Roberts: “I Got a Closet, Too”

Kiran Chetry, American Morning’s naughty-but-nice co-anchor put John Roberts, her co-host, on the hot seat this morning. After a Jeanne Moos segment entitled “Budget Nerd, Ladies Man” (about Obama budget chief Peter Orszag, a divorced father of two who just got engaged to ABC “money honey” Bianna Golodryga only a few weeks after a shipping mistress bore his “love child), Kiran knowingly turned to John for his take. When he remained steadfastly mute, she fluttered her eyelashes and asked, “Well, what do you think?” Appearing more than a mite uncomfortable, John, also a divorced father of two, threw up his hands and stated, “Hey, you know, live and let live!” To which, Kiran knowingly guffawed.

Chuckling, John exclaimed, “I ain’t saying nothing about nobody!” In an aside to the audience, Kiran raised her eyebrows and smiling declared, “Our lips are sealed.” Looking back as if for his flame CNN anchor Kyra Phillips (who was to later appear on the show), John explained, “I got a closet, too, you know!” Kiran doubled back with laughter.

Realizing that she may need to help John out of his hole that she had helped dig, Kiran said, “Oh, man! But, you live in New York so yours is small. That’s the good news. It’s so small you hardly fit anything in there.” Almost as red-faced as his CNN coffee mug to which he then pointed, John replied, “It’s a very tiny little closet….I couldn’t get this cup in my closet.”

Happily, for John, the segment and the conversation were over. And, no mention of any other closets. Nor, their contents.

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5 Responses to “Roberts: “I Got a Closet, Too””

  1. K abrams Says:

    He has a HUGE walk in closet. Nearly as big as Tiger Woods.

  2. Tom B. Says:

    I guffawed when I read K abrams’ comment. GMAO! gol.

  3. K abrams Says:

    Glad I could bring a smile to your face.

  4. Less Kiran Says:

    Who among us doesn’t have a closet?

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    […] newly elected Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown and his daughters, co-host John “I Got a Closet, Too” Roberts just had to moralize this morning. When the Jeanne Moos story entitled “Dad […]

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