Hot on Huddy’s Heels

Juliet’s sexy sole on sale–at last. On Thanksgiving Day, Fox News’ guest anchor Juliet Huddy teased her America Live viewers with the news that she was going to offer them her signed stilettos–the very red and white ones that she was then wearing–to raise funds for the world’s impoverished peoples on the‘s website, However, thereafter, both Juliet and the charity have remained strangely mute as to the auction until today.

Since Juliet has not provided any news as to her shoe auction to her Twitter followers, the author decided to call the Tennessee headquarters of After repeated calls last week for more information, the author was finally routed today to Elizabeth, a representative who said that she had checked on the status of Juliet’s shoes today. Elizabeth informed the author that they are now in route to her organization and should be on auction next week at both and

Don’t be shy, guys. Ante up the cash. Do it for a good cause–and Juliet’s Naughty Monkeys!

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    […] Carpe Diem has repeatedly called for an explanation. On December 6, spokesperson Elizabeth replied that she had checked on Juliet’s shoes that day, that they […]

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