Dave: F&FW’s Father Figure?

Parental props to Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Dave Briggs. The father of two showed that he has a sensitive nature as to little ones. In an interview of the doctor and parents of a four-year-old Max Irvine (in a segment entitled “Miracle Meal: High Fat, Low Carb Diet Eliminating Seizures), Dave noticed that the small boy, seated on his father’s knee, was getting frustrated and upset because his dad was trying to hold him very still.

As the little lad began to whimper, Dave tenderly stated, “Max is trying to get at Daddy. Max, are you okay this morning?” He continued, “He acts like most four-year-olds: I have one at home. He’s just a little bit upset. This probably isn’t the perfect circumstances for a four-year-old.”

After that much needed moment, Max (and his dad) seemed to relax more throughout the rest of the interview. As the segment ended, Dave kindly commented, “Hey, Max! You can go play now: You don’t have to hang out anymore. Go get him a treat or something.”

A tender dad: good job, Dave!

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One Response to “Dave: F&FW’s Father Figure?”

  1. hgb3 Says:

    Times have sure changed…..for the better! I remember when Howard K. Smith at CBS would do the occasional ‘children’ interview. During the breaks they had to sit absolutely still in their hard backed chairs without saying even as much as a syllable and if they dared to squirm, Smith would have them placed in a “headclamp.”

    Once again, THESE are the good old days.

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