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Clayton & Sara: “Me” or “We”?

January 30, 2010

Fox & Friends co-anchor Clayton Morris and Brite Girl founder Sara Batterson Morris seemed to be singing from the same hymn book this morning again. Clayton on his show and Sara in her blog, discussed the very same subject today, i.e., married persons using the “we” or “me” as personal pronouns and the implications thereof. Coincidence?

Reader, after watching Fox & Friends and considering whether to write about co-host Alisyn Camerota’s horrid housecoat habit, the author noticed Carpe Diem visitors interest in co-anchor Clayton Morris’ marital status. Remembering that FNC contributor Karl Rove had kidded Clayton about his inordinate interest in pursuing guest Amber Lee Ettinger (the Obama girl) and that a ring-less Clayton had jested about his employing the singular during a segment on happier couples using the plural “we,” the author decided to examine the matter further. When he did, he then discovered that Clayton and Sara were opining on identical topics today.

For those Carpe Diem readers who may have forgotten who Sara is, Clayton introduced F&FW fans to his wife with a pic of the shark-snaring bikini beauty on New Smyrna Beach, FL, on August 10, 2008. Later, in March of 2009, he showed off his Orlando lovely again on a Gary Vaynerchuk wine-tasting vid. Apparently, Clayton married Sara Batterson on May 20, 2006, at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Orlando, FL.

As to Clayton’s questionable connunbial state, Clayton has seemingly eschewed wearing his wedding band since October of 2009. From the author’s perspective, Clayton’s marital status is generally irrelevant unless he himself alludes to it. Since he did today and readers seemed quite intrigued, the author looked at Sara’s Facebook and Brite Girl sites for a few clues. In her personal info, Sara states, “Right now, I am taking a new path in my life. It is crazy when you think you are on one path and then life, or someone in your life, throws you a curveball…” Obviously, Sara’s statement indicated a major life change.

Seeking an even clearer indication, the author checked out Sara’s Brite Girl blog. To my utter surprise, today’s post (dated “Saturday, January 30, 2010 At 9:48AM’) was entitled “Madly in Love with Me Day.” It’s topic? The creation of a woman’s movement of self-love by Christine Arylo, the author of Choosing Me Before We, and her celebration of the day before Valentine’s as a time to recognize the need for each woman and girl to “know and honor what her heart and soul desire, never settling for less,” including relationships.

Is it “Me” or “we” for Clayton and Sara? Regardless, the two seemed to be in tandem today. Intentionally or not.

Silent Al-y, “Crush It!”

November 1, 2009

Boo, Aly! (And, not the scary kind.) Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Alisyn Camerota seems to be giving her readers and followers the Calvin Coolidge treatment this Halloween weekend. Verily, Aly did notify her social network audience that she would be subbing for F&F co-host Gretchen Carlson Friday and penned two brief Green Room posts this weekend. However, she has responded to none of their Tweets nor blog comments.

Even though her Green Room attendees may tend to give her a pass (since she seems to be somewhat more attentive to them), her Twitter followers may be becoming less and less apt to do so. Aly, apparently, has ignored their Tweets for almost two months (since September 4th) and has only deigned to reply on three distinct days since she began her account on August 23.

On the bright side, perhaps, she will heed the wisdom of today’s F&FW guest wine gonzo guru and New York Times best-selling author Gary Vaynerchuk. As he promoted his book, “Why Now is The Time to Crush It!: Cash in on Your Passion,” co-anchor and Vayniac Clayton Morris inquiringly remarked, “One of the things you talk about in living your passion…[is] people need to understand social media.” Gary “Vee” replied, “Whether the people…think Twitter or FaceBook…is stupid is irrelevant. Later, he elaborated, “What’s most important is you go into things like FaceBook and Twitter and you start talking to people. Not spamming them and selling them. Talking, and you build real connections.”

F&FW Twitter king Clayton seems to get it. After today, maybe, Aly did, too. Let’s hope so.

Clayton Spits: Domenica Swallows

May 24, 2009

Fox & Friends guest meteorologist Domenica Davis would not be denied this morning. After her al fresco weather segment and before the wine one, Domenica segued, “There is some wine in our future, and I’m gonna have to have some.” And she meant it.

While Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV shared his expertise and gave glasses of various fruits of the vine to co-hosts Clayton Morris, Dave Briggs, and Alisyn Camerota to sample, Domenica cozied up to the table. As Aly inhaled the bouquets of the wines, Dave sneaked some sips, and Clayton took one large gulp but spat it into the taster bucket; Domenica decided not to be so politically correct. Instead, the Italian oenophile eagerly imbibed the potent potations and brazenly swallowed them on air.

Domenica: no shrinking violet. A Latin lust for life!