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Hannity’s Twilight Zone

September 14, 2009

Glass houses! Sean Hannity’s favorite liberal Bob Beckel looked like a philandering Pharisee casting stones at the woman caught in adultery tonight. “Embarrassing, just embarrassing”: Those very words uttered by Beckel, 1984 Democratic nominee Walter Mondale’s campaign manager, after Reagan’s landslide victory (49 of 50 states) seemed to echo eerily tonight on Hannity.

In a Great American Panel segment, entitled “ACORN Exposed,” Hannity asked Beckel to defend the community activist organization in light of the recent expose by film maker James O’Keefe and his collaborator, Hannah Giles. (O’Keefe and Giles posed respectively as a pimp and prostitute seeking housing and tax advice from the organization to set up a bordello.). After defending ACORN generally, Beckel inexplicably went THERE. He pontificated, “You know what I really found interesting about that was Senator Vitter of Louisiana who went out with a whore and he sits there and starts complaining about it. He ought to shut his mouth. And he’s lucky he’s still in the United States Senate.”

Subsequently, Hannity panelist Heather Higgins, Independent Women’s Forum Chairperson, stated, “You’re desperate to be bringing Vitter into this.” In response, Beckel said, “I could bring a lot more in: I could bring in the governor of South Carolina, I could bring in Bill Clinton…. Not surprisingly, he conveniently forgot to bring himself in as well. (According to the Smoking Gun, Beckel is not unacquainted with such dalliances.)

Then, Hannity, perhaps, aware of his audience’s incredulity at Beckel’s chutzpah, pointed at Beckel and said, “I just saw you smile…I got you!” Sheepishly, Beckel replied, “Far be it from me to throw arrows at things like this.”

Far be it, indeed. Perhaps, a parallel universe? Tonight, close enough: Hannity‘s Twilight Zone.

Special Olympians Slighted

April 8, 2008

On Fox & Friends’ America’s Election Hq segment, Bob Beckel denigrated Special Olympic athletes. As the “debate” with conservative Rich Galen (and moderated by Steve Doocy) over Hillary Clinton’s suggestion to Bush to boycott the Olympics opening ceremony in China ended, Doocy joked that Galen was a bronze medalist in the low hurdles and that Beckel was a former javelin catcher. In return Beckel asked what event Doocy participated in: Doocy replied that it was the biathlon. Beckel jibed, “At the Special Olympics.”*

Beckel, affable liberal commentator for FNC and former national campaign manager for 1988 Democratic nominee Walter Mondale, probably thought that he was making a harmless joke. However, he should apologize to the 2.5 million cognitively challenged people who excel in this extraordinary competition among amazing athletes. Also, Fox & Friends should express its regret for his insensitve utterance and their failure to address it.

Participants in the Special Olympics should be celebrated not slighted.

* 8:19 ET