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Megyn Kelly: Kendall Crazy?

September 28, 2011

“I confess the judge has a conflict of interest.” Wow! If America Live anchor Megyn Kelly did not convince her fans that she is a free spirit with her racy GQ spread and her subsequent bawdy Howard Stern interview, the sexy married mother of two may have succeeded today. Less than two months after returning from maternity leave to America Live, Megyn invited as a guest to her show her husband–no, not Doug Brunt–but her former hubby, Dr. Daniel R. Kendall.

When her “Kelly’s Court” segment began, Megyn asked her legal panel (former prosecutor Jonna Spilbor and FNC legal analyst Mercedes Colwin) whether prosecutors could prove that Michael Jackson’s doctor caused the death of the King of Pop. Subsequently, Megyn explained to her audience that prosecutors claimed that the doctor was “guilty of gross negligence…because he used propofol to treat insomnia and [that] he administered it outside of the operating room…[and] that no reasonable doctor would do that.” Then, with a slight smile, she continued, “So, joining us now is an expert witness…an anesthesiologist by the name of Dr. Dan Kendall from our D.C. bureau.*

Somewhat surreally, Megyn continued, “[w]ho I confess the judge has a conflict of interest since the judge used to be married to Dr. Kendall.” As her legal guests chuckled uncomfortably, Megyn remarked, “But, Dr. Kendall is now happily married to another person as am I. So, there is no conflict of interest.” Subsequently, after giving her handsome former fellow less than two minutes to explain that the doctor should have continuously monitored Jackson and that his actions were, in short, “pretty nuts,” Megyn moved on.

“Pretty nuts,” indeed. Or, was Megyn Kelly Kendall crazy?

*America Live – 09/28/11 (@ 2:47 p.m. ET)

Lis Wiehl: Body in Evidence

January 10, 2010

Pole dancing liability? Lis Wiehl, Fox News legal analyst and author of the Face of Betrayal, brought the body and spirit of seduction to her segment on the Fox & Friends Weekend show this morning. Clad in her sharp black stilettos and super short sloe-hued dress, the former prosecutor WAS taking prisoners, including the co-anchor Dave Briggs and her F&W audience.

When Dave introduced the case of an injured pole dance exercise student against her NY gym to Lis and criminal defense attorney, Mercedes Colwin to¬† debate, Lis saucily coquetted, “Are you [Dave] going to do some pole dancing for us?” Seemingly smitten with the leggy legal eagle, Dave responded, “I will do that in the commercial break.” To his viewers, he said, “That is not for your eyes.”

When Lis alluringly cocked her crossed left leg high, Dave asked, “So she [the student] is upside down on this pole when she injured her shoulders, does she have a legal leg to stand on?” Lis asserted that she indeed did. Then, she explained that one taking a pole dancing class is doing it for the “cute guy” spotter (who did not do his job and, thus, the gym was liable). Interjecting, Mercedes jested, “Sounds like she’s got a lot of experience in this, Dave. An abashed Lis laughed, “I’m not saying.” Dave flirted, “Again, at the commercial break!” Lis smiled, “Exactly.”

After Mercedes had countered that the student had probably signed a waiver and assumed the risk (by wrapping her “legs around a slippery pole” and that she was assuredly “going to go down” if the spotter was not there), a grinning Dave concluded, “So much innuendo! I’m staying away from it all.” A lusty Lis did not. She temptingly teased, “Stay through the commercials [for] the pole dances.”

Whether a body of evidence or a body in evidence, Lis excels at them both.