Clayton Missing Sara?

Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Clayton Morris has his viewers and fans wondering exactly what his marital status is. For, at least, the last three weekends he has “ditched” his wedding band. Why? Perhaps, he and colleague Dave Briggs have simply switched inclinations: Formerly, Dave rarely had his on and now he seems to never leave home without it whereas Clayton used to always wear his and now cannot seem to find it.

On the other hand, there may be a less hopeful reason. Of late, he has tended to not publicly discuss his marriage to Sarah Morris. In August of ’08,  Clayton proudly introduced Sara to the F&FW audience in a U-Report photo of his beautiful bikini-clad wife displaying a shark she had landed in New Smyrna, Florida. Almost exactly a year later (August ’09), he conspicuously avoided mentioning her during a “Love & Marriage” segment when co-hosts Dave and Alisyn Camerota readily discussed their respective spouses. The last three weekends have done nothing to dispel the suspicions of his viewers.

Clayton, of course, has a right to his privacy. As such, he is more than free to ignore any questions that people may have. But, he should consider that many of these come from his real fans who care about him and hope for the best for him and Sara.

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13 Responses to “Clayton Missing Sara?”

  1. crispy Says:

    None of our business

  2. Reese Says:

    I love fox and friends, and IDK anything about Clayton really, but I did watch his review of Transformers 2, and I couldn’t help but noticed how empty the room looked in the video. It’s sad that I remembered the room he was in more than the transformer review, but I have a passion for interior decorating, so I can’t help it. It looked like a bedroom, but not a hotel type bedroom. I thought maybe he had just moved in or something. I had no idea he was even married or anything at the time, so I though nothing of it, except that maybe he should ask for a raise because the room looked kinda sad. Guys don’t usually have a passion for decorating. and because of that I sort-of assumed he was a bachelor. Like I said, no idea what-so-ever. It was just an observation. I thought he was a bachelor until I read this. I don’t get to watch F&F very often to know these things. Maybe that wasn’t even his bedroom. It just looked very empty is all. There are tons of explanations for an empty room, though.

  3. Natalie del conte Says:

    Three’s a crowd right?

  4. Reese Says:

    they looked pretty happy in march. his wife seems really funny and sweet.

  5. jakeho Says:

    Hat tip, Reese, for the Sarah/Clayton vid link.

  6. Shellanor of Arabia Says:

    1. Her name is Sara- subtract the H. 2. Cheaters never prosper. 3. Character always perseveres. 4. Clayton is an F’ing douche that cheated on her.

  7. Veronica Says:

    He is a cheater and a loser. I’ve
    met his wife once and she is a beautiful and sweet human being who didn’t deserve any of this. He won’t admit it but she left him a long time ago. He just needs to admit wrong doing because he is in the spotlight and acts like he is a perfect husband. He’s not. Stay away ladies – once a cheater, always a cheater.

  8. The Hurricane Says:

    What a scum bag!! Sara is amazing and deserves so much better. She landed a shark alright, her loser husband.

  9. Reese Says:

    woah. wow. had no idea, but i honestly don’t know how anyone who doesn’t have first hand knowledge can really make a full judgment. not to say I’m calling you a liar, i just can’t verify what you say firsthand. sorry for spelling it “sarah”…my sister-in-law spells hers “sarah.” habit.

  10. Reese Says:

    oh and in response to my “empty room” comment, he just posted he is moving:

    maybe everything people are saying is true. sad, if it is.

  11. Angie Marquis Says:

    WOW….I am extremely slow on the uptake and just literally noticed that he wasn’t wearing his wedding band after he and Dave were looking back at their 2009 resolutions and he was wearing it then….how do you guys know he cheated? I’m the victim of a cheating bastard and have no tolerance whatsoever but I can’t find any information at all…I feel terrible that Sara would have to go through this just like Elin Woods with that slimeball Tiger….what IS IT with cheating men???? I will never understand it and hope that God exacts his justice on them for breaking one of his sacred commandments…

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