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Aly & Bill: “In the Closet”?

December 4, 2013

Camerota seems ready to get out of it with Ms. “Money.” For three days straight,  America’s News HQ co-hosts Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer have appeared in their “new studio,” an apparent homage to a bourgeois master bedchamber closet. Instead of heralding from their usual capacious, plush high-tech studio with multiple sets, they are doing so from a small Spartan one that simply features two chairs and a desk. To make matters worse, poor Aly and Bill seem so crowded in their new quarters that they can barely read their papers without the camera itself physically intruding into their personal space.

In her first show in her new digs Monday, Aly appeared to inadvertently disclose that she was less than thrilled with the change. Before interviewing Money (FBN) anchor Melissa Francis who appeared on screen (from the FBN studio), Aly chuckled, “We’re in a new studio! And, you’re still money!”* Laughing, ANHQ co-host Bill Hemmer concurred, “And, you’re still money, all the way from here.”

At least, Bill still has a nice studio on America’s Newsroom with Martha MacCallum. But, Aly does not: She has more than paid her dues on Fox News as her Fox & Friends Weekend fans will attest. It’s time for FNC to treat Aly with the respect that she has earned.

*America’s Newsroom – 12/02/13 (@ 1:16 p.m. ET)

Geraldo: Juliet…You Were Freakish, Baby!

March 23, 2012

Steppin’ Out’s “Sexiest”: Especially, when–I know! Fox & Friends guest co-host Juliet Huddy made quite the impression on FNC co-host Geraldo Rivera on Hump Day this week, apparently. Yes, he loved the style of the Hoboken honey today in her rather demure crew-necked, micro-sleeved, somewhat short blue dress today: But, apparently, he really loved her “freakish” look in her daring decolletage-baring, sleeveless mini of the same color Wednesday.

At the end of Geraldo’s weekly Friday appearance this mornng with her (and her co-anchors Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy), Juliet cooed, “Bye, Geraldo! Good seeing you, Honey! Say hello to Erica.”

In a rather perfunctory response, Geraldo simply said, “Thank you, thank you,” and shook hands with Steve and Brian. Then, turning back to Juliet, with an appreciative wave of his right hand from her feet to her face, Geraldo rakishly remarked, “Juliet, I love your style, especially around mid-week: you were looking freakish, Baby!”*

Chuckling, Juliet reddened and pointed to him with her Hi-liter pen without looking at him. Trying to coyly shush him, the flattered, flustered lovely purred, “Especially, when–I know. Um, okay!” Then, she laughed with lusty pleasure.

Before segueing to the tease for the next block, Brian waggishly added, “Alright. [Her style] but not, but not Steve’s. With his still patently robust machismo on display, Geraldo laughed heartily. Meanwhile, a smiling Steve arched his eyebrows and shook his head, saying, What!” Loving the amorous attention, a beaming Juliet, exclaimed, “Alrighty!”

“Alrighty” indeed. Juliet, “freakish” on Hump Day, Geraldo? Well, the gammy, buxom gal was certainly in rare form Wednesday in her sleeveless purple mini with a plunging neckline. Perhaps, she was merely making up for the more matronly appearances of her new colleague Melissa Francis Monday and Tuesday: Or, maybe, not!

Fox & Friends – 03/23/12 (@8:10 a.m. ET)

*Caveat: Geraldo’s “rakish remark,” supra, was clearly audible in the beginning and became somewhat less so toward the end: However, to ensure an accurate account as possible, the author listened to the audio repeatedly and, subsequently, transcribed his hearing thereof.

Fox & Friends: “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”

March 20, 2012

FBN’s Melissa Francis again today: Where is Nicole Petallides? Former child actress Melissa may have been Charles Ingall’s cute little girl Cassandra on “Little House on the Prairie” but she’s all grown up now. The Harvard grad and whilom CNBC anchor is a recent FBN hire who has filled in for the frequently absent Fox & Friends anchor Gretchen Carlson for the last two days. Yes, she is attractive and competent: But, she is not FBN’s real “Stocks Fox,” Nicole Petallides.

Even though Nicole does oft appear on F&F and its weekend version, FNC Executive VP of Programming Bill Shine still has not given Nicole a chance to co-anchor either to the author’s knowledge. The gorgeous Greek goddess with the gams “2 hot 4 F&FW” certainly turns up the heat on the set whenever she appears. So much so that Red Eye’s TV’s Andy Levy aptly dubbed her the “Stocks Fox.”

Of course, Shine may have wanted to give FBN’s new hire Melissa added exposure. And, cable news juggernaut Fox & Friends is the perfect place to do that. However, Nicole has been at FBN for approximately five years: The brainy beauty certainly has earned her chance to co-anchor on the curvy couch.

Time for Nicole to rise and “shine,” Bill!