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Draft Domenica Davis

November 29, 2008

Today Fox & Friends Weekend featured the Domenica Davis as its yummy femme meteorologist. Usual weekend weatherguy Rick Reichmuth was nowhere to be found. In fact, he was not even mentioned during the weather segments nor the promos. Is F&FW considering balancing anew the male/female ratio?

Another female is needed on F&FW’s menu. Is Domenica the draft de jour? If not, she’s, at least, a tall glass of water.

Blahnik Rules: Briggs Clueless

November 29, 2008

Dave Briggs, like his predecessor Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Greg Kelly, is an oblivious chap when it comes to women’s footwear and its affect on the male libido. Today after a segment on free flip-flops from British bobbies for besotted beauties, Dave daftly asked [co-anchor Alisyn Camerota], “Why don’t you all just wear more comfortable shoes? We don’t really care that much if you wear the high heels?” To which Aly answered, “No, that’s not an option.”

Whether Dave knows it or not, high heels enhance the distaff aesthetic by creating the perception of a longer leg and a sleeker silhouette. Fashion designers and boudoir photogs have long known this secret. Strangely, the common man responds reflexively to this truth without a conscious comprehension thereof.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the sale of women’s footwear with heels of 3 inches and higher has increased from approximately 1/5 to 1/4 of women’s fashion footwear sold at retail stores in the last two years. Designers have taken notice. Hollywood fave Manolo Blahnik added a hot 6-inch heel this year to his line after two decades of adhering to a 5-inch limit. Parisian shoe auteur extraordinaire Christian Louboutin is offering an 8-inch version of his sexy red-soled stillettos next year.,9171,1731871,00.html

F&F’s Turkey Salute: Naughty G.I. Nurse Fantasy

November 27, 2008

FNC correspondent David MacDougall must have been sipping some contraband liquor this morning on Fox & Friends. In a Thanksgiving tribute to the troops, the randy reporter interviewed two male G.I.’s and then a female one in Kirkuk, Iraq.* He seemed to fancy the G.I. Jane a bit too much.

Introducing Staff Sargeant Cassandra Murphy as working in the medical field, he abruptly asked, “Do you have a nurse’s uniform? And why aren’t you wearing one now?” Embarrassed, she responded, “No, we wear the uniform like everybody else. MacDougall persisted, “Could you wear a nurse’s uniform the next time I could up?” Gamely, she sheepishly laughed, “Well, I’m sure if I could find one, I would: But we don’t have them up there.” After the brief interview ended, Murphy wished a “Happy Thanksgiving” to her mom, dad, Pete, and all her friends and family. A goatish MacDougall declared, “I think Pete back home is getting the naughty nurse’s uniform, don’t you guys?”

As McDougall segued back to the Fox & Friends guest hosts, Clayton Morris warned that he needed to be careful when hitting on the nurse with armed troops around. Ainsley interjected, “Right, right: Be careful, David.” McDougall awkwardly answered, “I’m only human: I’m only human.”

* 8:09 a.m. ET

Megyn Kelly: “Fu**”?

November 26, 2008

Megyn, did you say that? During a legal segment on Gina Salamino, a hot-for-student teacher suing her school district for firing her for her relationship, Megyn seemed to forget she was on air on America’s Newsroom. In the heat of the debate, Megyn pointed out that the student Joshua Walter (now an international model) did not attend school the year in question and apparently asked, “So does she have a legitimate defense? And if he wasn’t a student, they could fuc(*), * they had no right to fire her. Being the consummate pro, Megyn seemed to recover well with the elision of the “k” and the smooth transition to the alternate assertion.

Perhaps, Megyn was a bit overly enamored with the Hugo Boss and H & M model. At the end of the story, Megyn asked, “Can we just see that picture one more time…of the two of them? She added, “Look how happy she is! He is one very good looking seventeen year old.” One of the discussion participants Lis Wiehl cautioned, “That’s not a defense, Megyn.”

* 10:37 a.m. ET

Trace Adkins: Kilmeade, “Such an Idiot”

November 26, 2008

Introducing a Trace Adkins’ segment, Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade said, “He’s capping it off [a banner year] on this just released CD ‘X.” Country music superstar and our only real friend in the industry Trace Adkins.” Adkins responded, “Kilmeade was absent when they had Roman numeral day: Such an idiot!” Abashedly laughing, Kilmeade replied, “Excuse me, Ten. Did you just call me an idiot?” Adkins just shook his head. As F&F co-anchor Steve Doocy tried to cover for Brian, a somewhat exasperated Adkins kiddingly began to get up and riposted, “To CNN.” At the end of the interview, explaining himself, Brian stated, “I just thought that it just happened to be ‘X’ as his tenth album.” Shaking his head again, Adkins answered, “Shut up, Kilmeade.”

Ainsley Back on F&F

November 26, 2008

The alluring Ainsley Earhardt finally returned to the center seat on Fox & Friends today. Fully cloaked in a bright yellow dress from neck to knee, the sexy sweetie decided to prove to her detractors that she can carry a show without a little leg or decolletage. Many of her male admirers may not be overly amused with her priggish attire but will be happy just to have her back on F&F.

Ainsley shines between veterans Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade. The sweet Southern belle blossoms when she does not have to carry her cast a la Fox & Friends Weekend.  No Clayton Morris nor Dave Briggs to hold her back but only old pros to help her succeed.

Ainsley, you proved your point. Now enough of your school marm look!

Colmes: Ciao!

November 25, 2008

An odd farewell from and to Alan Colmes, the liberal counterpart to Sean Hannity on FNC’s popular political polemics program, Hannity & Colmes. During the show, Alan mentioned with little fanfare that he had an announcement to make and Sean seemed to treat it rather lightly: However, in the final segment, Alan announced that he would be leaving the show after twelve years to continue his radio program (“Alan Colmes Show”), contribute to FNC, and to, perhaps, do occasional specials for FNC. He and Sean affirmed their on-screen, off-screen long-time friendship and traded pleasantries. And then the usual segue to Greta and it was over.

According to TVDecoder, Alan will leave at the end of the year. Fox News may be slowly learning from its mistakes. Its past pathetic partings to Fox & Friends’ E.D. Hill and F&FW’s Kiran Chetry, Page Hopkins, Kelly Wright, Greg Kelly, and Ainsley Earhardt left a sour taste in its faithful fans’ mouths. Hopefully, when he leaves at the end of the year, they will give him a respectful send-off.

Adieu, Alan. You have proved yourself a vociferous and vigorous adversary to Sean. And you do so without being mean spirited. Bravo!

Gretch’s Ox Gored Again

November 25, 2008

Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson is loyal to her family. And that’s a good thing. However, Gretch’s journalistic credibility seems somewhat strained when discussing the bailout of the Big 3 Automakers and the Citigroup bailout’s ramifications as to baseball players.

Most F&F viewers know that Gretch’s family are big Minnesota car dealership owners (Main Motors of Anoka since 1919) so her passionate defense of dealers and the need for a Detroit handout is understandable albeit tiresome. However, less well-known is that her hubby is CAA’s Casey Close, Forbes #5 Baseball’s Best Baseball Agent.

Today when discussing Citigroup’s bailout and the taxpayers’ consequent subsidization of Citigroup’s $400 million purchase of the name rights to the Mets new stadium, Steve Doocy suggested that maybe the Mets could play a free game as a token of thanks to the taxpayers. An amused Gretch said, “More on that later as to whether or not the players would do that” and then chuckled. Then Brian Kilmeade and Steve discussed a free Bailout Bowl between possibly the Mets and the Yankees. A pained Gretch asked, “But wait a minute! Why should the players have to play games because Citigroup screwed up?” Somewhat exasperated, Steve patiently explained, “Because their organization is winding up with half a billion bucks.” Gretch responded, “Oh.” Brian chided, “It’s called charity, Gretchen.”

Another ox gored, Gretch?

Roberts’ AM Noose: Too Tight?

November 24, 2008

Roberts’ no-tie look: fashion or necessity? Without warning, the impeccably attired John appeared on American Morning Thursday with an open white shirt without explanation or comment from him, Kiran, or anyone else: Friday Roberts was similarly attired. Today Roberts took the week off after Kiran had said (perhaps, generically), ” We will see you back here on Monday.”

Is Roberts merely taking off an unannounced Thanksgiving week off? Or is he having a recurrence of neck pain that is eased without the fashion noose? Remember, Roberts broke his neck last Thanksgiving in a biking accident.

Regardless, Roberts tieless look looks good. AM needs more of a devil-may-care attitude in apparel and ambiance. In fact, the set could use it, too: the corporate desk and standing tables could be replaced with comfy chairs and/or a couch. Instead of waking up to workplace environs, the viewer would welcome coffee and a smile with well-informed friends before running the rat race.

Janelle has a stellar cast. Hopefully, she will help them shine.

Courtney Returns: “I Missed U Guys”

November 22, 2008

Former Fox & Friends Weekend newsreader Courtney Friel returned today to F&FW after a long hiatus for a shopping segment.  Cheerfully greeting her former F&FW colleague Clayton Morris and “new” co-host Alisyn Camerota, Courtney exclaimed, “I missed you guys”: Aly and Clayton responded in kind. Modestly attired in a purple v-necked dress and lilac high heels, a somewhat subdued Courtney competently conveyed the holiday deals from low-end retailers, e.g., Walmart’s to higher-end stores, e.g., Saks.

Does today’s appearance augur Courtney’s comeback to F&FW on a regular basis?

Best Tease: Spa Lady Megyn

November 21, 2008

America’s Newsroom co-host Megyn Kelly, the well-toned former aerobics instructor,  shared her Mukasey moment with co-anchor Bill Hemmer and her viewers. After a segment on Attorney General Michael Mukasey’s fainting while orating at the Federalist Society, Megyn began to recount her own blackout story.

Megyn related that when she was teaching at Spa Lady, she, being a “diehard,” went back to work right after a bout of pneumonia. (A clearly beguiled Hemmer wanted pics and Megyn assured him that they did exist.) She elaborated that while working out on a platform in front of a mirror, she began to feel woozy, started “to look a lot like Mukasey,” and then fell backward into the mirror. She continued, “The next thing I knew, bam, I [sic[ was back behind me, my legs were up on the platform, and my little spandex was everywhere.” She added, “My head cracked the mirror…I was fine…[and] I was rather humiliated.”

Hemmer responded, “Wait ’til we get the pictures, folks: Stand by. That’s the best tease of the morning.” Megyn giggled and said, “Spa Lady.”

Hemmer, did you actually mean that Megyn herself is the best tease of the morning? Surely, her self-professed number one fan singer/songwriter John Mayer would agree.

Peacock Struts: PeaKiran Demures

November 20, 2008

American Morning co-host John Roberts strutted his stuff today as he disdained his quotidian sartorial attire with his casual abandonment of the fashion noose, i.e., his tie. It was a good caz look that would seem to presage a like liberty for his co-anchor Kiran Chetry. Regrettably, it was not so: the nymph nonpareil was relegated to the rags of a long khaki skirt and long-sleeved, high-collared red top.

Janelle, Janelle. If you are going to jump start AM, you need testosterone as well as estrogen. John may get the girls going but Kiran needs to be set free to fire up the fellows. However, your theft of FNC’s “red memo” was a great idea:* of course, your lovelies (e.g., Kiran, Zain Verjee, Christine Romans, and Carol Costello) need not be adorned in the color of love to be desirable.

By the way, Kiran, don’t necessarily listen to your television spouse. Did he suggest cutting your long tresses? He may have been a mite jealous of your appreciative audience. Of course, you still look gorgeous but your magnificent mane should not have been tampered with.


E.D. Out: Over FNC’s Hill

November 19, 2008

After over a decade on Fox News, E.D. Hill was shown the door by Bill Shine, FNC’s Senior Vice President of Programming according to TVNewser: E.D. is scheduled to depart in a few months as her contractual term ends. The attractive, opinionated towhead had a highly successful seven-year stint as co-host of FNC’s morning news show, Fox & Friends. Further, she served as anchor of America’s Pulse and guest host of the O’Reilly Factor.

However, E.D. recently has had a rough road of late. First, on September, 22, 2006, with little apparent warning, FNC celebrated its 10th anniversary by replacing her with a younger blonde, namely,  Gretchen Carlson, a former Miss America. E.D. was moved to a later FNC morning news program for a short time before she found a home at FNC’s America’s Pulse in the afternoon. There she made her infamous “terrorist fist jab” gaffe and found her show canned ten days later.

The resilient, brassy Texan beauty will no doubt land on her feet. Maybe, she could join her fellow flaxen-tressed FNC exiles, Page Hopkins and Laurie Dhue, in an edgy morning news show or, perhaps, an all-blonde Red Eye for the Straight Guy.

Good luck, E.D!

Moos(e) Makes Palin Soup

November 18, 2008

American Morning’s Jeanne Moos was hatin’ Palin this morning. In her “Behind the Doodle” segment, she contrasted Sarah Palin’s sketches with those of Barack Obama. In doing so, she interviewed a graphologist and on-the-street persons. Without exception Palin’s drawings were panned as displaying her egocentric, “talky,” and/or penal nature whereas Obama’s ones were given rave reviews for indicating his intelligent, clear, and/or concise character. The Moos(e) shoots back and makes Palin soup for breakfast.

F&F’s New Slogan? Fan or Foe!

November 18, 2008

Any ideas? Now that the election has come and gone, Fox & Friends is looking for a new slogan. Brian Kilmeade’s introduction, “This is the official morning show of the 2008 election,” is obviously no longer relevant.

Today co-hosts Gretchen Carlson, Brian, and Steve Doocy solicited suggestions from the audience. “A Rose between Two Thorns,” “Fox and Friends: Gretch is the Fox and, I guess, Brian and Steve Are the Friends,” “Gretch, Curly, and Moe,” [or close facsimiles], etc. were offered by viewers.

What do you suggest? Fan or foe.

To start the reader off, examples are as follow:

Fan: F&F: The official morning show of informed selection.

Foe: F&F: The official morning show of Obama rejection.

Kiran: Sunny “Honey”

November 18, 2008

Did Kiran disclose an off-camera moniker for CNN’s legal eagle Sunny Hostin? After a presidential pardon segment with Sunny yesterday, American Morning’s co-host Kiran Chetry said, “Thanks so much, Honey!” Trying to recoup from her verbal slip, Kiran added, “Honey and Sunny, so good to see you.” Sunny smiled and responded, “Honey’s fine.” As they shared a good laugh, co-anchor John Roberts aptly added, “As long as you say it and not me.”

Sound familiar, Carpe Diem reader?

A.M.: Ali Missing

November 17, 2008

Where has American Morning’s Ali Velshi gone? The Bald Prophet of Doom has disappeared from CNN’s morning news program without a peep. Like its rival Fox & Friends, a change of the crew appears to be something to be spoken of sub rosa. If you’ve looked at AM’s web page lately, you’ll notice that Ali’s bio has been deleted and Christine Romans’ one has been added.

Well, Ali, apparently, has said taken off his AM hat and replaced it with sundry others: CNN’s chief business correspondent hosts Your $$$$$, regularly anchors Issue #1, hosts the Ali Velshi Show (radio and Internet), etc. For fans of the calvous clothes horse, you can still see him parade in his diurnal florid livery as he dispenses his business knowlege and advice in other venues. However, for AM’s audience, B-POD has been replaced by the lovely, no-nonsense Christine Romans.

Chipper Carlson Returns

November 17, 2008

After taking off three days last week for shoulder surgery, Fox & Friends Gretchen Carlson returned as perky as ever. Apparently, not suffering from pain killer withdrawal, Gretch greeted the day with gusto and cheer. No Monday blues for F&F’s Katie Couric!

Aly: Fondle the Merchandise

November 16, 2008

Hottie Alisyn Camerota promo’d a newly edited weekend version of her ab workout with Terrell Owens today on Fox & Friends Weekend. In a tease to the segment, Clayton Morris said, “You can play along at home and count how many times that Alisyn touches Terrell throughout the segment. Aly pertly resplied, “I was being a good reporter and I had to show and really…fondle the merchandise.” Dave Briggs added, “Hands on reporting.” At the story’s end, Clayton tallied the touches and reported, “A total of nine times.”

Aly’s ab workout reminds the F&FW faithful of the fabulously fit Bikini Aly. Aly, how do your abs look after your T.O. workout? As Paul Harvey might ask, “Where’s the rest of the story?”

Wallace: Aly’s Tough

November 15, 2008

Alisyn Camerota’s no Gretchen Carlson: just ask Chris Wallace. Accustomed to Gretch’s blandishments and flirtations, Chris wasn’t expecting a distaff Brian Kilmeade barb during his promo for his “Television & the Presidency” miniseries. After Clayton Morris lavishly lauded Chris’ five-part special and the segment came to a close, Chris added, “I’ll tell you, it’s really good: it’s really very good.” With her signature moxie Aly irreverently riposted, “We’ll be the judge of that.” To Aly’s surprised co-hosts Dave Briggs and Clayton, Chris aptly replied, “She’s tough.”

Indeed, Aly is noone’s shrinking violet.