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ACORN Vid: Old or Misdated?

September 16, 2009

Filmmaker James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles released their latest ACORN vid expose yesterday. (In it, once again the duo pose respectively as a pimp and prostitute seeking housing and tax advice from the community organizing group.) On the embedded YouTube video, O’Keefe said that the vid filmed in an office in San Bernardino, CA, occurred on August 17, 2009. If one merely looks at this video, there is no apparent time or date stamp.

Whereas American Morning ran the YouTube version,* Fox & Friends aired another one with time and date stamps included.** The time shown was “20:41:03” and the date indicated was “2005.08.14.” If accurate, the video would have been taken at 8:41 p.m. four years ago.

Of earlier O’Keefe & Giles’ exposes, ACORN chief organizer, Bertha Lewis claimed, “It is clear that the videos are doctored, edited, and in no way the result of the fabricated story being portrayed by conservative activist ‘filmmaker’ O’Keefe and his partner in crime.” Even though subsequent firings of some of the involved employees may tend to belie her assertions, the F&F video with the old or misdated time and dates stamps may lend some credence thereto.

*American Morning (09/16/09) – @7:48 a.m. ET

**Fox & Friends (09/16/09) – @8:06 a.m. ET

Hannity’s Twilight Zone

September 14, 2009

Glass houses! Sean Hannity’s favorite liberal Bob Beckel looked like a philandering Pharisee casting stones at the woman caught in adultery tonight. “Embarrassing, just embarrassing”: Those very words uttered by Beckel, 1984 Democratic nominee Walter Mondale’s campaign manager, after Reagan’s landslide victory (49 of 50 states) seemed to echo eerily tonight on Hannity.

In a Great American Panel segment, entitled “ACORN Exposed,” Hannity asked Beckel to defend the community activist organization in light of the recent expose by film maker James O’Keefe and his collaborator, Hannah Giles. (O’Keefe and Giles posed respectively as a pimp and prostitute seeking housing and tax advice from the organization to set up a bordello.). After defending ACORN generally, Beckel inexplicably went THERE. He pontificated, “You know what I really found interesting about that was Senator Vitter of Louisiana who went out with a whore and he sits there and starts complaining about it. He ought to shut his mouth. And he’s lucky he’s still in the United States Senate.”

Subsequently, Hannity panelist Heather Higgins, Independent Women’s Forum Chairperson, stated, “You’re desperate to be bringing Vitter into this.” In response, Beckel said, “I could bring a lot more in: I could bring in the governor of South Carolina, I could bring in Bill Clinton…. Not surprisingly, he conveniently forgot to bring himself in as well. (According to the Smoking Gun, Beckel is not unacquainted with such dalliances.)

Then, Hannity, perhaps, aware of his audience’s incredulity at Beckel’s chutzpah, pointed at Beckel and said, “I just saw you smile…I got you!” Sheepishly, Beckel replied, “Far be it from me to throw arrows at things like this.”

Far be it, indeed. Perhaps, a parallel universe? Tonight, close enough: Hannity‘s Twilight Zone.

Hannity: ACORN’s “Hot Prostitute”

September 12, 2009

ACORN officials may have been taken in by twenty-year-old Hannah Jiles but Sean Hannity was rather taken with the beautiful journalism major who posed as a hooker in an ACORN sting (in collaboration with film-maker James O’Keefe). In fact, he seemed to be quite smitten with the young brunette beauty who appeared on his eponymous show.

In Hannity’s first segment, he interviewed Jiles and ran footage of her in vintage demimondaine dress (i.e., a low-cut blouse and hip-hugging micro mini). Introducing her in the following segment, Sean said, “I am rejoined by…Hannah Jiles, who played the hot prostitute.” [Italics added for emphasis.] Apparently, realizing his verbal gaffe and trying to divert attention from it, he quickly jested, “Did I call you a prostitute? I meant preforming artist [ACORN’s categorization]. I apologize for that. Excuse me!”

Jiles smiled, rolled her eyes, and replied, “Yeah.” Eagerly delving into the salacious details, a grinning Hannity queried, “By the way, you get to write off your hooker boots and condoms according to the ACORN official.” Jiles smiled, nodded her head, and facetious replied, “They’re so kind.”

Then returning to his more sober and somber state, Hannity opined, “When I heard that, that shocks the conscience: That shocks the conscience.”

Doth Hannity protest, perhaps, a wee bit too much?

AM: ACORN Manifest

October 12, 2008

After a virtual blackout Thursday, CNN’s American Morning pulled backed the curtain on its coverage of the ACORN voter registration controversy. Before the first commercial break of the final hour, AM’s co-host Kiran Chetry promo’d the upcoming segment on “more claims of voter registration fraud against a liberal activist group already under fire in several states.” When AM returned, AM co-anchor John Roberts introduced the story about more claims against ACORN in Indiana in addition to other states, e.g., Nevada. Roberts asked Special Investigations Unit correspondent Drew Griffin, “What’s ACORN being accused of exactly here, Drew?”

Not mincing words, Griffin responded, “Well, it’s not even accused–there, it’s fraud, John.” Griffin went on to elaborate that the heavily Democratic county in a heavily GOP state had found that approximately 50% of ACORN voter registrations were “bad.” Further, he revealed that ACORN had endorsed Barack Obama and that the Obama campaign had given ACORN $800,000 for its voter registration in the primary but was not working with it in the general election. Giving ACORN an opportunity to respond Griffin interviewed ACORN Senior Counselor of Project Vote Brian Mellor: Mellor stated that he believed that the allegations were attempts to suppress votes.

AM may have been caught sleeping Thursday but it awoke Friday with a hard-hitting segment on ACORN by Drew Griffin.

[Caveat: Due to technical difficulties, the author has not yet reviewed the first two hours and three minutes of AM’s Friday program.]

Aly’s Do-Over

October 12, 2008

Poor Aly! Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Alisyn Camerota got as much respect yesterday from ACORN spokesman Scott Levenson as Gretchen Carlson gets from Jackie Mason or Shepard Smith. Levenson sounded like Al Gore listening to George Bush in the ’04 presidential debates: he tut-tutted, sighed deeply, and patronized his opponent John Fund relentlessly as moderator Aly helplessly looked on. After getting grief from her GreenRoom blog, Camerota gave Fund another opportunity today to give his side of the ACORN voter registration controversy unfettered: Levenson was not invited.

AM: ACORNless Morning

October 9, 2008

The contrast of the treatment of the Nevada secretary of state’s raid on ACORN’s offices in Las Vegas by FNC’s Fox & Friends and CNN’s American Morning could not have been more stark. F&F led with the raid and had lengthy segments dedicated to it whereas AM merely mentioned it by name once in the headlines reading and another time in another headlines segment in a generic manner. F&F co-host Gretchen Carlson embraced the controversy as a personal crusade whereas AM co-anchor Kiran Chetry avoided it like the plague.

Why the difference? It may be in no small part because of Barack Obama’s connections (tangential or more intricate, depending on whom you believe) to ACORN. As the election draws nigh, the leanings of the two major cable news networks seem to become more and more manifest.

[ACORN, Association of Community for Reform Now is an organization that emphasizes the voter registration of economically challenged persons. According to Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller the raid was a result of a month-long investigation that indicated that ACORN may have submitted fraudulent registration forms.]