Huddy Back: “Holding a Cigarette”

“Bad girl” FNC anchor Juliet Huddy is finally back on Fox News. After an unexplained absence, the leggy towhead told her Twitter followers that she will return this evening. In a slightly suggestive Tweet, she said, “Fox News 6pm – Rick Folbaum and me…Can just holding a cigarette get u sick?”

If Juliet is saucily puffing it, do you really care? Tune in, and see if she is REALLY back.”

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4 Responses to “Huddy Back: “Holding a Cigarette””

  1. Blake Says:

    It’s good seeing Juliet back on the air. I’ve missed her.

    I am surprised that Carpe hasn’t commented on Go Go’s tweet today.

    Another year older today. Some accomplishments, some disappointments. I have to be grateful tho. It could be worse. Smarter decisions Gogo!

    Also, I noticed she wasn’t wearing her huge rock on last night’s Hannity apperance. Was she saying something in her tweet??

  2. Jefferson Claiborne Says:

    I am very, very disappointed that the horrible act of smoking cigarettes is seen as a laughing matter. It stunted my growth and my kids’ growth and my mammaws’ growth and that’s all I’ll say right now.

  3. Ovid Dillard Says:

    Juliet huddy is the hottest women on fox

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    Huddy Back: “Holding a Cigarette” | Carpe Diem

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