Clayton: Celebrate W/ Sara

Yes, Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Clayton Morris is indeed singing from his possibly former spouse Sara Batterson Morris’ hymn book. Yesterday the author noted in Carpe Diem’s “Clayton & Sara: ‘Me’ or ‘We’?” that Clayton (on his F&FW show) and Sara (on her Brite Girl blog) were both surprisingly discussing the same topic, i.e., the use of “Me” vis-a-vis “We” by a partner and its implication for the couple. Further, the author mentioned that whether or not Clayton and Sara were still married, that the two were still in tandem, at least, for that day.

Today, Clayton appeared to confirm that he and Sara were indeed in sync Saturday. This afternoon, Clayton Tweeted a link to Sara’s article yesterday in the Orlando Beauty Examiner. The column was identical to her Brite Girl post yesterday which encouraged the celebration of Madly in Love with Me Day (Valentine’s Eve), a day of awareness of the need of each woman and girl “to recommit to a life-long self-love promise to know and honor what her heart and soul desire, never settling for less,” including non self-realizing relationships. (The idea was conceived by Christine Arylo, author of Choosing Me Before We.)

N.B. Clayton did not convey his marital status.

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One Response to “Clayton: Celebrate W/ Sara”

  1. hgb3 Says:

    Well, I don’t know much about Morris-Batterson or vice versa, but I kind of like that Brite Girl website! It’s just chock full of good ideas for living, breathing, existing, and creating a personal space for oneself. She talks about things I ain’t never thought about before. I’ll need to get myself a goal oriented, non-judgmental “life coach” and an intuitive “personal goals evaluator” who can teach me about the hair care products, accessories, and ’embracing the dance of life’ via the use of the correct use of oils, scents, sundries, &c. and then I’ll be in business sure enough.

    BTW, I’ve updated my site as of Jan. 31. Have a look see.

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