Live Desk Canned: Gallagher?

Gone: without a Trace? Not quite. As the end of the program today, co-anchor Trace Gallagher announced, “As you may have heard, this is the last day of the Live Desk….Megyn Kelly’s new show, America Live, will be starting on Monday.” Without his co-host Martha MacCallum (who was already with her new partner, Bill Hemmer, on America’s Newsroom), Trace seemed somewhat lost. Sounding more than a mite melancholy, he added, “And, of course, you can’t get rid of me. I’ll be along for big stories and breaking news. It has been a great time.”

When the author heard Trace’s farewell, he thought of another anchor who appeared to exit his show under similar circumstances, i.e., Alan Colmes. When Alan left the popular Hannity & Colmes apparently to allow Sean Hannity to have his eponymous show Hannity in the same time slot, Alan was bound for unnamed future projects: thereafter, Alan has made guest appearances on various FNC shows and has had a recurring role on the O’Reilly Factor as a debate opponent of his conservative sister-in-law Monica Crowley. If Trace is fortunate, maybe, he will find a similar position, and, possibly, even be paired regularly in some capacity with his recently frequent Live Desk guest co-host, Juliet Huddy.

Regardless, good luck, Trace!

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10 Responses to “Live Desk Canned: Gallagher?”

  1. luvfoxnewstv Says:

    I think Trace and Juliet would be great together. Thanks for mentioning Juiiet. Hope she appears on fox soon.

  2. bruce nahin Says:

    ditto on that- Wish I knew the inside on Juliet- Trace was clearly demoted- from anchor to reporter

  3. Magic1 Says:

    Wow! It really is a dog eat dog world out there. I thought Trace did a great job and had chemistry with everybody he worked with. Not sure I will like Megyn solo but we’ll see. Good luck Trace.

  4. Wayne Davis Says:

    I was a big fan of Fox News. What’s next? The Live Desk with Trace and Martha was the best news program that covered the news using the entire staff at Fox. Trace and Martha were a team that provided humor, serious Fox Alerts, outstanding guest interviews and much more. An excellent fair and balanced team. Please bring back the Live desk and move Megyn Kelly. Maybe move Ms kelly into Greta’s time slot. If Martha is unable to return, I suggest Juliet Huddy, Jamie Colby, Patty Ann Browne or Harris Faulkner. they would make excellent co-hosts. I hope Fox makes the right decision

  5. B. Campbell Says:

    Trace kept me watching Fox for the entire show, he made everything sound exciting…. I miss seeing him on the show. I hope to see him on FOX again soon, he was/ IS a GREAT co-anchor.

  6. Ingrid Smith Says:

    A big mistake was made. Who ever did demote Trace Gallagher, swallow your pride and bring him back. The viewers will forgive you. You don’t fix it if it is not broke

  7. Connie Serra Says:

    What is wrong with the Program Director at Fox News? My husband and I watched Trace and Martha faithfully and you break them up and put Meghn Kelly on instead–we cannot believe it. She is not enjoyable to watch and we no longer watch anyone on Fox News (except Shepard Smith)–not even Bill O’Reilly because we are sick of the guests he has on night after night (Karl Rowe) for one–We have been watching ABC and will continue to until Trace is back on Fox News with a regular news hour–what makes Fox News think that Kelly is more enjoyable to watch then Trace Gallagher?

  8. delryan Says:

    I don’t have a clue as to who made such a mistake. To replace Gallagher with Kelly – no way. Anyway, he announced recently that he was moving to LA to “extend the reach of Fox News” whatever that means. If anyone knows more it would be interesting.

  9. Weeber Says:

    I have to admit that at first I didn’t like the mood of the Live Desk (I don’t know why) but then I started to appreciate the way it brought the news in a kind of “on the spot” way. Trace Gallagher was clearly the life of the show and a great anchor, he made everything sound exciting and interesting. He is very talented at what he does there is another guy on FN that is very talented also, he filled in for Trace a couple of times on the LD and other shows, he was very good, I don’t know his name though.

    I have always liked Kelly’s Court segments but she won’t be able to replace the LD. I also don’t like her as much now…

  10. spikeandrox Says:

    Please, please, Fox admin, replace Megyn Kelly w/ Trace Gallagher or, at the very least, make him her co-anchor. She was okay as long as she worked w/ another anchor, but her being alone is excruciating to watch.

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