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Kiran’s OK! Baby Pics OK?

July 15, 2008

OK! Why was the celebrity baby pics segment axed today on American Morning? The story was titled “Ethics for Sale” and later “Photo Bidding War” and was scheduled at 8:43 A ET. After Kiran Chetry teased it at 7:44 A ET, I e-mailed her at 7:52 A ET asking if she and her husband Chris Knowles had been paid by OK! Magazine for their baby’s pictures. AM did one more tease at 8:05 A ET and then no more. It never aired.

Strangely, a rerun of an earlier story on the banning of trans fat by California lawmakers was played instead at the appointed time of 8:43 A ET. Later (after another rerun concerning Miss USA falling on her derriere), Kiran explained, “Because of some breaking news on the economic front, we ran out of time and weren’t able to bring you the story about some celebrity baby photos going for as much as fifteen million, Angelina Jolie’s new twins one of them: so is that ethical and what are the implications of that?” She added, “Even if it’s going to charity, is it the right thing to do?” Then John assured the audience that the story would be aired the next hour on CNN Newsroom which was “coming up in a few minutes’ time”: it didn’t.

Did the producers kill the story because of a perceived conflict of interest? Ironically, from the author’s perspective, making money off baby pics, especially if given to charity, is not ethically adverse. However, the story’s evaporation seemed somewhat suspect. AM, trust your audience: we’re fair.

Kiran’s Back (W/ Baby Pics)

June 16, 2008

The ever gorgeous Kiran Chetry finally returned today from maternity leave to host CNN’s American Morning. She proudly shared two photos of her two-month-old son Christopher Chetry Knowles. The first pic was of little Christopher being lovingly embraced by his two-year-old sister Maya Rose. The second one was a solo shot of the cute, chubby fourteen-pound tot. The photos were the first ones shown of Christopher by AM: OK! Magazine’s exclusive precluded the pictures of Kiran’s baby at his birth to be aired.

Kiran’s male admirers may have been slightly disappointed. She returned in a Kyra Phillips style red mini dress sans decolletage. However, cloaked beauty is better than none at all.

Welcome back, Kiran!

Kiran Coming Back?

May 15, 2008

In answer to the comment (3.) of a blog reader to “CNN Weaning Kiran’s Fans?,” this author thought that an additional post might be helpful. He basically indicated that the “off the cuff” remarks of Kiran Chetry, John Roberts, and Kyra Phillips as to the length of Kiran’s maternity leave were in jest; that Kiran was in hog heaven with greater news resources at CNN vis-a-vis FNC; and that Kiran would rather be at work with “adults” than stay at home with her children.

Generally, “off the cuff” remarks tend to reveal the truth. Kiran told John Roberts that she would be back before he had a chance to miss her (maybe, a few days) after Roberts told the viewer that it would be about two weeks. Later, Kyra Phillips, Kiran’s sub, mentioned that she would be there for about two months. Now that a month has elapsed and no mention of Kyra filling in for Kiran Chetry has been made in the last three days (as Kyra or John did usually), it is no stretch to wonder if Kiran has reconsidered and decided to stay at home with her beautiful children for the near future. As to news resources, FNC can compete ably with CNN with its network of partners, such as SKY and WSJ. In re rather being at work, Kiran is a genuine family person and the allure of her two children must be strong. (For some conspiracy theorists, Kiran’s Sparty hosted by CNN/US prez Jonathan Klein’s wife and her high profile features in InStyle and OK! Magazine could be seen as a secret sendoff.)


OK! Kiran Delivers!

April 18, 2008

According to CNN, last night at 10:45 p.m. American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry, her hubby NYC WPIX weatherman Chris Knowles, and their daughter Maya Rose welcomed a new addition to their family, Christopher Chetry Knowles. The baby boy weighed seven pounds zero ounces. Kiran described him as looking “so much like [his] Daddy,” according to People.

Little Chris came into the world a luminary like his lovely mother. According to Kiran’s AM co-host John Roberts, OK! Magazine has an exclusive on his baby pics: Ergo, AM was not able to show any photos. Kiran joins other hottie celeb moms like Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Lopez in this reasonably new trend.

Your many friends and fans at both CNN and FNC (especially Fox & Friends) are very happy for you both. God has blessed you with both a daughter and a son. Congratulations, Kiran and Chris!

CNN: AM – 04/18/08