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Maria Molina: Cosmo’s Caliente Latina!

September 22, 2012

“Funny, smart, and stylish,” too. FNC weatherwoman Marina Molina puts the fox into Fox News and, to boot, she rocks the “hot job of the week” according to Cosmopolitan for Latinas. In her flattering profile, the sexy twenty-five-year-old Columbia-grad student provides her bona fides (FSU alum with both a Meteorology degree and AccuWeather work experience); revels in her Nicaraguan roots (“the people, the food, the culture”); and reveals the key to her success (persistence and hard work). Perhaps, she forgot to mention being a universal hottie does not hurt either.

Of course, Cosmo seems somewhat tardy in their recognition of the comely meteorological replacement of FNC’s Italian dish Domenica Davis: Carpe Diem celebrated the debut of Maria on FNC’s Fox & Friends Weekend (to the delight of co-host Dave Briggs) approximately two years ago. Not to mention, CD subsequently reported on the smoldering Maria’s heating up of the Fox & Friends weekday version as well (even sans photos for co-anchor Brian Kilmeade) Whether Maria is tempting her viewers by going “bust” (or “naked”) or simply teasing them with her subliminal “phallic” map, CD has been there to provide her devoted votaries the delicious details.

Maria Molina: a Cosmo Latina? Helen Gurley Brown would be proud!

H/t J$P.

Fox & “Fiends” Halloween

October 31, 2009

What was in Fox & Fiends Weekend witches’ brew this morning? According to the author’s recollections still clouded by this intriguing intoxicant, the odd ingredients were co-anchor Clayton Morris’ missing wedding ring, Rick Reichmuth’s piece of chocolate corset, and Dave Briggs’s drink of Cosmo with a dance by Alisyn Camerota to conjure up the potion’s magic. Eerily, this strange and powerful potation seemed to have worked its evil, making a “show about nothing” eminently watchable.

Seemingly, the first element placed into the blackened kettle was Clayton’s wedding band to add a golden glow. (If so, his wife Sara may not be overly pleased.) Apparently, the second was Rick’s strip of chocolate cloth torn from a maiden’s bodice. (Viewers, whether F&F’s meteorologist did indeed lick the young New York Chocolate Show model’s corset as proffered has yet to be determined.) Then Dave seemed to have added a glass of his Sex and the City fave Cosmo. (During the show, he seemed to have enjoyed its effects as he transmogrified from a mild-mannered family guy to a zany Kramer nailing the Seinfeld character’s speech, mannerisms, and dance.)* For the diabolic denouement, the bewitching damsel Aly did her Elaine dance before the final curtain call.

An unforgettable show? Perhaps, so. Dear reader, when the evil elixir wears off, hopefully, the author can remember these things if they were so.

*[For a snippet of Dave doing Kramer, cf. the A.S.S.]

Angie Harmon: “Age Appropriate?”

September 22, 2009

Apparently, Fox & Friends producers forgot to do their research on guest Angie Harmon, former Law & Order star. Billed as merely an actress, Angie was booked for two segments to promote her charity celeb shoe auction for kids. The second part included a fashion segment entitled, “Age Appropriate?” F&F did not seem to realize that Angie was a fashion model who had won Seventeen’s cover-page contest at the age of fifteen and had subsequently appeared in Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue. (Not to mention that the age of majority is eighteen!)

As the first segment concluded, F&F co-anchor Gretchen Carlson breathlessly promoted the upcoming one entitled “Age Appropriate? (with photos of Gossip Girl Blake Lively in her hot backless, thigh-high slit, and waist-low neckline red Versace Emmy dress),” asking, “Are young women in Hollywood like Blake Lively dressing too provocatively?” Angie, incredulously scoffed, “Oh, come on! She looks beautiful. Really? That’s beautiful. That’s not even provocative!”

When the second segment started, Angie briefly discussed non-profit KaBOOM!’s urban playground initiative with co-hosts Gretch, Brian Kilmeade, and Steve Doocy. Immediately thereafter, Gretch said, “Sounds like a fantastic cause. Let’s talk a little about fashion because we were showing that picture before we went to break of Blake Lively.” Angie joked, “She’s just godawful, isn’t she? Poor thing having to walk through life like that. She’s beautiful!”

Haltingly, Gretch replied, “Yeah, I’m not really sure. I guess.” Steve interjected, “The plunging neckline. She’s twenty-two.” Angie asked, “Is she twenty-two? Then she’s fine.” Less sure of herself than before, Gretch continued, “Dressed provocatively would be the short hemline.”

Angie declared, “She’s twenty-two….Her shoulders look fine. Is it low-cut and high-cut?” Interrupting her, Brian jested, “Do you think they [sic] should be wearing a coat?” Adamantly, Angie responded, “No! It’s LA…. No, I think she looks lovely. If this was [sic] my daughter, I would be fine with this. There! How’s that!”

And that was that.

Briggs Bending It like Beckham

August 19, 2008

Fox & Friends guest host Dave Briggs continues to “bend it like Beckham.” Today, in a segment on bartenders’ political secrets, Dave said that he liked the survey question about which political party liked the fruity (or pink) drinks. Then he added, “I like the pink drinks.” Co-host Gretchen Carlson teased, “I saw you on the Sex and the City tour: you downed about ten of those cosmos (cosmopolitans).” Dave replied, “That says nothing about my political affiliation but I do enjoy a fruity drink.”

After yesterday’s admission that he sometime takes longer to get ready than his wife and his earlier feeding Clayton Morris a cupcake and sipping cosmopolitans on the Sex & the City tour, Dave seems to be following manbag-toting, man-embracing Brian Kilmeade’s example. Dave (and Brian) seems to be trying to bend it like Beckham in appealing to both straight and gay demographics with an androgynous appeal. Interestingly enough, all three guys are all married with children.