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Moos’ Scat Chat Silences CNN Co-hosts

March 11, 2014

Michaela: She literally left us all speechless. Ugh! To the disgust of ND news reader Michaela Pereira and guest co-host Brooke Baldwin and the amusement of regular co-anchor Chris Cuomo, CNN correspondent Jeanne Moos plumbed the depths of the human anatomy and good taste this morning.

Introducing another wacky Moos’ story re a snake which had ingested a towel (vid), an unprepared Brooke intoned, “This next story I’m going to be watching like this [with her hands over her eyes] because it involves a very large snake…pet boa constrictor named Killer undergoing an hour-long emergency surgery….* After Moos reported on the successful surgery, she discussed other such pet stomach removals, namely, golf balls, pennies, and drugs.

Subsequently, she took it to a lower level. Snapping her towel prop into the camera as if into the viewer’s visage repeatedly, Moos remarked, “And, as for a towel, a towel is practically an appetizer compared with what people enjoy and ingest: Instead of plugging into the wall, imagine plugging an electrical chord into your very own rear socket.” In a disgusting, fulsome collage including an electrical chord, a salt shaker, an egg beater, spectacles, cassette tape, tuna can, light bulb, Barbi doll, and handgun, Moos seemed to revel ribaldly in her litany of items that had been found their way into the abyss of the alimentary canal. Signing off proudly, she proclaimed, “Jeanne Moos, CNN, New York.”

As Brooke brought her papers to her face in amazement and as Chris smiled faintly, an incredulous Michaela remarked, “She literally left us all speechless.” Repulsed, Brooked chimed, “And, people are eating breakfast! That’s all I’m saying!” In reply, Michaela exclaimed, “Sorry!”

Seemingly, similarly surprised, Chris declared, “That threw me! I thought it was a story about eating things because of the snake.” Shrugging her shoulders, Brooke said, “No, it was”: Before she could finished, Michaela interjected, “She kind of went there!”

Grinning goatishly, Chris gleefully guffawed, “Yeah! Kind of back-doored us on that one! Grimacing, Brooke aptly concluded, “Let’s move on!”

New Day: Poo Day today!

*New Day – 03/11/14 (@ 7:52 a.m. ET).

“As Long as the Wife Doesn’t Mind”

October 21, 2010

John Roberts: “I have my own smoking-hot redhead. Who needs Anna Chapman?” When it comes Russia’s reified Bond babe, American Morning co-anchor John Roberts sounded today as if his fiancee Kyra Phillips, CNN Newsroom anchor, has him now on a rather short leash. And, the bad boy may have inadvertently jerked a bit on it this morning.

As Carpe Diem readers may remember, John apparently got into trouble with Kyra earlier this year (June 30) about his seeming crush on Chapman when he randily reported on the nabbed Red-hot Russian operative and her sexy Internet photos. Not only did viewers notice but, apparently, so did Kyra. When John appeared on her show CN later that morning to discuss  Chapman, Kyra teased him about his love for “sultry redheads.” When John defensively declared, “Just–just for the record, there’s only one sultry redhead that fascinates me,” Kyra responded, “Thank goodness. And, thankfully, you are engaged to her.”

Eight days later, John seemed to leave little doubt that Kyra did not care for his appreciation of the “sultry [Russian] redhead.” When John did a follow-up story on Chapman (and the other Russian spooks), he asked former F.B.I. Assistant Director Thomas Fuentes about her return to Russia. When Fuentes teased, “And, I know, John, it’s breaking your heart to see Anna Chapman go back,” an abashed John replied, “You’re gonna get me in trouble with the wife here, Tom.” Chuckling afterwards, John noted, ““Yes! My face is now the color of Anna Chapman’s hair. Imagine that!”

Today, an apparently chastened John tread more softly as AM anew covered the comely Chapman, who recently appeared scantily clad in the Russian edition of Maxim magazine. After the first airing of Jeanne Moos’ report entitled, “Russia’s Undercover Girl: Exposed spy Anna Chapman bares almost all,” of Kiran, John asked, “So, what do you think?” When co-host Kiran Chetry replied, “She’s pretty,” John dutifully replied, “I have my own smoking-hot redhead. Who needs Anna Chapman?” Laughing, Kiran added, “And you don’t want her on Maxim.” Perchance, trying to convince himself of that fact, John answered, “Yeah. And, she’s forty-two years old. She a mature woman, too. Perhaps, a bit too late for his own good, he hastily added, “And a younger woman, too. The best of all worlds.”

Possibly, mindful of his unfortunate gaffe about the age of his “mature woman,” John seemed to walk on eggs shells after producers ran Moos’ story again before the AM segue to CN. As the report ended with Vice President Joe Biden’s joke to Jay Leno about the “hot” Chapman, Kiran commented, “That was a great line by the Vice Prez.”**  Smiling, John tersely replied, “It was.” Echoing Biden, Kiran continued, “It wasn’t my idea to send her back.” Wisely, John added, “As long as the wife doesn’t care about it.”

Shortly thereafter, when John did toss to Kyra, she slightly smiled and simply said, “Good morning, guys” and went straight into her CNN Newsroom programming. No more words about “sultry redheads” today. Apparently, this “wife” just might care about it.

*American Morning – 10/21/10 (6:55 a.m. ET)

**American Morning – 10/21/10 (@9:00 a.m. ET)

Kiran’s Cleavage: Aftershocks

April 28, 2010

Today American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry seemed to have had an overnight conversion. Yesterday, she coyly “dismissed the power of her ‘pumpkins‘” after a Jeanne Moos’ report entitled “Busting ‘Boobquake’ Theory” (about a Purdue student and her friends’ attempt to debunk an Iranian cleric’s theory that immodest women cause earthquakes by wearing their bosom-baring tops). To her co-anchor John Roberts, she riantly remarked, “Just stick with me, John, [and] you’ll be in no danger of running into an earthquake.” However, this morning Kiran appeared to recant her earlier view and to embrace both her distaff potency and the cleric’s “wisdom.”

Ironically, Kiran chose to wear today the very dress that had led John not only to peek at her pumpkins but also to eye her stems as well last autumn (September 9, 2009). However, she apparently tried to tamp down any tremors that John or her AM admirers would experience due to her distaff potency. Whereas then she proudly donned her short, sleeveless black dress with a plunging neckline for John and the AM viewer to enjoy, today she took a much more prim approach. I.e., she cloaked herself with a white top underneath that black dress to cover her decolletage fully and she studiously kept her bare legs underneath the AM desk for the entirety of the show. (John was conscripted to do floor duty alone.) To boot, Kiran adorned herself with no jewelry at all except the engagement and wedding rings that her husband had bestowed upon her to make her his wife.

Girl power under wraps today!

Kiran’s Cleavage: Boobquake?

April 27, 2010

American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry coquettishly dismissed the power of her “pumpkins” today to the amusement of her co-anchor John Roberts. In the final block of the first hour of AM, Kiran introduced a Jeanne Moos story cleverly entitled “Busting ‘Boobquake’ Theory” about a Purdue student’s effort to debunk an Iranian cleric’s claim that immodestly attired women precipitated earthquakes. In the report, Moos humorously covered Jen McCreight and her friends’ attempt to test the strange theory by wearing their most revealing tops Monday. Moos even asked McCreight about the “magnitude of [her] cleavage.”

After playfully opening her own blouse a bit to the merriment of McCreight and her gal pals, Moos concluded her segment, saying “Just to be safe, beware what you wear!”* As Kiran caught the toss, she self-deprecatingly jested, “There you go. Just stick with me, John, [and] you’ll be in no danger of running into an earthquake. I can’t say the same for everyone else.” After she and John both shared a hearty laugh, John replied, “Sounds like a great idea.”

And, John would know. In fact, so would AM guest host T.J. Holmes. Kiran may not have produced an earthquake yet but she certainly has given her CNN colleagues and AM admirers, at least, a few tremors.

*American Morning – 04/27/10 (6:56 a.m. ET)

Kyra: “Very Awkward Moment!”

April 5, 2010

“Mommy’s milk” cheese: “Would you try it?” So asked American Morning co-anchor John Roberts of his co-host Kiran Chetry after a rather unusual Jeanne Moos report Friday dubbed “Breast Milk Cheese.”* As to the unique cheese made by New York chef Daniel Angerer of Klee’s Brassiere from his wife’s breast milk, a smiling Kiran racily replied, “Yeah! Of course!” After a pregnant pause, she giggled, “Would you? You have before!”

As the floor crew laughed and an embarrassed John was rendered speechless, Kiran exclaimed, “We were all babies once, people!” Finally, finding his voice, John protested, “It wasn’t cheese!” As Kiran chuckled heartily, John added, “Nobody had made it into cheese.”

Subsequently, concluding the segment and the show, Kiran tossed to Kyra Phillips, CNN Newsroom‘s anchor and John’s reported girlfriend. An almost flushed Kyra tittered, “Ooh! Awkward moment. Very awkward moment!” Shaking his head in agreement, John softly echoed, “Awkward moment.”

Apparently, trying to provide an abashed John a bit of cover, to Kyra, Kiran commented, “You’ve tried it, too. You know it!” As John wisely remained mute, a still chagrined Kyra laughed, “Oh, yes! Okay. Moving right along!”

American Morning: The breast news in the morning!

*American Morning – 04/02/10 (@8:58 a.m. ET)

Kyra: “John, You’re Just Faking It!”

March 24, 2010

Biden: Kyra Phillips remembers her live mike moment?* Before American Morning co-hosts John Roberts and Kiran Chetry tossed to CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips today, they briefly discussed Joe Biden’s latest gaffe. After a Jeanne Moos report entitled “Yes He Did…Again: V.P. Biden Drops F-bom at health care ceremony,” John jested “Now all Presidential live events will on be a six-second delay.” Subsequently, when he and Kiran segued to Kyra, Kyra, apparently, recalling her own infamous bathroom open-mic incident* commented, “Admit it, you guys: If they kept all our mikes on during the commercial breaks, they’d have plenty of bloopers.”

As John smiled and stayed mute, Kiran answered, “Oh, yes! No argument here.” Kyra replied, “See, Kiran I love how transparent you are.” Then wagging her finger at her reported boyfriend John, Kyra continued, “John, you’re just faking it.” As John (who has had his own “fr**king” and “WTF” AM occasions) simply chuckled and Kiran waited expectantly for his further response in vain, Kyra laughed, “I know. I had to leave it there.”

But, Carpe Diem did not.

*YouTube video (August 29, 2006)

** transcript (August 29, 2006)

A.M.: Another Moos?

March 10, 2010

In the name of Sarah Palin, Jamie, no more re-heated Moos soup! American Morning EP Jamie Kraft served his audience yet more leftover fare from his Moos menu. “For the second time in three days,* Kraft added a repeat “Moost News in the Morning” to his morning news show. Monday, it was “Ma’am…Is That a Squirrel” (06/30/09 repeat): today, it was “Valet Parkers Gone Wild” (12/17/09 rerun). Mercifully, after the author complained after it first-hour airing today in a Tweet, Kraft appeared to relent and did not repeat the report in the final hour (as is his wont).

Thanks for the reprieve this morning, Jamie. However, in the future, the author suggests more fresh news and less frozen Moos for AM breakfasts. A better way to start the day!

*Third time in 3+ weeks (including February 15, 2010 episode).

Kraft’s “AM”burger Helper?

March 8, 2010

News flash (back): Squirrel in a woman’s cleavage! Once more, American Morning EP Jamie Kraft seems to think that the best way to have the “most news in the morning” is to have repeat “Moos News in the Morning.” If he’s not careful, AM will become “M(old)s News in the Morning.”

Today AM co-anchors John Roberts and Kiran Chetry twice presented the Moos report entitled, “Ma’am…Is that a Squirrel?” The story featured a squirrel that kept popping up from a witness’ bosom as police questioned her. It was an amusing anecdote when it aired last year (06/30/09), and it was again today–slightly. However, one might think that a cable news network that prides itself on the latest and most news would not have to continue to dip into the archives for filler programming for its morning show.

Jamie, please. If you are going to continue to run repeat reports during original AM broadcasts, at least, acknowledge them as such. Otherwise, it militates against the AM motto and message. Not to mention, the cred of your co-hosts.

AM: Yesterday’s News?

February 15, 2010

If you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you.” American Morning co-hosts John Roberts and Kiran Chetry and AM executive producer Jamie Kraft seem to have embraced the old NBC slogan about their repeats today. This AM viewer experienced a strange sense of deja vu this morning when Jeanne Moos’ “Chocolate Covered Bacon Anyone” story ran this morning.

Twice, Moos’ “Moost News in the Morning” segment was broadcast today without any indication that it had been aired almost a year ago (March 10, 2009). Not only did Kiran and John not mention that it was a repeat but they also even regurgitated their prior “ad lib” remarks from that report (in AM’s first hour). I.e., John reminded Kiran again that he had introduced her to the Canadian “delicacy” poutine during the election; Kiran remembered anew that it tasted “even more delicious” because she was pregnant; and John revealed once more that poutine consisted of “French fries covered in gravy…topped in [‘with’ today] cheese curds.”*

If Jamie needed some quick filler for the show today and Kiran and John did not feel like adding new color after a late Valentine’s night, that is understandable. However, an apropos caveat to the AM audience would be appreciated. The “most news in the morning” should not include yesteryear’s news unless it is duly noted.

American Morning – 02/15/10 (@6:56 a.m. ET)

AM: Judgmental John?

January 21, 2010

After a salacious American Morning segment about newly elected Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown and his daughters, co-host John “I Got a Closet, Too” Roberts just had to moralize this morning. When the Jeanne Moos story entitled “Dad Said What?!” (featuring Brown posing nude in Cosmo in 1982 as it’s “Sexiest American Man; his American Idol contestant daughter Alya singing and dancing saucily on stage at the victory party–not to mention, gasp!–pulling confetti from her cleavage; and Brown playfully announcing that his single daughters were “available”) had run, John sarcastically stated, “Thanks, Dad!”  Co-anchor Kiran laughingly replied, “It wasn’t that bad: He was just teasing! I thought they were real, really cute.”

Looking straight ahead, John deadpanned, “Mm-kay.” When he then turned to Kiran, she asked incredulously, You thought it was bad?” As he hesitantly began to open his mouth, Kiran queried, “Did you?” Seemingly cloaked in sheep’s clothing, he lupinely grinned, “Oh, yeah!” In response, Kiran simply smiled and shook her head in disbelief.”

John, the liberal lion of the Senate would be disappointed, too. After all, when it comes to filling his shoes as to such mores, Brown appears to be yet a mere lightweight. Seemingly, he still has much to learn.

Roberts: “I Got a Closet, Too”

January 8, 2010

Kiran Chetry, American Morning’s naughty-but-nice co-anchor put John Roberts, her co-host, on the hot seat this morning. After a Jeanne Moos segment entitled “Budget Nerd, Ladies Man” (about Obama budget chief Peter Orszag, a divorced father of two who just got engaged to ABC “money honey” Bianna Golodryga only a few weeks after a shipping mistress bore his “love child), Kiran knowingly turned to John for his take. When he remained steadfastly mute, she fluttered her eyelashes and asked, “Well, what do you think?” Appearing more than a mite uncomfortable, John, also a divorced father of two, threw up his hands and stated, “Hey, you know, live and let live!” To which, Kiran knowingly guffawed.

Chuckling, John exclaimed, “I ain’t saying nothing about nobody!” In an aside to the audience, Kiran raised her eyebrows and smiling declared, “Our lips are sealed.” Looking back as if for his flame CNN anchor Kyra Phillips (who was to later appear on the show), John explained, “I got a closet, too, you know!” Kiran doubled back with laughter.

Realizing that she may need to help John out of his hole that she had helped dig, Kiran said, “Oh, man! But, you live in New York so yours is small. That’s the good news. It’s so small you hardly fit anything in there.” Almost as red-faced as his CNN coffee mug to which he then pointed, John replied, “It’s a very tiny little closet….I couldn’t get this cup in my closet.”

Happily, for John, the segment and the conversation were over. And, no mention of any other closets. Nor, their contents.

Cuddly Koalas: AM Porn?

January 7, 2010

Not exactly, but…. Today, American Morning correspondent Jeanne Moos’ concupiscent koalas shamelessly stole the show from the “misbehaving” kids in her report entitled “Stealing the Scene.”* During  her AM segment,  Moos celebrated children who grabbed the limelight from their elders at newsworthy events, e.g., Senator Dodd’s chatty daughters yesterday, Justice Roberts’ dancing son, etc. However, Moos, in her final clip, evidenced that animals could one-up the kids: viz., Moos feted two koala bears who had interrupted an Andy Roddick interview at an Australian koala sanctuary by putting on a spontaneous sex show above his shoulder in their Aussie arbor.

As this Youtube moment of the koalas communing amorously (to the sound of romantic music and lingering cinematic shots), AM co-anchor John Roberts deadpanned, “Nature: ain’t it wonderful.” Co-host Kiran Chetry joyously exclaimed, “Yes!” Then, shrugging her shoulders and looking at John, she laughed, “Bee’s do it; birds do it; [and] koalas do it.” In response, John just shook his head, raised his eyebrows, and mouthed, “Wow.”


*American Morning (01/07/10) – @6:54 a.m. ET

Kiran: Naughty or Nice?

December 22, 2009

Kiran and her bad boys! Last week, American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry reveled in her co-anchor John Roberts squirming’ during a Jeanne Moos report entitled “Window Undressing.” Yesterday, similarly, Kiran relished her guest co-host T.J. Holmes’ repeated slavering over the same young lithe New York models disrobing in the 5th Avenue front window of XOXO (during still timely re-airings of that very tale).

Yesterday, when Moos’ story, “Window Undressing” opened to Christina Aguilera’s  hit “Dirty,” Kiran glanced at T.J. and saucily mouthed, “Love that song.” Grinning, T.J. then introduced the segment saying, “Just in time for your last minute holiday shopping, we’ve got a window display designed to lure you in but also make you drool.” [And, apparently, it did.] As the story concluded with a close-up of the comely caboose of one of the cuties, T.J., turned to Kiran and randily remarked, “Okay, I didn’t walk far enough up 5th Avenue, apparently….[I]t’s a good marketing tool.” With raised eyebrows, Kiran laughed, “It sure is!”

Later, when the salacious segment aired again to the strains of “Dirty” and the visuals of the models’ changing clothes, Kiran was caught unawares sexily swaying to the music. Looking at the camera, Kiran chuckled, “Oh, sorry!” Her colleague T.J. was not: Looking at her rather appreciatively before running the story, he exclaimed, “Yeah. They caught you dancing. It’s alright!”

Then, after the subsequent report footage had concluded with that zoom-in on the model’s shapely derriere again (as she pulled a very snug skirt over it), Kiran wryly remarked, “See, you didn’t think that it was going to fit but it did at the last minute.” Smiling, T.J. answered, “I had no doubts that it was going to work out.” Racily, Kiran cleverly replied, “Worked out just fine in the end.” Then, looking into his eyes for his reaction, she bawdily added, “And a good time was had by all!” With a goatish grin, T.J. wisely responded, “Un-huh. I should stop talking about this story now.” Kiran concurred, “Yeah.”

Kiran: Naughty but nice!

American Morning Censored?

December 9, 2009

Iconic sex symbol Marilyn Monroe’s alleged marijuana use? Hush! Controversial pop SINsation Lady Gaga’s gender? Hush! Hush! What is going on at American Morning this week or, actually, the last eight days? Unfortunately, it appears that  AM executive producer Jamie Kraft has presided over its becoming C.N.N. (not CNN), i.e., the Censored Network News.

Last Wednesday, when AM co-host John Roberts reported on the recent sale of a private Marilyn Monroe video, he failed to inform his AM audience that Marilyn Monroe was allegedly smoking marijuana in it: rather, he simply twice said, “[It] shows her acting casually on the couch with friends, smoking and drinking wine.”** However, cable news rivals FNC* and MSNBC did not shy away from Marilyn Monroe’s alleged pot use nor did the main stream media, e.g., ABC, BBC, and the New York Times.)

Today, Jeanne Moos reported on Lady Gaga’s meeting Queen Elizabeth II in Liverpool, England, after the Royal Variety Performance.*** Afterwards, Roberts remarked, “I’ll admit that there’s something strangely fascinating about her but, I mean, it’s all image and marketing.” Co-host Kiran Chetry concurred, “Of course, it is!”

Really? According to recent concert footage, Lady Gaga may be Laddy Gaga: In the NSFW clip, as she gets off a motorcycle and subsequently shimmies in a micro red mini, she exposes what seems to be a small male member. According to, Lady Gaga confirmed her hermaphroditic status, stating “It’s not something that I’m ashamed of, just isn’t something that I go around telling everyone. Yes. I have both male and female genitalia, but I consider myself a female.” Reportedly, she added, “The reason I haven’t talked about it is that it’s not a big deal to me.”

With Marilyn Monroe, AM omitted a material fact, i.e., her apparent smoking of marijuana. As to Lady Gaga, AM seemed to include a significant fiction, i.e., that her “strangely fascinating” nature is “all image and marketing.” If Kraft does not give his AM viewers the full news, sans such salient omissions and questionable inclusions, they may begin to lose confidence in the accuracy of American Morning and, by extension, CNN.


*Fox & Friends (12/02/09)

** Full quote: A new home movie of Marilyn Monroe unscripted has surfaced. The quick clip from the ’50’s shows her acting casually on the couch with friends, smoking and drinking wine. The copyright to the film will be offered on Ebay this week by a collector who paid a quarter of a million dollars for it.” American Morning (12/02/09)- @ 6:08 a.m. ET and @8:39 a.m. ET (Second reading omitted “and” between “smoking” and “drinking” and substituted “one” for “a” before “million.”)

***American Morning (12/09/09) – @6:55 a.m. ET

A.M. Mammary Memories (More of Zain)

October 27, 2009

American Morning co-host John Roberts ribaldly recalls yet again Zain Verjee’s ample melons. After a Jeanne Moos segment featuring Improv Everywhere singing in a store’s produce section, co-anchor Kiran Chetry commented, “That never happens at my grocery store. How about you?” Randily John replied, “Well, there was that time Zain Verjee appeared in the produce department of a store.”

[For the reader who may not recollect, Zain Verjee appeared on an American Morning “Great Grocery Challenge” segment memorialized by Jon Stewart on his Comedy Central Daily Show. As she was interviewed by guest co-host Kyra Phillips in the produce aisle, Kyra racily remarked, “Nice melon [pause] behind you there!” Also present, a suddenly reddened John whirled around in disbelief and declared, “Whoa!”]

Looking lustily up with almost a leer, John chortled, “I remember fondly back on that.” Grinning, Kiran risquely added, “That’s right. It made everybody very hungry for watermelon, right?” John smiled broadly, chuckled, and remained wisely silent.*

Well, it is that frisky early A.M.!

AM – 10/27/08 (6:55 a.m. ET)

SNL Situation: John Mocks Wolf

October 13, 2009

As American Morning concluded today, co-anchor John Roberts took an eagle-eyed shot at SNL fact-checking colleague Wolf Blitzer. (Recently, the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer did a much-mocked accuracy assessment of a Saturday Night Live skit spoofing President Obama.) The smiling sniper hit his mark with sweet and sure success.

After a “Spit It Out!” segment by Jeanne Moos (featuring a lady on Late Show with David Letterman who spat her gum out and mysterious drew it back into her mouth), John remarked, “Stupid human tricks.” Co-host Kiran Chetry asked, “You said it was what? Fishing line?” John replied, “I don’t know how they do that. [It] defies the laws of physics.” Kiran responded, “Alright, so, maybe, it is fishing line.”

Then John impishly asked, “You know what we should do?” Ingenuously, Kiran inquired, “Try it?” John devilishly declared, “We should get the Situation Room to do an investigation.” As John displayed a wicked grin, Kiran doubled over in laughter. Aptly, John added, “I’m going to hear about that!”

Don’t Get Any Ideas, Kyra!

April 22, 2009

Don’t expect American Morning’s John Roberts to get on bended knee on the set of Kyra Phillips’ CNN Newsroom any time soon. Kyra’s reported beloved John Roberts seemed rather ill at ease after an AM story about on-air newsperson proposals (including an on-camera one at a station in Little Rock, Arkansas).

After the Jeanne Moos story, AM co-host Kiran Chetry commented, “It was cute. It was! They were so earnest.” Smiling snidely, John snarked, “Love strikes in Arkansas.” Kiran laughed and then replied, “That was very cute. Well, congrats!” Not willing for the commentary to end on that sweet note, John sniped, “They’ll do that movie about it: Love Struck in Little Rock.”

In other words, as to an on-air proposal, Kyra, don’t hold your breath!

“Lovely Gourd, Jeanne”

January 30, 2009

American Morning co-anchor John Roberts was channeling a naughty Kyra Phillips this morning. When Jeanne Moos ended her segment on a rejected PETA Super Bowl veggie sex ad, she suggestively blew on a phallic-shaped gourd: Laughing, Roberts ribaldly riposted, “Nice gourd, Jeanne. (Roberts seemed to be not so subtly paraphrasing Kyra Phillips “nice melons” comment to Zain Verjee in a grocery segment which was highlighted by Comedy Central comic Jon Stewart.) A smiling Kiran Chetry merely stated, “Butternut squash!”

No double entendres.

Moos(e) Makes Palin Soup

November 18, 2008

American Morning’s Jeanne Moos was hatin’ Palin this morning. In her “Behind the Doodle” segment, she contrasted Sarah Palin’s sketches with those of Barack Obama. In doing so, she interviewed a graphologist and on-the-street persons. Without exception Palin’s drawings were panned as displaying her egocentric, “talky,” and/or penal nature whereas Obama’s ones were given rave reviews for indicating his intelligent, clear, and/or concise character. The Moos(e) shoots back and makes Palin soup for breakfast.

Pumpkin Peeking

October 21, 2008

American Morning co-host John Roberts couldn’t resist! After a Jeanne Moos segment on political pumpkin carving (and as Roberts and Kiran Chetry were closing the show), Kiran spread her arms wide open and asked, “What are we going to do after that?” Roberts responded, “I don’t know…but there’s nothing like a political pumpkin to get into the spirit of the season.” However, as he made his remark, he glanced quickly down at Kiran’s ample ones. Unknowingly, Kiran aptly replied, “How about it?” Nonchalantly, Roberts dutifully thanked the viewer for joining AM, wheeled around, and stole one last look.

Usually, the spirit of the season is trick or treat: Today it was trick AND treat.