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Mommy Megyn: Baby Thatcher ‘Totally Awesome’

July 26, 2013

Kelly’s blue-eyed baby boy arrives! Today, America Live anchor Megyn Kelly‘s stand-in Shannon Bream joyfully announced the birth of the third child of Megyn and her hubby Doug Brunt as the show concluded.* When the final America Live segment opened with a photo of Megyn and Doug’s sleeping, swaddled newborn, Shannon proclaimed, “Here is the picture! Say hello to Thatcher Bray Brunt….[He] was born at…eight pounds two ounces. He has brown hair [and] blue eyes. He is gorgeous!” And, if there were any doubt, Shannon added, “Mom said the best description of him–and this is the quote–‘Totally awesome!'”

As Shannon segued to Studio B host Shepard Smith, Shep exclaimed, “And, everyone in Studio B: this is the best news of the day! How is she?” In answer, Shannon declared, “[Megyn] is doing great. We’re told she is doing fabulous. Everyone is well.”

The “Iron Baby” joins his three-year-old big brother Edward Yates and their two-year-old sis Yardley Evans in the burgeoning Kelly/ Brunt brood.

Congratulations, Megyn and Doug!

* Vid via J$P.

Kelly “Confesses”: I Cohabitated, Lived in Sin

April 6, 2013

“Before my first marriage and it ended in divorce.” America Live anchor Megyn Kelly revealed to her fans Thursday that she lived with her first hubby Dr. Dan Kendall before they tied the knot but she stressed that she had changed her ways when she later met her second and current husband Doug Brunt.

In a segment subtitled “The New Normal: Study Finds Cohabitation Is on the Rise,” Megyn introduced the story, disclosing, “I cast no judgment by calling it ‘living in sin’ because I have done it.”* After an entertaining discussion with her panel (Kirsten Powers and Monica Crowley) about the merits of not “giving the milk away for free,” Megyn further revealed, “I will say this for the record: I, I cohabitated, lived in sin, before my first marriage and it ended in divorce.”

Summing up her own life’s lesson for the AL audience, Megyn continued, “And, then I married Doug, and we did not live together at, at all until we got married. And, we’re very happily married with two kids and one more on the way.” For any who might be offended with her conclusion, she laughed, “So, you know, for what it’s worth!”

*America Live – 04/04/13 (@ 1:36 p.m. ET)

“Ghosts” of Megyn Kelly: Doug Brunt Blunt?

October 8, 2012

“That’s all I’ll admit to.” America Live anchor Megyn Kelly welcomed “a very special guest,” hubby Doug Brunt, to her show Friday to promote his first novel, Ghosts of Manhattan.* In the segment, Brunt teased his racy read of a Wall Street bond trader caught up in an all-consuming culture of “high-priced entertainment” involving “lap dances at Scores…[and]…$5000 bottles of champagne.” But, the whilom Internet security CEO assured Megyn’s audience that the bawdy book was entirely fictitious–as to him and Megyn. At least, on AL air.

Introducing the interview, Megyn proudly proclaimed that Brunt’s book has been compared to the works of Charles Dickens and Tom Wolfe (Steve Forbe’s review).** When he began to discuss his wanton work in detail, Megyn playfully remarked, “Now, you write in the book a lot about these…life-style choices, prostitutes, strippers, drugs. How do we know these people?” As Brunt began to chuckle, Megyn queried, “Are these people that we know?…Have they been to our house?”

Laughing, Brunt replied, “Everything is one degree removed from us, uh, Honey.”

Subsequently, after he explained that he had obtained much of the background material from people and friends, Megyn persisted, “Now, there is something else in the book that people need to know about: And, that is a naughty blond reporter.”  Leading her witness, the erstwhile legal eagle exclaimed, “And, we need to get this on the record right now! This person bears no relation to anyone you may know?”

With a twinkle in his eye, Brunt dutifully declared, “No. None.”

Of course, Brunt was not under oath. Perhaps, he was telling the truth about Megyn not being THE “naughty blond reporter” in his book. But, it is almost certain that his sexy GQ pin-up girl with the “killer bees,” who Slate dubbed “a post-feminist news babe,” lies somewhere within waiting to be laid bare.

Off air, Brunt may have been more candid. In a “Q & A” on his Ghosts of Manhattan web site, he revealed, “Had I continued to work in sales and trading as a career, I may have resembled Nick [Wall Street bond trader protagonist] in some way. That’s all I’ll admit to.”

[Author’s aside: Ironically, last October, Megyn had her former husband Daniel Kendall on America Live as a guest.]

*America Live – 10/05/12 (@ 1:39 a.m. ET).

**Ibid at @ 1: 43 a.m. ET.

Megyn Kelly: Kendall Crazy?

September 28, 2011

“I confess the judge has a conflict of interest.” Wow! If America Live anchor Megyn Kelly did not convince her fans that she is a free spirit with her racy GQ spread and her subsequent bawdy Howard Stern interview, the sexy married mother of two may have succeeded today. Less than two months after returning from maternity leave to America Live, Megyn invited as a guest to her show her husband–no, not Doug Brunt–but her former hubby, Dr. Daniel R. Kendall.

When her “Kelly’s Court” segment began, Megyn asked her legal panel (former prosecutor Jonna Spilbor and FNC legal analyst Mercedes Colwin) whether prosecutors could prove that Michael Jackson’s doctor caused the death of the King of Pop. Subsequently, Megyn explained to her audience that prosecutors claimed that the doctor was “guilty of gross negligence…because he used propofol to treat insomnia and [that] he administered it outside of the operating room…[and] that no reasonable doctor would do that.” Then, with a slight smile, she continued, “So, joining us now is an expert witness…an anesthesiologist by the name of Dr. Dan Kendall from our D.C. bureau.*

Somewhat surreally, Megyn continued, “[w]ho I confess the judge has a conflict of interest since the judge used to be married to Dr. Kendall.” As her legal guests chuckled uncomfortably, Megyn remarked, “But, Dr. Kendall is now happily married to another person as am I. So, there is no conflict of interest.” Subsequently, after giving her handsome former fellow less than two minutes to explain that the doctor should have continuously monitored Jackson and that his actions were, in short, “pretty nuts,” Megyn moved on.

“Pretty nuts,” indeed. Or, was Megyn Kelly Kendall crazy?

*America Live – 09/28/11 (@ 2:47 p.m. ET)

Megyn’s Baby Girl: Yardley Evans Arrives

April 14, 2011

America Live anchor Megyn Kelly and her hubby Doug Brunt welcomed into their family a baby girl this morning at 10 a.m. ET according to AL guest host Martha MacCallum.* Their daughter, Yardley Evans, weighed in at seven pounds twelve ounces.  She “supplants” her big brother, eighteen-month-old Edward Yates, as the baby of the family.

Congratulations, Megyn and Doug!

[Author’s aside: Megyn did indeed let the cat out of the bag to her AM audience a month ago today (03/14/11).]

*America Live – 04/14/11 (@ 2:59 p.m. ET)

Mommie Megyn: Away With Leave

April 7, 2011

America Live anchor Megyn Kelly announced today that she is going on maternity leave tomorrow. Before presiding over her all-gal “Power Panel” today, the gorgeous gravid host Tweeted, “Today I’ll be delivering my Top 5 Things Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman, Round 2….Baby due next week!” Later, when she concluded that segment, she turned to her guests (Krystal Ball, Andrea Tantaros, and Sam Bennett), remarking, “I’m going to miss you guys when I’m on maternity leave.”* Then, as an aside to her audience, Megyn continued, “Tomorrow is my last show before that–just in case the viewers were wondering.”

Yes, your AL fans were wondering, Megyn. Thanks for sharing this special, joyous event. Of course, you surely realize that photos of your little one and his/her lovely mom will be eagerly anticipated–and sincerely appreciated.

Megyn, may you be blessed with a safe delivery and a healthy, beautiful baby!

[Author’s aside: Megyn and her hubby, Doug Brunt, are expecting their second child. They also have an eighteen-month-old son, Edward Yates.]

*America Live – 04/07/11 (@ 2:44 p.m. ET)

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Update: Tonight (04/07/11), Megyn appeared on the O’Reilly Factor and Bill O’Reilly noted that it would be her “last appearance for a while” because she was going to “have the baby next week.” When he pressed her as to the gender of her baby, she coyly responded, “You’ll find out on Thursday.” Carpe Diem reader, you now a date–a due date.

Megyn Kelly: “GQ Intelligence…Hot”

November 22, 2010

Slate: “A Post-Feminist News Babe.” America Live anchor Megyn Kelly is no man and proud of it. As her alluring photos and Greg Veis interview in 2010 GQ Men of the Year edition prove, Megyn has spurned the Procrustean yoke of her feminist forerunners who felt compelled to almost ape a man in apparel to solicit respect. Instead, she fearlessly forges her future as the smart and sexy face of Fox News.

This year, Megyn’s star has begun to shine brightly as the media has really begun to take note of the beautiful blond journalist at FNC. Shortly, before her debut on America Live (AL), the New York Times reported on January 31, 2010, that Megyn was a “centerpiece of the news side of Fox News” and “seem[ed] to be progressing through Fox’s star-making machinery.” In a review soon thereafter (February 12), deemed Megyn a “post-feminist news babe” not shy with her sexuality as it cited her casual comfort at colleagues’ colorful banter, the revealing camera shots of her sexy stems, and her amorous, adventurous advice for her distaff audience. Then, two months later, Howard Stern, the satyric shock jock and self-anointed “King of All Media,” really noticed Megyn and got her to open up to his “very personal questions”: in so doing, disclosed that her breasts were real, that her husband Doug Brunt called them (“killer bees”), and that her sex life was unimpeded by pregnancy.

Now, in the GQ Men of the Year issue, the almost forty-year-old, gravid again, journalist daringly goes one step further with her incredibly sexy shots to accompany her interview with Veis. Posing for two provocative photos in a beautiful black mini with a plunging neckline, Megyn flaunts her “killer B’s” and luscious legs. Seductively, Megyn beckons her admirers with only a wedding ring to damper their desire. Modestly, she explains, “People want to see the anchor.”


Megyn Preggers Again

November 8, 2010

With her “little buddy.” Only two and half months after her friend, FNC meteorologist Janice Dean, proclaimed her pregnancy to viewers during an America Live weather report, AN anchor Megyn Kelly followed suit today. After teasing her Twitter followers that there was “big news to break today–news you won’t hear anywhere else but America Live…in our 2p hour,” Megyn waited until the last five minutes to share the good news.*

After Megyn segued to the weather segment, a gravid Janice began her report and stopped suddenly, saying, “Before I get to the next part of the forecast, Megyn, I just want to take this opportunity real quick to say what a fantastic job you did on Election night. You were like the Energy bunny, the Energizer bunny….You did your show and then you were on for hours and hours and hours with all of the voting taking place. You did just an amazing job!”

Slightly smiling, Megyn replied, “Thank you very much, Janice. And, you know, if I do say so myself, it was even more amazing because I did it on no caffeine. As Janice feigned ignorance with her jaws agape and mouthed why, Megyn began to explicate, stating, “And the reason I did it without any caffeine is because.” Then, pausing for effect and turning sideways to show her protruding belly to the viewers, a beaming Megyn continued, “I, too, am expecting a little baby!”

Pumping her fists in celebration, Janice exclaimed, “Fox News Alert: Forecast calling for babies!” Before she read it onscreen, Janice disclosed, “I have to admit that I, I kind of new about this [inaudible].” After Megyn responded, “Yeah, you were in on the secret early,” Janice announced, “April 2011, clear skies. We’re hoping for delivery. Congratulations, Megyn, Doug, and big brother Yates!” Then, turning into the uninhibited Dancing Machine again, Janice began joyfully gyrating, explaining, “I’m doing a belly dance for you.”

With a prefatory aside to the AL audience, Megyn remarked, “Janice’s baby is due in February, and mine is coming in April. So, we should have, at least, a month of shared maternity leave, JD.” Janice earnestly replied, “I can’t wait, Megyn. I’m so excited, so excited for you guys. This is such great news.” An appreciative Megyn answered, “Thank you, thank you so much, Janice. Throwing her a double-handed kiss, Megyn added, “Mmwhah. I love you. I love you.”

Concluding, Megyn commented, ‘She has been so supportive and such a great friend to me. And my husband Doug and I are very, very excited. So, we’ll take a brief maternity leave after this little buddy comes. And, then, I’ll be back.”

“Little buddy”: hmm. A little brother for Yates, Megyn?

[Author’s aside: Megyn is married to Doug Brunt, an Internet security executive, and the father of their thirteen-and-half month old Edward Yates.]

America Live – 11/08/10 (2:55 p.m. ET)

Update: Megyn’s pregnancy announcement (vid via

Boy! Megyn Really Delivers!

September 25, 2009

Megyn Kelly, America’s Newsroom co-host, gave birth to a “beautiful and healthy” baby boy shortly before 10 a.m. ET this morning (according to AN). Megyn’s TV hubby Bill Hemmer proudly announced the early arrival of little Edward Yates who weighed seven pounds and ten ounces. Megyn’s substitute, Alisyn Camerota, added that Yates was named after both of his grandfathers.

Congratulations, Megyn and Doug!

If You Seek A Megyn

April 22, 2009

In response to Internet gainsayers, America’s Newsroom Megyn Kelly proved today beyond a reasonable doubt that the moralizing anchor in Britney Spear’s video, “If You Seek Amy,” was indeed lampooning her. In an interview with the actress herself, Kristina Mitchell, Megyn queried, “Let’s put this to rest once and for all: Were you or were you not trying to imitate me in that video clip?”

Less than coyly, Kristina answered, “I was.” As if on cross, again Megyn asked, “You were?”  Tilting her head, crinkling her nose, and smiling saucily, she answered, “Guilty as charged!” “I knew it!” exclaimed Megyn.

When Megyn asked for details, Kristina replied that Britney’s people at the music video audition instructed, “Kinda Megyn Kellyesque.” She elaborated, “I Googled and YouTubed you and tried to blow dry my hair perfectly–which took hours. Elucidating further, Kristina commented, “I tried to think American, and I thought Bree Van De Camp [Desperate Housewife played by Marcia Cross]…very sweet with a little bit of apple pie and a little bit of sass.”

Blandishingly, Kristina japed, “Once you get Megyn Kelly, there’s no going back!” Megyn rejoined, “Amen to that, sister!” Somehow, I think Doug might agree.

Megyn Kelly with Child

April 13, 2009

According to the Washington Times, Roger Aile’s Energizer bunny Megyn Kelly is pregnant! Who would have thought that she had the time with her hosting of America’s Newsroom, her legal analyses on the O’Reilly Factor, and her guest anchoring On the Record with Greta van Susteren. Not to mention her co-hosting FNC’s New Year’s Eve specials with Bill Hemmer.

Apparently, taking her bunny appellation to heart, Megyn must have made her After the 2009 New Year’s Eve Show extra special. According to the WT’s lady spies, Stephanie Green and Elizabeth Glover, Megyn’s due date is October 6. Congratulations, Megyn and Doug!

Thanks for the “heads up,” Al!