My Hot Wife

Bikini-clad Sara Morris was featured in the Fox & Friends Weekend U Report photo. The luscious brunette proudly displayed a shark she had snared off of New Smyrna Beach, FL. Dave Briggs read the segment and ad libbed, “I gotta admit the first time I saw this pic I didn’t even notice the shark: I just noticed Sara Morris. Sorry, Clayton.” Alisyn Camerota chimed in, “She is hot, Clayton.” Clayton replied that his wife had sent him the photo and implied that he had not got her permission to show it.

If Clayton can snag a delectable dame like Sara, maybe, he’s not all that bad.

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39 Responses to “My Hot Wife”

  1. U-2 Says:

    Visions of bikini clad Alisyn Camerota, Sara Morris, and Dominica Davis cavorting on the curvy couch suddenly come to mind.

  2. Chris G Says:

    No, Clayton is worse.

    So, what, now we measure the worth a man by the “hotness” of his wife in a bikini?????????????????????????

    You MUST be joking. No, really. You must be joking to raise the ire of the women on this board, right? You kid, correct? Oh, tee-hee!

    “His wife is hot, therefore, he is the greatest broadcaster the world has EVER seen- all b/c his spouse is attractive, therefore, he MUST have worth and value at his JOB AS A BROADCAST ‘NEWS’ PERSON!”

    The man has the maturity level (and appeal) of a nerdy pubescent boy. If he is not getting up to walk in front of the camera (LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME), he’s attempting to crack a joke that is not funny, and talking over everyone else in the room, just to be noticed.

    He could be sleeping with Helen of Troy, and he’d still be “Clayton Morris, less-than-mediocre person on tv”.

    Can’t believe you wrote that. Oh, men of the world, help me to understand this…….*shakes head*

    I guess that sentiment explains the RC site, huh?

  3. Paige Says:

    Clayton still needs replaced along with Dave. Clayton really put in foot in it whenever he referenced “trouser snake”. That was not good. The segment was about a snake that crawled up a man’s pants.

  4. Tina Says:

    We love the weekend show. Great combination between the 3 of them. Sara is gorgeous- wonder when we’ll see Dave’s wife- and maybe Ali in a bikini?

  5. boogiewoogee Says:

    Yeah, what Chris said.

  6. Mike2 Says:

    I am beginning to figure this out: jealous women respond to much of this and jealous women author the anti-Gretchen comments!

  7. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    Amen, Chris G., Amen!

    Mike2–now that’s a typical male comment. If we don’t like Clayton and Dave, it somehow means we are jealous women. You have got to be kidding me!! Just because I don’t like Courtney or Ainsley and really don’t particularly care for Gretchen, but I do like E.D., Page, Alisyn–now exactly how does that make me a jealous woman? I am so confused! Your statement was completely moronic. The weekend show still sucks even with Alisyn and even in spite of the fact that Clayton’s wife doesn’t look half bad in a bikini.

    Jakeho–I’m disappointed in you, man. You have now officially drank the kool-aid!!

  8. boogiewoogee Says:

    I’m just wondering what Mike2’s nickname is on RC.

  9. Gayle Says:

    Wow…It seems that the men on here are a-typical…they think with one head and it’s not the one on their shoulders. To say that the women on here are jealous is ludicrous..most of the women on here like the majority of the female anchors…Fox just needs to get rid of the two weekend losers namely, Clayton and Dave.

  10. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    I think Toonces’ wife is an idiot for allowing him to have a photo like that of her … Unless she is completely braindead, she knew darn well that he’d show it on-air … Just because she’s with Toonces doesn’t make her smart either … She probably just sees him as a meal ticket, esp since he the liberal landed at the allegedly conservative FNC (even though he belongs over at MSNBC or Comedy Central) …

    Mike2 – YOU are an idiot!! I’m NOT jealous of Ainsley or Courtney … They’re UNtalented hacks … It’s pathetic if one chooses to use their looks/body over their brains …

    Jakeho – Step away from the Kool-Aid and NO ONE will get hurt …

  11. jakeho Says:

    Gulp. Ladies, the Koolaid doesn’t taste that bad. Jk. My tongue-in-cheek comment about Clayton seems to have raised the temp just a wee bit. :-)

  12. Darea Says:

    Just joining in and supporting my ‘jealous’ female counterparts <> Clayton is a bumbling idiot, who tries too hard to act spontaneous and quick witted. He is neither. Dave is dull, upset or happy, it all sounds the same….. I love Alisyn, but I don’t know how long she can prop up these two without getting weary. I say move Gretchen to the weekend (since she knows it all anyway), perhaps she can impart some of her wisdom upon these two since they don’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. Alisyn belongs on the weekday edition of F&F. BTW, what is this RC site you all speak of???

  13. jakeho Says:

    Darea, the site asked about is Even though Carpe Diem contributors seem to be much more knowledgeable than this author about the site, it seems to basically be a forum for discussion and screen captures of attractive female news reporters.

  14. Darea Says:

    Oh, thanks Jakeho. Just wondering what they were referencing.

  15. boogiewoogee Says:

    Darea, it’s a meeting place for socially inept, celibate males to drool and make lewd and crude remarks about women who are on cable news.

    Although I am no fan of Britney Friel and Ainsley Airhead, I have often cringed at the gross remarks made about them, by males who supposedly worship and “love” them. They truly live for moments of upskirt and downshirt flashes by the women.

  16. Tom Says:

    FYI- I knew Clayton in High School and he was very much into Stand -up Comedy at the time. He was likened to Jerry Seinfeld by his classmates and won several comedy contests. I see why he is on the weekend show as it is not the hard news show of the weekday style. He was also voted one of the most likely to succeed in the entertainment industry by his classmates. For some he is on his way- and I like the drive and dedication that comes from anyone getting into the TV news field. I know it is extremely difficult.
    Ali is by far the best “lady” to be on the weekends- we hope she stays.

  17. Chris G Says:

    Tom, unfortunately, for some of us, “most likely to succeed in the ENTERTAINMENT business” does NOT equal being a success in the NEWS business. And I am still naive enough to believe that.

    I am sure that Clayton is a wonderful human with talent. Unfortunately, IMO, it does not include “reporting” the news. His personality in HS may have been the class clown- but, he comes across, IMO, as arrogant, self-absorbed, and immature. Those qualities may put butts in seats in smoky comedy clubs, but on an international new channel- they come across as minor league. IMO, his grating, irritable personality does NOT fit in with a morning talk show. He requires too much attention- and HE is not the star attraction. I think of how Kelly Wright, Peter Johnson, JR, Eric Shawn, Greg Kelly- and more!- did so well in that seat. They understood when to be humorous, and when to be serious. The clowns on now (with the exception of Aly and Rick) seem to think that every DAY, every SEGMENT, must be goofy time.

    Some of us are way past this “frat-boy” mentality that has seeped into the FNC.

    OK, time for the adult swim. All kiddies out of the pool, please. And that includes the entertainment god Clayton.

  18. Chris G Says:

    Mike (Malone, whomever)- what a silly comment. Ya’ll on RC must get together Fri & Sat nights to decide how you all would collectively respond to women who do not dress/act/talk like women for hire. (“Boyz, when them wimmin ROAR -uh, um, call them, uh…..jealous! Yeah, jealous! That’s what they are!!! Everyone got that?)

    I know we can be intimidating, but when you grow up, maybe you’ll work up the courage to actually SPEAK to a real woman, not stay fixated on the ones on tv.

    PS- they cannot really SEE you boyz.

    Really. They cannot.

  19. motownman Says:

    What is the difference between RC and Carpe Diem?
    Unlike boogiewoogie and Chris G, the members of RC are not cruel, vicious and sanctimonious
    Unlike boogie and Chris G, the good people of RC do not think they are better than everybody else, nor do they think they know more than everyone else
    Of course, if you actually joined the site instead of being miserable trolls, you might find that out
    You see, several of the Fox News ladies do read the board. Some even are members. And the ones who do read it have communicated to our members just how much they appreciate us and what we do for them
    I only came here because Ainsley was being treated unfairly. I had planned to stay away but I won’t stand by and see good people trashed by the likes of boogie and Chris G
    BTW, about Ainsley. She had a wonderful report on Hannity’s America last night about a wiffle ball field built on a toxic site. She was smart, charming, poignant and, when she was talking to Sean, funny
    She was also commended by Sean on her previous report, about a volunteer EMS unit in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. Thanks to Ainsley’s story, viewers donated more than $50,000 to the EMS unit. Ainsley should be very proud
    The folks here never gave her a chance on F&FW, except for Jake, but she’s better off without having to deal with Dumb and Dumber. They are Aly’s headache now.
    As for Ainsley, Sean Hannity is a pretty good ally to have at the Fox News Channel
    I wouldn’t worry about her. She’ll do just fine

  20. boogiewoogee Says:

    No, Sparty, the difference is that Carpe Diem regulars seem to have lives away from the cable TV and computers.

    RC isn’t cruel and vicious? Oh really? Then how on earth do you explain all the nasty remarks about Greta’s and Gretchen’s looks? The rude “jokes” about Page being too busy at the IHOP to be able to watch Butterface’s not-brief-enough stint on F&FW?

    I won’t speak for anyone else here, but those of us in this household don’t want anything to do with all the drooling and twisted perversion on RC.

    The women at Fox who’ve posted on RC only do so because they want you boiz to keep emailing the network on their behalf, and those who have any common sense are probably creeped out by the multitude of caps and the sicko sexual cracks. Did Courtney ever send that drooling idiot an autographed picture? She sure knows how to show fans her appreciation! Or maybe she forgot how to spell her name.

    And guess what, Sparty? Nobody gives a you-know-what about Butterface Ainsley. She’s just another run of the mill newsreader who happens to have a huge chest and wears too tight tops.

  21. Chris G Says:

    Sparty, I take you to task with your comments.

    This is a blog that poses questions, and encourages responses. Most that I have read are from a rather (it appears) diverse group of men and women, who write intelligently and thoughtfully about Jake’s comments. Eh, mostly. Sometimes, we get just plain cranky…….

    RC, on the other hand, seems to attract a certain demographic of mostly males, that have not much more to comment on than a female’s : cleavage (no, they do not yet know what the correct terminology is for female anatomy, sad to say), legs, outfits, open leg shots, open mouth shots, short, short skirts, tight clothes, what sort of (sexual) things they would like to DO to said women, lips- you get the point. RC is NOT a forum for serious discussions about anything. It’s basically soft porn for men who seem to spend an ENORMOUS amount of time online. As a female, I feel like scrubbing my brain after reading most of the male comments that are written there. They creep me out. Ick. I know of NO men in my real life who would dare to talk like that in mixed company- NONE- yet, there, they write away, degrading women as they go. And are encouraged to do so. ICK.

    As for your buddies on RC not being cruel- you simply are not reading anything other than your Angel Ainsley thread. Those “boys” are sick and disrespectful and immature and scraping the bottle of the barrel, as far as evolution goes. Your defense of them is pointless to those of us who are literate. To say that the female reporters are appreciative of those remarks that are made on that site is also a false. I’m sure that they are extremely happy that you all over there exist only on the Internet, as, after reading those comments, would set up serious restraining orders against you all.

    I am sorry that our opinions upset, anger and offend you. You’re going to need to develop thicker skin. She is a woman on your tv- not someone in your real life. She doesn’t know you, will never spend time with you, will never love you (she’s married). I’m not being a troll, here. We all realize that your life revolves around your ability to see Ainsley on TV. You wrote you come on here, b/c this is an “anti-Ainsley site” and we “trash her”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if there is *anyone* who is more disliked on this blog than Clayton Morris, please let me know. Some of us did not care for Ainsley- no big deal. I’ve never seen her on Hannity. Bet she does well. I only watch the weekend show, and I do not care for the men on it right now. Big deal. JMO You must realize that this is simply tv, and not everyone is going to fall in love with Ainsley. I do not need to get gratification from watching tv— like your buds over at RC. Believe it or not, I actually watch the news to be informed, not drool over the women there. Hard to fathom, I realize.

    Your comments/thoughts are your own. I do not write anything here to be deliberately cruel. Jake poses a thought, and we respond. I am sorry that you appear to be one of those people who have not developed coping skills, when confronted by someone who does not 100% agree with you- even online. I thought Ainsley did not have what it takes to be on F & F W. No big deal. She is on tv at other times. (I was more sad to see Kelly Wright/Greg Kelly go.) And I really do not care for Briggs and Morris. Are you upset about that? Are we being trolls for writing that?

    You really need to log off and take a deep breath. Most of us really enjoy coming on here and reading what others post. It’s interesting and fun, and we all have thoughts on things. But, honestly, if someone writing that they do not care for Ainsley is *truly* upsetting you- perhaps you need to take a look at your life. It is not my intent to be cruel. I do not care for your Angel- no big deal, Sparty. Get over it. That is not being cruel or jealous. That’s being honest.

  22. Al Says:

    I’ve said on here before that Ainsley Earhardt does a good job reporting for Hannity’s show as well as a few other reports I’ve seen her do. She’s a good reporter. She is not, however, a good fit for F&F and I’m glad she’s off the show.

    Who is “Sparty”?

  23. motownman Says:

    I am Sparty
    When I registered here, the name Sparty was already taken

  24. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Just because Clayton was into stand-up in high school does NOT mean that it is something he should be doing on a NEWS show … Hard hitting news doesn’t have a schedule of when it will & won’t break out, so that means the weekend crew has to be as skilled in that field as the weekday crew …

    Adam Carolla was voted “Class Clown” in high school … But, that doesn’t mean he should be hosting a news show …

  25. Al Says:

    Griff will be filling-in for Clayton tomorrow… HURRAY!

  26. Brendon Says:

    Tom….you are comparing the idiotic antics and boorish behavior of Clayton to the comedic genius of Jerry Seinfeld? Give us a break!!! Apples & oranges, my friend.

    The ratings for F&FW must be in the dumper, and the complaints about Clayton at a fever pitch, that FNC felt the need to try to humanize him with a picture of his bikini clad wife. It won’t work; he’s still a buffoon.

    Aly really needs some decent co-anchors; TPTB really blew it….Why didn’t they just bring in Alyson with Greg & Kelly?

  27. LT in KY (aka Santino) Says:

    “…Why didn’t they just bring in Alyson with Greg & Kelly?”

    Why didn’t they? Because that would exhibit a bit of logic and sensible taste and TPTB have shown no propensity for being influenced by logic and sensibilty. Duh! (Sorry… just had to throw that in.)

  28. Tom Says:

    Seriously- Griff? Now you are talking baffoon!!!! He is not host material! Clayton has it all over him!

  29. boogiewoogee Says:

    As awful as Griff is as a co-host, he’s miles superior to Claytoon.

  30. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    I caught a few segments of the show today …

    It wasn’t as painful as when Toonces was on … The show was better with Griff & Lawnmower man backing up the Italian meatball …

    Dave actually seemed to find that he didn’t need to fight for attention by yelling to be heard over his co-hosts (like he does when Toonces is there) …

    Griff’s style of humor is self-depricating … whereas Toonces is just be an asteroid style (because he thinks he funny, but we know he is far from it) … IF Toonces wants to be a comedian, then he should go to Comedy Central or BET as FNC is NOT a comedy network …

    I think the combo of Aly & Rick with Griff & Lawnmower Man could possibly work … Lawnmower Man seems to have some self-esteem issues (caused by that bovine Toonces) that he needs to work on with the other 3 … And they need to get the Rickster MORE involved …

  31. Al Says:

    Griff seems to do better with his recorded reports than he does live as a host, but today’s show was totally watchable.

    While I have my preferences, I don’t care all that much who the hosts are provided it is that informative and entertaining F&F morning show I’ve enjoyed for so long. Griff’s ok, Briggs is ok, and Camerota is way better than ok… this trio can work.

    I’m sure Clayton Morris is a nice guy with lots of talent. He doesn’t fit on F&F. Please employ him elsewhere.

  32. boogiewoogee Says:

    I agree with Al that this trio can work and at the very least competently give us the news without insulting our intelligence. But we’d still like to see Rick R. incorporated more into the show.

    Claytoon should be employed by the circus. A freak show unto himself.

  33. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    boogie – The circus wouldn’t want Toonces … I got family that worked for Ringling Bros (on the trapeze) … Toonces would NOT fit in at all …

    Maybe they could sell Toonces to Iran for a pony … LOL

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