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Dave’s Dance: Off-Screen

October 10, 2010

Aly: “Dancing on the sofa.” Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Dave Briggs pulled a “Tom Cruise” (atop Oprah’s sofa) today: however, unfortunately, F&FW producers failed to deliver it to their audience. Happily, at least, co-host Alisyn Camerota disclosed the off-screen incident to her F&FW fans.

After a headlines news story (read by Aly) featuring a clip of the Blue Brothers dancing to the now deceased Solomon Burke‘s “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love, Aly revealed, “And, I’m chuckling because Dave is dancing on the sofa to the Blues Brothers’ song.”* Co-anchor Clayton Morris remarked, “How can you not? “Soul Man” [sic]. Still in the mood and mimicking a hep cat’s voice, an animated Dave declared, “It’s the Blues Brothers, baby!”

Immediately thereafter segueing to meteorologist Rick Reichmuth’s weather report, Clayton commented, “Let’s check in with Rick Reichmuth who’s still laughing because he thought that that Soyuz capsule [another headlines news story] was Greg Gutfeld up there in space.” Holding his cellphone up, Rick replied, “No, I actually was laughing at Dave. And, I was trying to take a picture from my standpoint of Dave.” “Not happening!,” interjected Dave. When Rick concluded (after being interrupted), “As he was dancing there during Alisyn’s [segment],” Dave explained, “That’s ’cause I wasn’t on camera.”

In response, Rick aptly noted, “We should have like a constant feed ’cause Dave’s constantly dancing or something while Aly’s doing the headlines.” Or, perchance, producers could simply instruct their camerapersons to catch those priceless moments to share them with the fans? At the very least, a YouTube clip might be in order.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 10/10/10 (@9:08 a.m. ET)

Cuddly Koalas: AM Porn?

January 7, 2010

Not exactly, but…. Today, American Morning correspondent Jeanne Moos’ concupiscent koalas shamelessly stole the show from the “misbehaving” kids in her report entitled “Stealing the Scene.”* During¬† her AM segment,¬† Moos celebrated children who grabbed the limelight from their elders at newsworthy events, e.g., Senator Dodd’s chatty daughters yesterday, Justice Roberts’ dancing son, etc. However, Moos, in her final clip, evidenced that animals could one-up the kids: viz., Moos feted two koala bears who had interrupted an Andy Roddick interview at an Australian koala sanctuary by putting on a spontaneous sex show above his shoulder in their Aussie arbor.

As this Youtube moment of the koalas communing amorously (to the sound of romantic music and lingering cinematic shots), AM co-anchor John Roberts deadpanned, “Nature: ain’t it wonderful.” Co-host Kiran Chetry joyously exclaimed, “Yes!” Then, shrugging her shoulders and looking at John, she laughed, “Bee’s do it; birds do it; [and] koalas do it.” In response, John just shook his head, raised his eyebrows, and mouthed, “Wow.”


*American Morning (01/07/10) – @6:54 a.m. ET

ACORN Vid: Old or Misdated?

September 16, 2009

Filmmaker James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles released their latest ACORN vid expose yesterday. (In it, once again the duo pose respectively as a pimp and prostitute seeking housing and tax advice from the community organizing group.) On the embedded YouTube video, O’Keefe said that the vid filmed in an office in San Bernardino, CA, occurred on August 17, 2009. If one merely looks at this video, there is no apparent time or date stamp.

Whereas American Morning ran the YouTube version,* Fox & Friends aired another one with time and date stamps included.** The time shown was “20:41:03” and the date indicated was “2005.08.14.” If accurate, the video would have been taken at 8:41 p.m. four years ago.

Of earlier O’Keefe & Giles’ exposes, ACORN chief organizer, Bertha Lewis claimed, “It is clear that the videos are doctored, edited, and in no way the result of the fabricated story being portrayed by conservative activist ‘filmmaker’ O’Keefe and his partner in crime.” Even though subsequent firings of some of the involved employees may tend to belie her assertions, the F&F video with the old or misdated time and dates stamps may lend some credence thereto.

*American Morning (09/16/09) – @7:48 a.m. ET

**Fox & Friends (09/16/09) – @8:06 a.m. ET

Roberts Abashes Alina

April 16, 2009

Another unanticipated Roberts ad lib! Yesterday American Morning correspondent Alina Cho’s reported on the inspiring debut of Susan Boyle on “Britain’s Got Talent” debut and her consequently sensational YouTube success. [Boyle aptly sang Fantine’s “I Have a Dream” from Les Miserables.] As her segment closed, AM co-anchor John Roberts replied, “She’s fantastic!” To which, Alina answered, “Let’s hope they don’t make her over.” Co-anchor Kiran Chetry drily agreed, “I know. Just waiting for the makeover: They do it to everybody, right?”

Then John rained on Alina’s parade. Not unlike when he embarrassed former CNN legal eagle Sunny Hostin with an off-the-cuff query,* WikiRoberts queried, “Maybe, they’ll let her play Cosette [another Les Miserables character]. What do you [Alina] think?” Looking like a deer in the headlights, she looked hopefully at Kiran, shook her head, and mouthed, “I don’t [know].

Trying to cue her, John interjected, “In the next iteration of Les Miz.” Prompting her further, Kiran commented, “Yeah.” Alina responded, “Oh, oh, the character. Yes.” Then Alina smiled, lowered her head, and added, “You got me there. Sorry!”

John, Janelle is going to get you one day for not staying on script!

Kiran: Underneath My Skirt

January 7, 2009

“Could have gotten ugly”? Many of Kiran Chetry’s admirers would dare to disagree. Like the famed burlesque star Sally Rand, American Morning’s Kiran Chetry may have disabused many of her fans of the mystery of distaff delight. Apparently, no more popular Fox & Friends YouTube moments for now.

After a segment airing the “Moment of Zen” from Comedy Central’s the “Daily Show with Jon Stewart” showcasing Richard Simmons amorously kissing Kiran’s foot, AM co-anchor John Roberts asked, “Did he just snap or what happened?” Kiran explained, “Well, he’s Richard Simmons.” Roberts randily further queried, “A foot kisser?” Kiran replied, “Apparently. He would not let go.”

Then she added, “The…good news is that I had on emergency bike shorts underneath my skirt because it could have gotten [sic] ugly.” When Roberts feigned embarrassment, Kiran tittered, “Too much information?” Roberts responded, “Just a bit.” Laughing, Kiran replied, “You just never know if you’re going to trip in the studio: you’ve got to be covered. I hope that’s not the next moment of Zen.”

Kiran, emergency biking shorts? Sounds like Chris has given you some Zen Depends. You and Janelle may well want to reconsider that netherwear choice.

“If you’re going to trip in the studio,” you might as well look good in the video.

Obama “Salutes” McCain

November 3, 2008

At a Jacksonville, FL, rally of supporters on election eve, Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama “saluted” his Republican opponent John McCain for his hard-fought campaign. As Obama spoke of McCain, he rubbed the left side of his face with his right hand’s forefinger and then his middle finger in a possible road rage gesture.* One is transported in time to Raleigh, N.C., where Obama gave a similar gesticulation when touching the right side of his face as he criticized his primary foe Hillary Clinton to a receptive audience.

Perhaps, Obama should stick to the old basketball “rattling of the keys” as a way of saying goodbye to his political opponents.