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Kiran: “Arrivederci, Rob!”

September 17, 2009

Bye, bye, AM beefcake? Did American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry give meteorologist Rob Marciano a subtle Soprano-like kiss goodbye today?

In AM’s second hour weathercast, Rob concluded his segment and segued back to Kiran and guest co-host T. J. Holmes. When he did so, Kiran said, “It’s time to get up here, Rob, get your butt up here and pick some apples.” T.J. looked at Kiran, smiled, and interjected, “Wow!” As for Rob, he replied, “Alright. I’d like that. Yeah, maybe, do a little leaf viewing as well.”

Seeming not to understand Rob, Kiran queried, “Do a little what? He repeated, “Do a little leaf peeping.” Again, Kiran asked, “Leaf what?” Rob reiterated, “Leaf peeping and apple picking.” Seeming to sense some double entendres, T.J. turned to Kiran and exclaimed, “I should go. I should go now.” Grabbing T.J.’s arm, Kiran pleaded, “Just stay, please. We don’t need anyone else walking off set because of something Rob said.” Then looking into the camera, Kiran threw Rob an unexpected kiss goodbye, and said, “Arrivederci, Rob!”*

As to her “mafioso” farewell, Kiran may have been ribbing Rob about his producers’ caution yesterday after an exchange with CNN Newsroom anchor Heidi Collins. After a story about a naked biker who was stopped for a D.U.I. after visiting Hooters, Rob began to ad lib risquely before being stopping by his producers for the “benefit of [his] career.”

Long-time AM viewers know that Rob frequently not only makes risque remarks but also quips about his future CNN employment. E.g., cf. Carpe Diem‘s “Rob Unleased: “Pimp” and “B-i-t-c-h’s.” This morning, Kiran seemed to be be playing along beautifully with the theme. No worries, ladies, your Adonis is safe!


American Morning: See Ya!

July 14, 2009

For the second day in a row, American Morning co-hosts John Roberts and Kiran Chetry have given their audience a distant adieu. Instead of thanking their loyal viewers for joining them, they have merely handed them off to Heidi Collins of CNN Newsroom with nary a fond farewell. I.e., yesterday, John merely declared, “And the news continues with Heidi Collins in News[room], and today, Kiran simply proclaimed, “And we’ll see ya here tomorrow.”

Hopefully, a stereotypical New York City attitude is not re-emerging under AM’s interim executive producer Jamie Kraft. Janelle Rodriguez had made positive strides in making AM more personable and viewer-friendly: Kraft should try, at least, to maintain her progress. To wit, AM’s audience should be patently appreciated, not seemingly taken for granted.