Huddy: A “Naughty” Heel? spokesman: “Still trying to get info” on Juliet Huddy’ promised shoes for the needy. On Thanksgiving Day, America Live guest co-anchor Juliet Huddy offered to sell her soul, er, sole(s) to the highest bidder to help raise money for impoverished people around the globe. Unfortunately, she has yet to deliver.

On that Thanksgiving Day AL show, Juliet and her fellow guest co-anchor Rick Folbaum interviewed CEO Wayne Elsey about his charity that supplies new and used shoes to the world’s poor. During the colloquy, Rick playfully bent down and stripped Juliet’s foot of her sleek stiletto and jested to Elsey that he would be sending it in the mail to

Almost an hour later, as the show was ending, Juliet revealed, “They [] actually asked…if I would sign it and then they would try to do like a little, a little auction thing.” To the viewers, Rick announced, “ [another address].” As Juliet enthusiastically took her pen, Rick elaborated, “You [the viewer] can get these shoes!”

Amping up the ardor and anticipation for the bidding on Juliet’s worn shoes at, Rick racily asked, “What size are they, by the way?” After answering that her high heels were a size eight, Julie suggestively upped the ante, adding, “And, they’re by Naughty Monkey’s Closet. Naughty Monkey!” Subsequently, she signed her sexy stiletto and ordered, “Bid!”

Unfortunately for Juliet’s fans and fanciers, they have been unable to comply with her command: I.e., Juliet has yet to give her soles for the souls who need shoes. In fact, her chosen charity,, has not even mentioned the auction at all on either of their web addresses since Juliet offered and signed her shoes up for bid.

Consequently, Carpe Diem has repeatedly called for an explanation. On December 6, spokesperson Elizabeth replied that she had checked on Juliet’s shoes that day, that they were in route, and that they should be up for bid the following week. When they were not, Carpe Diem checked back on December 20: this time, Elizabeth indicated that she had checked with FNC and that they had not sent the shoes but that they should be in after New Year’s Day. Yesterday, when the Carpe Diem followed up yet again, Elizabeth said that was “still trying to get info” on Juliet’s shoes.

Juliet, are you being a “Naughty” heel, and giving the runaround? Remember your promise to the needy on Thanksgiving Day. Time to pony up!

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