F&F’s Swedish Foot Fancy II

Today Fox & Friends provided the viewer with F&F’s Swedish Foot Fancy II between co-hosts Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson. As Carpe Diem readers may remember, Gretchen, in jest, asked Peter Doocy to rub her toes which did not sit overly well with either son or dad.* To a certain extent, today the shoe was on the other Swede’s foot.

During a Gretchen-read headline story in which Michelle Obama called her Portuguese water pup Bo “a crazy dog” because “he loves to chew on people’s feet,” Steve interjected, “Me, too.” Continuing to read, Gretchen stopped abruptly and exclaimed, “What?” Steve replied, “Yeah.” As co-anchor Brian Kilmeade roared in the background, Gretchen laughed, “Oh, my goodness! Revealing details from Steve Doocy about chewing feet!” Although his response was not fully audible, Steve sounded as if he said, “Awesome.”

“Crazy Dog” Doocy!

F&F (04/24/09) – 7:34 a.m. ET


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