Dave: “We All Have a Past”

So Tweeted Fox & Friends co-host Dave Briggs yesterday. After Dave praised Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown’s wife [Gail Huff] as a “wonderful woman and talented news gal” who was “once in a rock video,” he linked to her sexy music vid, declaring, “We all have a past.” With that cryptic comment, Dave, the spouse of Brandi Moreland, an attorney and, apparently, 2002 Colorado State Representative candidate, seemed to possibly herald his beloved’s reemergence into the political sphere yesterday.

Dave, doubtlessly, Mass (or Connecticut) voters could not care less if you were cavorting in a skimpy bathing suit on camera a la Senator Brown’s wife. No offense, but, some of them will probably not care to link to that particular site.

However, if Brandi has a link similar to Senator Brown’s Cosmo spread, she, too, may well win over the affections of her voters.


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4 Responses to “Dave: “We All Have a Past””

  1. Whoknows Says:

    As usual the slime democrats subjecting a Republican to the highest scrutiny that they can for in order to find dirt! while giving a pass to Democrats!

    But man! what a cool family the quintessential American dream family! really!

  2. Destin Lee Says:

    The Brown family is so unique, i strart to like this family, because I look @ each member of this family has achieved in life, man they are real hard working people. I don’t care what the liberal socialists said about the Browns, I’m independent and I’ll vote for Scott Brown for President in 2012.

    I want to see the real candidate for President, not by affirmative action, not by using race card, and not by no real birth certificate. Those are pretexts to intimidate people, that’s call thief or cheater. Let’s be real like the Scott Brown.

    Huff’s very sexy and intelligent woman, she is far better than Carla Bruno, 1st Lady of France who posed nude and earned a high reputation as a men’s eater. This is real cool real American family in 21th century.

    Man, I love to watch Ayla sings, she is my girl I want to date.


  3. Little Pete "I Don't Need No Stinking Modifiers & Prepositions" Grundy Says:

    Iagree! Brown fambly rox and is good at well! Not like obamma or Dems who are not good 4 country; but maybe not so intllgent ehter.

  4. F&FW’s Awkward “Couples” Moment « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] [Aside: As to the alluded to F&FW couples, supra, Courtney is married to CNN Newsource correspondent Carter Evans; Clayton is now coupled with CNET anchor Natali Del Conte; and Dave is married to attorney and, apparently, former Colorado Congressional candidate Brandi Moreland Briggs.] […]

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