F&F Co-hosts Assail Olbermann

In the latest episode of the continuing conflict between rival networks, FNC and MSNBC, F&F co-hosts assaileded Keith Olbermann in a segment entitled “Olbermann in Top Spot” as a lying, liberal Daily Kos blogger besmirching the reputation of NBC News. While Brian Kilmeade had a rather removed assessment of the MSNBC host of “Countdown with Keith Olbermann,” Gretchen Carlson and Steve aired their personal beefs with him.

Taking offense at Olbermann’s questioning of her mental acumen, Gretch, the former Miss America snarked, “You know what I really love about Keith Olbermann? The other night he called me “stupid.” She added, “I just find that fascinating: I’d like to know where he went to school.” She then rhetorically asked, “Where did you [Olbermann] graduate from high school? Where were you in your class? And, I’d also like to know why you’re still single. Maybe, some ‘stupid women’ out there didn’t like you! Touche!”

[Poor Gretch! With her feckless coup de grace (“Touche!”), she inadvertently handed him the sword with which to slay her. The term “touche” is a term used to express one’s own loss in a verbal exchange. Perhaps, it was a Freudian slip.]

Piling on, Steve Doocy said that he, too, had a bone to pick with Olbermann. Doocy declared, “He said…that…nobody…at his show ‘Countdown’ has ever attacked anybody’s children. Addressing Olbermann, if her were watching, Doocy asserted, “That is an absolute lie!” Doocy then recounted that Olbermann had named his son Peter Doocy “The World’s Worst Person” as to his presiding role in a F&F forum of Villanova University students discussing the presidential primary candidates. (Cf. “Doocys Dog Obama.) Doocy added, “He attacked my son and made him “The World’s Worst Person” because he is my son so he does attack people’s children…He’s a liar.”

To top it off, Doocy called NBC the “National Barack Channel.” Kilmeade concurred, “It’s absolutely true.” The war of words between the cable news networks continues. Who will win? Perhaps, both if ratings are the measure.

Link: https://jakeho.wordpress.com/2008/05/05/doocys-dog-obama/

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3 Responses to “F&F Co-hosts Assail Olbermann”

  1. joshng01 Says:

    I heard all of that on F & F. I think Steve should let it go. How is Olbermann’s show rated? Pretty far down, I think! And…a great deal of people use “touche” in the wrong way. But, I have wondered lately if they are all getting thin skins on F & F. They are loudly protesting everything that anyone says about them. Just ignore them is my advice to Gretchen and Steve.
    Steve knows his son is not stupid and Gretchen knows she is not stupid. Everyone occasionally makes stupid remarks, but it doesn’t mean they’re intellectually challenged as they say nowadays.
    But, thanks for picking out all the little strange things that they do. That’s why I like this site. No holds barred!

  2. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    I missed the show …

    But, if Brian bit his tongue … It’s probably because he worked in SoCal at the same time the Olbiee was on KTLA as a sports guy … Boy, have they changed … Actually, Olbiee is the one who changed & Brian’s just gotten better …

  3. Touche! Gretch Gets It Right! « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] Carpe Diem Point Pleasant Musings « F&F Co-hosts Assail Olbermann […]

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