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Jerrick Plays Priapus With Huddy

February 16, 2014

Reddening, Juliet swats his faux phallus away. Former Fox & Friends Weekend co-hosts Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy were back in action on the curvy couch this morning. Filling in for Tucker Carlson and Anna Kooiman, respectively, the concupiscent couple were back to their usual naughty selves as they joined F&F regular anchor Clayton Morris anew for a Philly sandwich.

However, today, Mike took his priapic play with Juliet up a notch when he probably thought that the two of them were safely off camera. During an 111th American International Toy Fair toy preview segment, their guest displayed a retro toy called the “Bop Bag,” (a vertical, phallic-shaped punching bag that bounces back when pounded).* Bawdily, Mike intoned, “That’s what I call Juliet, ‘bop bag'” as Juliet chuckled. When the segment came to an end, Juliet teased upcoming stories as accompanying clips aired.

As Juliet’s intros ended, Mike briefly positioned the bop bag as if it were his erect phallus pointed salaciously toward Juliet’s kisser. Blushing, she batted her bad boy’s toy aside with the back of her hand, exclaiming, “Michael!” Shaking her head with a smile, she simply turned and wisely walked away.

[Author’s aside: Apt Priapus Mike flashback? In September 2007, noted, “Mike will jump at every opportunity to make a double entendre, while Juliet will sometimes squirm a little–or even visibly blush–when things get racy.” This was perfectly illustrated after the taping of their show [The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet], when Juliet said the word ‘p*nis’ on the air for the first time. ‘I never thought we’d get that “p*nis” out of her mouth,’ Mike quipped after the show.”]

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 02/16/14 (@ 7:47 a.m. ET).

Juliet: “This is Weird!”

August 16, 2011

A.S.S.: Caught in Mike’s lap. Fox & Friends Weekend guest co-hosts Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick seemed like old flames Saturday. As the two former two-time TV spouses [F&FW and Morning Show with Mike and Juliet] got back together on F&FW, they seemed to reignite that old spark in a “Philly Sandwich” with co-anchor Clayton Morris: But, according to Juliet, it got “just weird” during the After the Show Show (A.S.S.).

As A.S.S. began, Mike, Juliet, Clayton, and meteorologist Rick Reichmuth walked over to the nearby “trading desk” to talk with FBN anchor Nicole Petallides and two other business guests about stocks. With only two seats available (one at each end of the desk), Clayton took one and Mike the other: Meanwhile, Juliet stood behind Nicole and Rick next to Mike. When Clayton began to interview Nicole and before the camera zoomed in on her, Juliet walked over toward Mike as he pulled back his chair. Putting her hand around Mike’s neck, a smiling Juliet then sat down seemingly in his lap (by then off-camera).*

As Nicole finished her answer and the camera panned out for a shot of the whole cast, there sat Juliet comfortably on Mike’s knee!** When Juliet realized that the viewers could see her in Mike’s lap, she smiled and blushed. Chuckling uncomfortably, she stood up and turned to Rick, whispering, “This is weird!”

As Rick sheepishly grinned, Mike looked down as if nothing unusual had happened. Weird? No, just classic Fox & Friends.

*After the Show Show – 08/13/11 (@0.54/5.53)

**Ibid at @1.17/5.53.

FNC: Missing Mike?

September 3, 2010

From Gretchen’s “secret” to Janice’s plea, Philly Fox 29 host Mike Jerrick was back–or, perhaps, well on his way back. The former Fox & Friends Weekend co-host received an extra tight embrace from his former colleagues, especially, F&F femmes, anchor Gretchen Carlson and meteorologist Janice Dean today. The bad boy was back and the girls were loving every minute of it.

Welcoming Mike warmly as the show began, co-anchor Gretchen Carlson turned to him and cheerfully announced, “Mike Jerrick [is] back!” As Mike exclaimed, “Good to see you!” and eagerly kissed her cheek, Gretchen continued, “We haven’t seen each other for so long. Or, well, we see other but [have] not worked together.” When Mike then animatedly answered, “Yeah, yeah. It’s been three, four years, I think,” Gretchen turned to the audience and teased, “Coming up sometime during the show, I’m gonna share a secret about Mike Jerrick.” As Mike playfully tensed up and an off-camera floor crew member muttered, “Uh, oh!,” Gretchen added, “There’s many but I’m gonna share one secret.”

Apparently, Gretchen was right. When she segued to FNC meteorologist Janice Dean for her Hurricane Earl story, Janice laughed, “And, can I just say that most women around here have secrets about Mike Jerrick.” Chortling, Gretchen exclaimed, “No kidding!” When Janice concluded her report and tossed back to the co-hosts, Gretchen declared, “Mike’s speechless ’cause he’s wondering what your secret is.” Not quite so, Mike interposed, “I’m very scared about Janice’s secret.” Smiling and shaking her head, Janice sweetly responded, “We love Mike so much! It’s such a pleasure to see you.” Nodding her head, Gretchen concurred, “Very true.”

The lovefest continued unabated. Later, when Janice finished her final weather segment of the program and tossed to the co-hosts, Gretchen stated, “Earlier, I said there’s a secret about Mike Jerrick….I just want to say real quickly that when I started at Fox, you were the nicest person in the world to me. And that’s my secret.”* Seemingly incredulous at her innocuous revelation, Mike queried, “That was the secret?” Gretchen replied, “That’s my secret. And, I, I miss you not being here anymore but I still love you.” Interjecting, Janice pleaded, “We love you. Come back!” Chuckling appreciatively, Mike succinctly answered, “Okay.”

Perhaps, Mike shall–if Juliet Huddy, his television wife (FNC’s F&FW & FOX’s The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet), gets her wish, too. When the author Tweeted, “Would be fun to see Mike [Jerrick] back on w/ you sometime, too, Juliet replied, “Would love to be back on with Mike! Miss him terribly.”

Apparently, Juliet is not alone. And, perhaps, FNC had put out the word to F&F today. Welcome back, black sheep?

[Author’s aside: Today, even one of Mike’s most macho whilom colleagues was showing him the love this morning. During a segment promoting a retrospective on his journalistic work, Geraldo Rivera playfully slapped Mike on the the thigh repeatedly and remarked, “Nice to see you from Philly!” When Mike fondly recalled their spending time together on Fridays, Geraldo replied, “I miss that.” When he added that he had “stopped drinking, though,” Mike jested, “You did? Oh, we can’t hang out.” At least, not during off hours.]

*Fox & Friends – 09/03/10 (@8:42 a.m. ET)

Juliet Huddy: “I’m baaaaaaaack!”

September 17, 2009

The girl is back in town! Today, Juliet Huddy, the former co-host of the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet and Fox & Friends Weekend is back at Fox News with a new contract. Only a few hours ago, the leggy, blond beauty Tweeted, “Heading up to Fox Legal to sign a new deal. I’m baaaaaaaack! Been with FNC for 12 years. CRAZY.” Offering a clue to her plans, she added, “New segment on O’Reilly Factor — “Dumbest Things”. See you on Fridays!”

Juliet has been sorely missed since her departure to the broadcast network. Lately, her appearances as a substitute host on the morning and afternoon, a contributor on the O’Reilly Factor, and a guest on Red Eye have been a delightful reminder of her fab Fox & Friends days. Now that she’s back, hopefully, Bill Shine will add her to the Fox & Friends rotation, too. Her sexy, edgy, irreverent approach would be a welcome addition.

Welcome back, Juliet!

Hottie Huddy Reappears

August 15, 2009

FNC’s Juliet Huddy dumped her frump front last night in her return to Red Eye. Perhaps, responding to the author and her Twitter followers, she jettisoned her “priggish schoolmarm” attire (e.g., Live Desk Tuesday) and her very caz jeans-and-shoes style (a la an earlier RE appearance).* In their stead, the blond beauty re-embraced her hottie look: Juliet sported a sexy short, sleeveless golden dress and matching chic tall, strappy stilettos.

Perhaps, not so ironically, Juliet appeared on Red Eye just hours before her former FOX Morning Show with Mike and Juliet co-star Mike Jerrick made his triumphant return to Fox & Friends Weekend. Apparently, she wanted to remind her fans that she’s back, too. And in rare form.



F&FW: Mike Jerrick Returns

August 14, 2009

He’s back! Mike Jerrick, former Fox & Friends Weekend co-host and current Philly Fox 29 news anchor, will return tomorrow to host his whilom show with Alisyn Camerota and Clayton Morris. (Dave Briggs is on vacation.)* As F&F concluded today, F&F co-anchor Steve Doocy mentioned that Aly would be back tomorrow and the next day with the boys. Then Aly revealed, “A special appearance from old-school Fox & Friends’ Mike Jerrick.” Special it should be as the smart, witty, and irreverent guest host mixes it up with the sharp, sexy siren Aly and his fellow funny Philly fan Clayton.

As the author had hoped in January when Fox’s Morning Show with Mike and Juliet was not renewed,** FNC has added F&FW originals Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy back into its F&F talent pool.*** Even though FNC programming senior veep Bill Shine has placed Juliet into the F&F weekday again twice thus far, his decision to put Mike back onto F&FW itself seems even more significant. Perhaps, a bit hyperbolic: But, for fans of the first avatar of F&FW, it’s akin to bringing Barney back to sub for Warren on the Andy Griffith Show. Kudos, Bill!

Welcome back, Mike!




Huddy: “Finalizing Things”

July 23, 2009

Waxing weary of chasing vixen Juliet down, Huddy hounds? Wondering if she will return to FNC’s Fox & Friends on a more frequent basis now that her FOX Morning Show with Mike and Juliet has been cancelled? Well, hearken to her siren call.

Yesterday, Juliet Tweeted, “Will have news soon on my professional future. Just finalizing things.”* With regard to her detractors, the blond beauty added, “[I]’m scared to read anything on websites/blogs. too much insanity. i want to respond to everything. not a good idea, so i just ignore.”* However, reassuring her Twitter followers earlier, she said, “All’s good, thanks for asking.”

The fox has left her scent: her hounds should soon find her!


Juliet: HN No-Show Again

July 2, 2009

Today Juliet Huddy, former co-host of FOX’s Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, was MIA. After Tweeting her followers last Sunday that she would be anchoring FNC’s Happening Now Wednesday through Friday of this week,* she failed to show not only today but also yesterday. Since that Tweet, she has not updated her site.

Perhaps, Juliet is still “recovering from a stomach bug.”* In her penultimate Tweet last Sunday, she indicated that she was supposed to work the day earlier but had to leave because she was sick.* However, with some of the negative rumors swirling on the Internet pertaining to her pending divorce from hubby Doug Barrett, some of her fans may get the wrong idea.

Juliet may well want to apprise her acolytes of the reason for her absences promptly and preemptively.


Juliet Mourns M & J: “Really Sad”

June 8, 2009

For Juliet, her Morning Show with Mike and Juliet has become the Mourning Show. Today Juliet Tweeted, “[J]ust got back from LA…getting really sad about last week of MandJ. [S]tarting to cry for no reason.”* Ever the trouper, she also ruefully stated, “[O]n virgin america flight home sat right behind hugh jackman who is a GOD. totally failed by not approaching him to be on our last show. too intimidated. terrible host.”*

This month may indeed seem to be full of dark clouds for Juliet as to the end of her FOX show with Mike Jerrick. However, hopefully, the silver lining for her and her faithful Fox & Friends fans is that she will become more of a fixture on F&F.

Juliet, you have always brought the fox to Fox & Friends!


Huddy Shines: “Welcome Back”

April 7, 2009

As Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson vacationed again today, the jaunty Juliet Huddy returned as guest host in fine form.  It was the smart, saucy lass’ second appearance since her FOX Morning Show with Mike and Juliet was not renewed. The former F&F Weekend co-host seemed right at home on F&F’s curvy couch.

As usual, Juliet exhibited a remarkable rapport with her co-hosts, correspondents, and audience. Co-anchor Brian Kilmeade was touchy-feely with her as he tested and complimented her knee reflexes and co-host Jayhawk Steve Doocy could not seem to get enough of her fun, flirty banter even as the camera panned away. Reporter Major Garrett revelled in his fellow University of Missouri Tiger’s appearance on F&F and Mike Emanuel gave her a hearty “welcome back to cable!” As to the audience, she was indeed welcome: A delightful reminder of the the devil-may-care attitude of Fox & Friends at its best.

After a protracted period of personnel misfires by FNC’s SVP of Programming Bill Shine, he seems to be finally getting it right. E.g., he kick started a faltering F&F Weekend by bringing veteran Alisyn Camerota back. And, now he is rejuvenating F&F by bringing back another star, Juliet Huddy, as guest host, at least. Good job, Bill!