Doocy’s “Child” & Aly’s Wall

Yes, I have had to be otherwise occupied lately: sorry! What did I miss? As I’ve gone through my backlog of F&F programs, I noticed Steve Doocy get riled about hyperbolic Keith Olbermann and Alisyn Camerota’s new “Wall.” However, I haven’t perused my TiVo’d CNN’s American Morning shows yet.

I saw Fox & Friends’ co-host Steve Doocy go on an irascible tirade against Keith Olbermann, MSNBC’s Anderson Cooper, who made Doocy’s son Peter “Worst Person in the World.” I don’t blame him but Doocy can’t expect his “child,” a twenty-year-old junior at Villanova University, to get a free pass when he like his Dad enters the political arena and seemingly takes sides.

Also, I’ve seen Alisyn Camerota’s cinematic wall. Should it be called Hal, Big Blue, the Blue Wall, Aly’s TV, Wall with a Chick, etc.? Maybe, Camerota’s Cam. Speaking of Alisyn, why does she have to leave the celebrated couch when Fox & Friends First transitions to F&F?

When family matters come to the fore, the ephemeral essence of cable television becomes a bit more apparent. Nevertheless, please feel free to let me know what I may have missed while away. It can be therapeutic and more than a bit fun.

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8 Responses to “Doocy’s “Child” & Aly’s Wall”

  1. Chris G Says:

    There are still people who watch MSNBC and Keith O? Huh. Who knew?

    Steve was just being a Dad. Yes, the younger Doocy asked for national exposure when he did that (wasn’t he on camera?), but, Keith O is a humongous jerk, so, Doocy men, don’t think twice about it. Rise above and carry on.

    Love Alisyn! I haven’t seen what you are talking about, but she is fun to watch. She’s smart, a married Mom, and can switch from being silly to doing serious stories. She’s a keeper- which makes watching the weekend crew all the more painful……

  2. Don in Richmond Says:

    Hey Chris, you” reach the same conclusion many of us have. It’s not worth watching weekends anymore and we don’t.

  3. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    I, too, think that Olbermann was obnoxious regarding Peter Doocy. I think the younger Doocy is quite charming and his questions were as good (or better) than some seasoned reporters. At least he hasn’t said that any of the candidates made “chills go up his leg”. Steve is right to take up for his kid!

    Really don’t care what they call the wall! Does it have to have a name? I do like Alisyn, though. She’s definitely the best as she’s sharp, witty and can transition so smoothly. Please don’t let her get thrown into the broom closet with Page.

    BTW, where’s Greg Kelly lately? Maybe he’s been put into the broom closet, too. I hope not–there’s precious little eye candy for the ladies on Fox now.

  4. DoneWithFox Says:

    Not fair, I’m depending on you to let me know when it’s safe to watch FOX again.

    Like when Greg Kelly is back.

  5. M. Davey Says:

    I didn’t see Steve’s rant about Olbermann. Wish I had. Daddy was mad, huh? Well, I suspect Steve and his son were both teachers’ pets in school and I always didn’t like a teacher’s pet. Was jealous, is what it was, because I was just obnoxious.

    And Chris is right. K.O. is a big old jerk. And I tried to watch him once and it was worse than Sat. morn F & F. At least the people on Sat. are not hateful jerks. That guy is undescribable.

    Alisyn said that she was going to call the wall The Blue Monster. She is pretty cute and a good mother, I would think, and I don’t know what makes her better than the Sat. group, I guess, silly and funny is not the same as juvenile.

  6. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Peter Doocy is actually 21yo … Hence, the question to McCain about going out for shots …

    Since Peter is still a college student and not a full-fledged broadcast journalist (using that term extremely loosely) … He’s not supposed to be under the same microscope as the tv talking heads …

    So, Olbermann was way out of line when he decided to attack Peter … Therefore, Daddy Doocy had every right in the world as a father AND a tv talker to go after Olbermange …

    It’s hard to believe that this is the same KO that used to be the sports anchor on KTLA back in the late 80s-early 90s … He must’ve had some traumatic brain injury since his KTLA days … I was surfing the tv dial the other night & hit msnbc the very moment KO was all “STHU” and was shocked …

  7. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Alisyn is a bazillion times better than any of the idiots on the weekend show …

    She’s lived in various towns (all over the country) whilst growing up & since she’s been on tv …

    Throw in she’s married, mother of 3 (inc twins), educated … AND she’s actually experienced and lived the life of a woman who is over 40 …

  8. spanner Says:

    Peter Doocy is an adult, his father was talking like he was 8 years old. If Peter wants to play with the big boys, he needs to have the tough hide to not get all upset and go crying to Daddy. Besides, his questions and comments were pretty juvenile. If he is going to be a journalist, the HUGE worldwide media company his dad works for is probably a good place to get lost in.

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