Aly’s “Mustache”: Rick’s Karma

Rick’s cold: his karma? Today, in Fox & Friends Weekend’s first block, co-anchor Clayton Morris claimed that meteorologist Rick Reichmuth’s cold was his karma for “picking on” co-host Alisyn Camerota “last weekend.” However, he failed to elaborate. If the reader missed F&FW last Sunday, Rick ribbed Aly for having a hirsute upper lip.

During a segment on women paying more for the very same products as men do, co-anchors Clayton, Aly, and colleague Dave Briggs compared the more expensive women’s shaving cream Pure Silk to men’s Barbasol. Somewhat convinced, Aly jauntily jested, “Hand me the Barbasol. I’m gonna buy like a man and shave like a man.”

When they segued to Rick for his weather segment, he ribbed, “Aly, at least, you can get rid of that mustache!” Immediately, Dave raised his eyebrows in disbelief and gleefully clapped. Smiling, Aly retorted, “Hey! Hey! Hey!” Meanwhile, Clayton dropped his jaw, quickly rose from the curvy couch, and exclaimed, “See ya!” As he did, smiling, Dave stood, raised his hands (as if they were clean of any guilt), and then sat down again with Aly.

Thereafter, when Rick gave his report, he interviewed his sister Sheryl Neesen by phone about the Nebraska cold. Before Sheryl hung up, Aly interjected, “Hey, Sheryl! It’s Alisyn here….Can you believe what your brother just said to me on national television? Does he often insult you like that, Cheryl, or does he just reserve it for me?” When Sheryl explained that her whole family insulted one another, Alsy asked, “Is it a gesture of love ’cause I will accept his apology that he hasn’t issued yet.” After Sheryl said that it indeed did, Rick riantly riposted, “Or, I’m sick of looking at that ‘stache’!

In the final segment of the show, Rick did not relent. As he, Dave, Clayton, and Aly, all sat on the curvy couch, they returned to the topic of products for women’s products costing more than men’s identical ones. In their discussion, Dave asked Aly if she would buy the men’s shaving cream in the future, Aly answered, “Yes….I made that point when Rick made the horribly offensive comment.”

Subsequently, Aly playfully leaned forward for Rick’s inspection of her upper lip: after carefully scrutinizing it, Rick looked at the camera and exclaimed, “I think she took a little break and went back back to the bathroom is all I’m saying!” Smiling, Aly responded, “I accept your apology on behalf of all Italians.” Rick pleaded, “Make it stop!”

Sorry, Rick. “Karma”!

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2 Responses to “Aly’s “Mustache”: Rick’s Karma”

  1. crispy Says:

    Where was Clayton’s ring this morning?

  2. jakeho Says:

    Crispy, not sure if your comment is in jest but CD noted Clayton’s missing marital band months ago.

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