F&F: Geraldo’s Sailor Rant

FNC’s sea-loving journalist Geraldo Rivera let a few expletives slip this morning on Fox & Friends. As the host of Geraldo at Large promo’d his show on Fox & Friends, he lit into John Thain, the former Merrill Lynch ceo and just ousted Bank of America exec as “that greedy bastard, that greedy bastard.”

An agitated, animated Geraldo went on to describe how Thain went knowingly to a “going-down-the-tubes” Merrill Lynch that was going to post a $15 billion four quarter loss and “sneaked” out a month ahead of time $4 or $5 billion to his executives–not to mention his obscene $1.2 million redecoration of his office. Scornfully, Geraldo concluded, “What this is is just a self-aggrandizing little [voice suddenly sub rosa]. “Pr**k” is what he appeared to say under his breath (from the author’s subjective lip-reading and F&F co-host Steve Doocy’s widened eyes and sudden turn toward Geraldo).

Steve, surprised by F&F’s resident salty dog?

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