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Smoking John Roberts! Not!

September 15, 2009

The latest bad boy? Shortly after an American Morning segment today entitled, “So Much Misbehavin’,” the seemingly irritated AM co-anchor whacked his CNN colleague Jason Carroll with his rolled up papers.* Ironically, in a show bemoaning the lack of civility based on the recent behavior of Rep. Joe Wilson (SC-R), Selena Williams, and Kanye West, John swatted Jason after he questioned whether John was indeed an ex-smoker.

In an earlier segment on the proposed Central Park smoking ban, John had seemed to indicate his support for it. He had commented, “You know, you walk down the streets in New York…and somebody half a block ahead of you is smoking, it just permeates the environment.” In Jason’s second story on the ban, co-host Kiran Chetry said, “You’re talking to two ex-smokers. And, when you’re an ex-smoker.” Interrupting her, Jason pointed to John and incredulously said, “Ex-smokers? I thought you knew.”

Looking at John and then at Jason, Kiran insisted, “We’re exes.” Immediately, as if Jason were an impertinent child, John rolled up his papers and punished him with a pop to the top of his head. Thereafter, a surprised Kiran laughed as if she were not quite sure how to respond. Jason, trying to be a good sport, did as well.

At the end of the segment when the film footage had run, John, mimicking Wilson, Selena, and Kanye, apologized. Addressing Jason, he said, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have whacked you with the paper.” As an apt aside to the audience, Jason rejoined, “Maybe, he should take up smoking again.” Kiran chuckled, “Maybe, it would calm him down.” John jested, “You know what they say: there’s nothing worse than a reformed smoker.”

Maybe. Perhaps, a reformed smoker that’s still sneaking a few?

*American Morning (09/15/09) – @8:55 a.m. ET

Juan’s “Fordian” Slip: Megyn’s Mock

September 14, 2009

FNC contributor and NPR analyst Juan Williams had his Gerald Ford “Free Poland” moment today. During a “Does Racism Play a Role in Anti-Obama Protests?” segment, Hemmer asked about Maureen Dowd’s assertion that Rep. Joe Wilson (SC-R)’s outburst was based on race. Williams replied, “If you listen to talk radio these days, especially, black talk radio…people are really beginning to see a pattern….Joe Wilson’s disrespectful reproach to the President, ‘You lie,’ has become a refrain for the President’s critics. But, it seems as if there is a degree of disdain in there or contempt–a refusal to say, ‘Well, gee, we’ve got to give him the respect that’s due any President.”

Unfortunately for Williams, he did not stop there. He added, “There were people who really didn’t like George W. Bush but no one yelled out in the midst of a joint session, ‘You lie’: No one questioned his legitimacy to be President.'”*

Like the moderator in the Ford-Carter debate, co-host Megyn Kelly could not quite contain herself at the conclusion of the segment. Looking at Hemmer, Kelly scoffed, “Did Juan say that, that no one questioned the legitimacy of President Bush? Hah! I think he’d probably¬† want to amend that.”

When Hemmer replied, “At times.” Megyn continued, “That happened throughout the eight years after the 2000 election.” A grinning Hemmer animatedly agreed, “At times, it crossed, it crossed the wires.”

*America’s Newsroom – 09/14/09 (@9:13 a.m. ET)