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A.M.: T.J. Time!

January 6, 2011

After Holiday drear, some CNN cheer. Today interim American Morning co-host T. J. Holmes finally brought some belated Christmas spirit to AM viewers in the New Year. After enduring the unceremonious departure of alpha male co-host John Roberts on Christmas Eve and the subsequent parade of AM “C Team” anchors, Joe Johns and Jim Acosta, the AM audience was treated to a notable tryout by “B Team” player T.J. Holmes.

Even though the young buck may still lack the gravitas and urbanity of Roberts, Holmes demonstrated a refreshing common sense and unpretentious presence much needed in the Manhattan AM air. Not to mention, he evinced a certain charismatic connection with his audience and a ready rapport with co-anchor Kiran Chetry. Nevertheless, as evidenced by his self-proclaimed “interim” status, Holmes may yet have to contend with other “B Team” AM anchors like his handsome ivory twin Rob Marciano and foppish biz whiz Ali Velshi.

Good job, T.J.!

Johns: “Rob, Where’s Your Thong?”

December 14, 2010

Chetry: “We all know where your thong is.” American Morning co-hosts Joe Johns and Kiran Chetry decided to saucily jazz (or “Jautz”) things up yesterday morning with their CNN colleague Rob Marciano. And, their hunky meteorologist was more than happy to play along.

Before Rob’s weather segment, Kiran reported on the annual Toronto Santa Speedo Run. As footage ran of the girls and guys in their Santa skivvies, Joe interjected, “That’s so wrong!”* Not completely concurring, Kiran racily remarked, “Actually, everybody looks in pretty good shape, I gotta say. If you’re gonna wear a Speedo, rock on!” When Joe sarcastically answered, “Yeah, right. That’s the front of the line,” the clip showed the rear–and rears–of the final three athletic male Santas: risquely, Kiran responded, “Uh, now the back of the line doesn’t look that bad either!” As she concluded the story, Kiran laughed, “It’s all about generating body heat.” Wanting the final word, Joe commented, “Yeah, right. Just no thongs!”

Subsequently, as Joe segued to the weather forecast, he jauntily jested, “Rob Marciano in the Extreme Weather Center. Rob, where’s your thong?” Before Rob could answer, Kiran burst out in laughter, exclaiming, “That’s not what I was going to say!” Straight-faced, Rob replied, “Well, it’s, come on, Joe! It’s on, of course, silly.” Interposing racily, Kiran commented, “I was going to say, ‘Where’s your chicken costume?’ We all know where your thong is.” A salty Rob answered, “Exactly! It’s not red. Just so you know.”

Too bad, Rob: one of Kiran’s favorite colors is red. Also, she happens to know of, at least, one guy who sports a red thong–in fact, his “lucky” one.** Of course, hubby Chris may have one, too.

Alas, AM viewer, to purge your mind of such frightful sights, you may prefer to envision Kiran in her very own red Christmas thong. Happy thoughts!

* American Morning – 12/13/10 (@ 6:47 a.m. ET)

**American Morning – 10/28/10 (Kiran’s read remarks on San Francisco Giant Aubrey Huff.)

Kiran: Let’s Get Physical

November 30, 2009

American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry was feeling rather earthy this early morn. As AM returned from commercial to the soft, spiritual strains of Cat Stevens’ “Morning Has Broken,” Kiran complained, “I just want to say thanks. As if we’re weren’t depressed enough: it’s a Monday morning. Why are we playing this song?” She added, “I mean, couldn’t we, at least, play that little “Baby, Baby, It’s a Wild World one by him? Gosh! Anyway.”

As she then segued to meteorologist Rob Marciano, she joked, “I understand this was a request from Rob Marciano. He requested this song. It’s one of his favorites.” Good-naturedly, Rob retorted, “I didn’t request that.” When the AM beefcake playboy‘s report concluded, Kiran risquely remarked, “Listen, if we had one more hour, we would play your other request by Engelbert Humperdinck (assumably, ‘Come Spend the Morning‘).”* As Rob beamed broadly and co-host Joe Johns roared with laughter, Kiran laughed, “Alas, alas, we are out of time.”

A.M.: Amorous Marciano?

*[For the reader unfamiliar with Humperdinck’s song, one lusty lyric reads “Long-legged, open-eyed, satisfied woman, come spend the morning with me.”]

Romans’ Riddle

November 27, 2009

Christine: “Penguin” pet or black widow? American Morning guest co-host Christine Romans let her audience know that Thanksgiving Day was over and done with. Dressed in black from head to toe, the biz whiz beauty sternly warned her attentive audience today not to shop on historically the year’s busiest day unless they had the money. And not only that, the pretty pedant rapped the knuckles of any of her wayward followers that dared step out of line.

In fact, Christine seemed somewhat loathe to cede a scintilla of control or to admit to the faintest of foibles. E.g., one “clueless” Canadian chap Tweeted that she had dressed appropriately for the Black Saturday and looked like a penguin. With more than a hint of sarcasm, Christine sniped, “penguin? really george? there’s no white. gee i always love fashion advice.” Completely chastened, he responded, “the whites of your great smile! you look great by the way and it’s nice to see you in the hosting chair on AM, great job!”

Yes, the author, too, got a bit of Christine’s piqued peck. Yesterday, he had the temerity to tease her yesterday for confiding to John Roberts one day that her mother was actually cooking the Thanksgiving turkey and then telling Joe Johns the next day that she herself would. Today, she peevishly replied, “oh jeesh. i bought turkey, thawed it and spiced it and put it in the roaster. mom took over then while i made pies. hubby carved it.” Perhaps, she was goaded into showing that a country girl from Iowa could cook or she just adventitiously altered her plans and did so. Nevertheless, her aunt Margie has yet to confirm her account.*

Penguin? No, Christine is not a flightless fowl but she is a pretty bird that soars on AM. Black widow? No, she bites but her hubby Ed Tobin survived. (Christine and Ed have two children.) However, she seems as if she could indeed be a delightfully dangerous man killer.

*As AM’s penultimate block opened with a shot of the Windy City, Christine commented, “Ah, my family in Chicago. She continued, “I had Thanksgiving yesterday at Pat and Margie’s house….I give a shout-out to Aunt Margie.”

Christine’s Turkey: Baloney?

November 26, 2009

Instead of Thanksgiving turkey, American Morning guest co-host Christine Romans appeared to serve up some baloney to her viewers this morning. As the show opened, fill-in co-host Joe Johns asked, “Do you have your turkey all cooked and ready to go?” Christine answered, “It’s not cooked: it’s thawing as we speak.” Unfortunately, she did not stop there.

Christine continued, “I’m waiting til we get home and then I’m starting to cook it.” Yesterday, when co-anchor John Roberts was giving Christine turkey cooking advice, she admitted that her mother was actually doing the cooking.

Tsk, tsk, Christine! I hope that your mom was not watching this morning. However, just hope she doesn’t have it on DVR!

Sunny Honeybee’s Flight of Fancy

January 7, 2009

Where will American Morning’s correspondent Sunny Hostin finally alight? Today she landed again on Fox & Friends’ curvy couch this morning in a debate segment on cities’ not requiring job applicants to disclose a felony conviction. The CNN legal eagle was introduced by F&F co-host Steve Doocy merely as a former federal prosecutor.

Since four days ago AM’s guest host Joe Johns introduced Sunny as a legal analyst and her name reappeared on AM’s website as a correspondent,* this author deduced that she had returned to CNN with a renewed contract. Perhaps, I spoke prematurely. It appears that Sunny Honey** is still flitting about from flower to flower–not sure which cable news network beckons best.

Whoever Sunny selects should be happy to dance with the Hula Hoop Honey!



Sunny A.M. Again

January 3, 2009

Looking resplendent in her hot pink top and matching necklace, American Morning’s legal eagle Sunny Hostin has returned to CNN’s nest.* Introduced by AM guest co-host Joe Johns as “legal analyst” and now listed on AM’s web site as correspondent, the sunny sweetie shone as she explained newly enacted laws for the year 2009. AM fans, your hula hoop honey has come home!


Carol: AM’s “No Life” Xmas Viewers

December 26, 2008

American Morning guest co-host Carol Costello won’t be doing promos for CNN’s morning news program any time soon. After her being late for yesterday’s show,  this morning her temp co-anchor Joe Johns teased, “Glad to see that you could make it!” In response, Carol replied, “I hope none of you were watching on Christmas Day because you actually do have a life.”

The former farm lass who used to have own gun and once butchered a bovine is, perhaps, a bit unconventional. However, Carol seems to keep her colleagues and her viewers on their toes with her refreshing shoot-from-the-hip candor. She’s no Kiran Chetry but she and Kyra Phillips are two pretty, pert peas in a pod.

Roberts “Back Pretty Soon”

December 1, 2008

When will John Roberts return to CNN’s American Morning? According to AM’s co-anchor’s substitute Joe Johns simply said, “John Roberts will be back pretty soon: Until then, I’m here.” As loyal AM viewers know John took off Thanksgiving week as well.

Since Roberts’ return appears to be somewhat open-ended, it appears to the author that Roberts’ open-shirt look that he sported on his latest two days on air may not have been merely a fashion choice. Did his 2007 Thanksgiving neck injury flare up? If so, hopefully, he’s on the mend or will be soon.