smart, sharp, and sexy, but also she has shown that she can best even FNC’s ratings king Bill O’Reilly on his own show in a battle of wits, reason, and panache. Congrats, Megyn!

WOMAN: “Whoa”man or “Woah”man?

January 19, 2010

True feminists: Pants or no pants? For AM’s Christine Romans vs. F&F’s Gretchen Carlson, that is the question. This morning, American Morning biz babe Chistine Romans and Fox & Friends comely co-host Gretchen Carlson seem to disagree on true feminism. I.e., whether the true path to gender equality is to mimic a man or to embrace one’s feminine power.

On AM today, Christine gleefully trumpeted AM New York‘s “Now She Wears the Pants” article on the “rise of wives” as to the increasing percentage of women who earn more than their husbands and who are better educated. (Christine’s implicit position seemed to be that the sexist trope “wearing the pants” was worthy of aspiration since it exemplified one’s greater worth within the familial unit and culture as a whole.) However, on F&F this morning, Gretchen (after the show began to the American Idol rap of “Pants on the Ground, Pants on the Ground), riantly remarked, “Who’d have thunk that that would be our motto since I never wear pants. At least, at work!” (Gretchen’s implied message seemed to echo her colleague Ainsley Earhardt who famously declared, “See, here at Fox, we like to be feminine so we don’t wear the pants.”)

As insignificant as it may seem, the newswomen’s different assertions actually mirror the current debate between the old school feminists and their postmodern counterparts. In other words, whether to mimic the “old boys” for success in the workplace or to embrace their own sexuality to achieve their own empowerment. In this arena, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama appear to have chosen different paths.

Obama: “Look Under the Hood”

January 17, 2010

Did President Barack Obama obliquely compare MA Republican Senatorial candidate Scott Brown to a Klan member today in Boston as he tried to fire up floundering Democrat Martha Coakley’s base? After lauding Coakley as being independent, he stated, “I hear that her opponent is calling himself an independent. Well, you got to look under the hood.” After a slight pause, the crowd laughed heartily and some audience members behind him looked at each other and appeared to exchange knowing looks.*

To be fair to the President, thereafter, he continued, “[B]ecause what you learn makes you wonder. As a legislator, he voted with the Republicans 96% of the time, 96% of the time. It’s hard to suggest that he’s gonna be significantly independent from the Republican agenda.” It is quite possible that the President was using the trope “under the hood” a la Ross Perot as to checking out someone or something as one would an auto.

N.B. The President’s health care plan, other items of his ambitious agenda, and even his future legacy may all be at stake in this special election in one of the bluest states of all. In fact, Brown has promised to be the 41st Senate vote to sustain a filibuster to block the Obama’s signature legislation. Liberal MA U.S. Rep. Barney Frank (D) acknowledged, “If Scott Brown wins, it’ll kill the health bill.”

Just eight days after absolving House Majority Leader Harry Reid (NV-D) of extolling Obama’s chances of electoral success because he was a “‘light-skinned’ African American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one,'” let us hope that the President himself is not succumbing to such an abhorrent racial calculus.

FNC: Live broadcast of speech (01/17/10) – @4:15 p.m. ET

Aly: Hostess with the “Leastest”?

January 17, 2010

Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Alisyn Camerota gave her GreenRoom blog readers the royal brush off this weekend. Yesterday, Aly vapidly posted, “My co-hosts Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs are both brilliant and gorgeous. I have the best seat on the planet”: not surprisingly, all of the responses ignored her penned tripe and discussed Haiti, NFL football playoffs, and other timely topics. Today, Aly did not even bother to post at all: Noting the obvious, Greenroom reader Frank C. laughed, “Who HIJACKED the header from Saturday? That is hilarious.”

And, as usual, Aly did not Tweet either. The hostess with the mostest? This weekend, she played the hostess with the leastest.

Update: Apparently, Aly has added some post-program responses to blog comments. Maybe, now no longer the “leastest.”

Aly’s “Mustache”: Rick’s Karma

January 16, 2010

Rick’s cold: his karma? Today, in Fox & Friends Weekend’s first block, co-anchor Clayton Morris claimed that meteorologist Rick Reichmuth’s cold was his karma for “picking on” co-host Alisyn Camerota “last weekend.” However, he failed to elaborate. If the reader missed F&FW last Sunday, Rick ribbed Aly for having a hirsute upper lip.

During a segment on women paying more for the very same products as men do, co-anchors Clayton, Aly, and colleague Dave Briggs compared the more expensive women’s shaving cream Pure Silk to men’s Barbasol. Somewhat convinced, Aly jauntily jested, “Hand me the Barbasol. I’m gonna buy like a man and shave like a man.”

When they segued to Rick for his weather segment, he ribbed, “Aly, at least, you can get rid of that mustache!” Immediately, Dave raised his eyebrows in disbelief and gleefully clapped. Smiling, Aly retorted, “Hey! Hey! Hey!” Meanwhile, Clayton dropped his jaw, quickly rose from the curvy couch, and exclaimed, “See ya!” As he did, smiling, Dave stood, raised his hands (as if they were clean of any guilt), and then sat down again with Aly.

Thereafter, when Rick gave his report, he interviewed his sister Sheryl Neesen by phone about the Nebraska cold. Before Sheryl hung up, Aly interjected, “Hey, Sheryl! It’s Alisyn here….Can you believe what your brother just said to me on national television? Does he often insult you like that, Cheryl, or does he just reserve it for me?” When Sheryl explained that her whole family insulted one another, Alsy asked, “Is it a gesture of love ’cause I will accept his apology that he hasn’t issued yet.” After Sheryl said that it indeed did, Rick riantly riposted, “Or, I’m sick of looking at that ‘stache’!

In the final segment of the show, Rick did not relent. As he, Dave, Clayton, and Aly, all sat on the curvy couch, they returned to the topic of products for women’s products costing more than men’s identical ones. In their discussion, Dave asked Aly if she would buy the men’s shaving cream in the future, Aly answered, “Yes….I made that point when Rick made the horribly offensive comment.”

Subsequently, Aly playfully leaned forward for Rick’s inspection of her upper lip: after carefully scrutinizing it, Rick looked at the camera and exclaimed, “I think she took a little break and went back back to the bathroom is all I’m saying!” Smiling, Aly responded, “I accept your apology on behalf of all Italians.” Rick pleaded, “Make it stop!”

Sorry, Rick. “Karma”!

Wherefore Art Thou, Juliet?

January 15, 2010

Where in the world is Juliet Huddy? Of late, the sexy siren is nowhere to be found on the Fox News network. In fact, so much so that Juliet junkies are exhibiting tell-tale DT’s.

Shortly before the blond beauty re-signed with FNC and immediately subsequent thereto, Juliet was almost everywhere. In the morning and early afternoon, she subbed for Gretchen Carlson on Fox & Friends, Megyn Kelly on America’s Newsroom, and Martha MacCallum on Live Desk. In the evening, she contributed on the “Dumbest Things” segment on the O’Reilly Factor with Greg Gutfeld. And, in the dark of night, she haunted Red Eye as a panelist in the vaunted “leg chair.”

Where is FNC’s foxy femme fatale? Who knows? Perhaps, Juliet will Tweet her undisclosed location to her Twitter followers.

According to Putin, that cold day in Hades may be approaching sooner than one may think.

Kiran: Bruised Beauty?

January 12, 2010

Manhandled? American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry may have had some “splaining” to do when she got home yesterday after the show. That is, if hubby Chris Knowles saw a blue and purple mark on his beloved’s right arm.

Mid-AM Monday, perhaps, in a rush to interview New York Times Pultizer winner columnist Nicholas Kristof for the following healthcare segment, Kiran seemed to lose her camera cognition. As she ended a story with Alina Cho and co-anchor John Roberts, Kiran prematurely started to leave as John began to read the headlines. Then, as the news video subsequently ran on the wall, an oblivious Kiran began to walk in front of the screen unawares.

Out of nowhere, an apparent crew member, dressed in black, grabbed a startled Kiran by her right upper arm. Then, the chunky, calvous chap began to roughly march her out of the shot. As he did, Kiran winced in pain, grabbed her arm, and quietly exclaimed, “Ow!”

Jamie, you better be careful. AM’s Aphrodite may not like her beauty bruised.

American Morning (01/11/09) – @7:29 a.m. ET

Sharpton: Reid Forgiven, Clinton Next

January 11, 2010

On Fox & Friends today, Reverend Al Sharpton gave Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid a much needed boost and put former President Bill Clinton on notice. First, he defended Reid’s 2008 anachronistic-at-best description of then Senator Barack Obama  as a “‘light-skinned’ African American ‘with no Negro dialect'” as “clearly a misstatement.” [This detail is contained in Game Change authored by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann.] Second, Sharpton contrasted it with those of former GOP Majority Leader Trent Lott and former President Bill Clinton. Further, unexpectedly, he indicated that he would be calling President Clinton to account (which would probably take the spotlight off of Reid).

In his interview with F&F co-anchor Steve Doocy, Sharpton contended that Reid’s statement paled in comparison to that of Lott. He stated, “To say that what he [Reid] said is near anywhere comparable…to what Trent Lott said is insulting to the American people. Trent Lott commended a Dixiecrat [1948 prez nominee Senator Strom Thurmond] for running for office, who left the Democratic Party to run to fight integration. How do you compare Trent Lott (saying that I wish this guy Thurmond we’d had those days where blacks would have been at the back of the bus, because that’s what the guy was running on) to a guy [Reid] saying why a guy could be elected President?”

Subsequently, Steve asked Sharpton about a former President Bill Clinton’s controversial quote contained in Game Change. (Clinton allegedly tried to solicit an endorsement for his wife Hillary Clinton during the 2008 Democratic prez primaries from Senator Ted Kennedy: in doing so, Clinton allegedly commented, “A few years ago, this guy [Obama] would have been getting us coffee.”) Sharpton responded, “That is far more disturbing to me than even the comments that were made by Mister Reid….If someone said that he would have been getting us coffee like that in the context they said he said it, that would be very offensive to me. And, I would definitely take Mr. Clinton on as I did in South Carolina [when] he made some statements that I felt was wrong.”

As a follow-up, Steve queried, “I remember. It was in the news. You gonna call him up?” Sharpton replied, “He hasn’t call me so I guess that I will have to make the call.

Lis Wiehl: Body in Evidence

January 10, 2010

Pole dancing liability? Lis Wiehl, Fox News legal analyst and author of the Face of Betrayal, brought the body and spirit of seduction to her segment on the Fox & Friends Weekend show this morning. Clad in her sharp black stilettos and super short sloe-hued dress, the former prosecutor WAS taking prisoners, including the co-anchor Dave Briggs and her F&W audience.

When Dave introduced the case of an injured pole dance exercise student against her NY gym to Lis and criminal defense attorney, Mercedes Colwin to  debate, Lis saucily coquetted, “Are you [Dave] going to do some pole dancing for us?” Seemingly smitten with the leggy legal eagle, Dave responded, “I will do that in the commercial break.” To his viewers, he said, “That is not for your eyes.”

When Lis alluringly cocked her crossed left leg high, Dave asked, “So she [the student] is upside down on this pole when she injured her shoulders, does she have a legal leg to stand on?” Lis asserted that she indeed did. Then, she explained that one taking a pole dancing class is doing it for the “cute guy” spotter (who did not do his job and, thus, the gym was liable). Interjecting, Mercedes jested, “Sounds like she’s got a lot of experience in this, Dave. An abashed Lis laughed, “I’m not saying.” Dave flirted, “Again, at the commercial break!” Lis smiled, “Exactly.”

After Mercedes had countered that the student had probably signed a waiver and assumed the risk (by wrapping her “legs around a slippery pole” and that she was assuredly “going to go down” if the spotter was not there), a grinning Dave concluded, “So much innuendo! I’m staying away from it all.” A lusty Lis did not. She temptingly teased, “Stay through the commercials [for] the pole dances.”

Whether a body of evidence or a body in evidence, Lis excels at them both.