Sweet Abby: “Mean Girl”?

On Christmas Day, new Fox & Friends co-host Abby Huntsman earned her “lump of coal.” Yes, believe it or not, the incredibly gorgeous and usually very sweet and smart Huntsman gal can be a “mean girl.” On Christmas Day, when her family was out feeding the proverbial “least among us” at a homeless shelter a la their family tradition, Abby advocated outing and exploiting one’s relatives who had an alcohol problem.

During a segment entitled “Social Media Faux Pas: What Not to do” that included “post photos of gifts, not family; on your phone at dinner; and post pics of drunk family.”* After concurring with the first two, a smiling Abby disagreed with the third. When guest co-host Peter Doocy said, “Yeah, then photos of drunk relatives,” Abby smiling asserted, “No, those are grea[t]: I think that’s a, I think that’s a yes!” With an evil glint in her eye, Abby added, “Not just photos though! I mean get the video camera out when that happens. Get the memories!”

Joining in Abby’s schadenfreude, F&FW meteorologist Rick Reichmuth responded, “Seriously, I think that is fair game! I do! I think that’s fair game.”

Gesticulating toward her sadly sympathetically concurring colleague, Abby coldly asserted, “If they’re going to be drunk and act that way, you can film them!”

Perhaps, the alcoholics who are hungry on Christmas Day may have second thoughts about stopping by the homeless center in Salt Lake City next year. It is laudable that the Huntsmans feed them on Christmas Day as a family tradition: But, if Abby has her camera out next year, they may want to move on.

Abby, alcoholism is no joke: And, I believe that you know it. Making sport of those who are its victims is mean and uncharitable at best. And, Rick should know it, too.

Hopefully, Abby, you (and Rick) will not deserve your lumps of coal next Christmas. During this season of Christmas and Hanukkah (as always), the hurting need love. And, you and your Fox & Friends fans should embrace them, not scorn them.

*Fox & Friends Weekend (12/25/16) – @ 9:05 a.m. ET.

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16 Responses to “Sweet Abby: “Mean Girl”?”

  1. Tom G Says:

    Perhaps I’m still feeling the Christmas spirit because I think we should cut Abby some slack and assume she was referring to guests who were tipsy — not full blown alcoholics.

    At least that’s the way I took it.

    Happy New Year Everyone!!

  2. Wednesday Links and Open Thread – johnny dollar's place Says:

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  3. Mitch Alan Says:

    Do Mormons drink alcohol?

  4. Christie Says:

    I concur with Tom- I don’t think that Abby had chronic alcoholics in mind, rather guests behaving badly. However, I’m pretty sure Abby has no problem speaking up for herself. Have really enjoyed her and am ready for Pete to be named Co-Host on F & F Weekend. Is Ed Henry next in line for a weekend seat?

  5. jakeho Says:

    Christie, re Abby, you may be right: But, even if she were merely talking about “guests behaving badly,” I think that should be addressed in a personal fashion and not a public forum. As to Pete, I think that it may simply be a matter of time before he is proclaimed to be Tucker’s replacement. In a 2016 F&FW recap segment this weekend, the co-hosts were discussing the departures of Anna & Tucker’s respective departures: Subsequently, when they mentioned saying hello in that regard, Pete pointed to Abby and Clayton seemed to gesture toward Abby and then toward Pete. (We shall see, Christie!) As to Ed, I see him as more of a fill-in F&F and F&FW co-host for now.

  6. Christie Says:

    I can’t disagree with you about taking private family issues public- for a “novice” Abby has avoided lots of pitfalls if being in a public arena but this is likely one that she will learn from. I can’t believe the ease with which she has settled into F & F Weekend as well as Fox in general in a short time.
    You are probably also right about Ed, with his background in serious reportage, he is unlikely to be named a permanent host. However, by the same token, I was thoroughly shocked when Tucker Carlson took on that role awhile back.
    In his case it certainly proved to be a great launching pad into getting his own show (which I enjoy as well!).
    Love hearing your take on F & F- and thanks for the reply which was unexpected:)

  7. jakeho Says:

    Christie, it is always a pleasure to dialogue with courteous and knowledgeable Carpe Diem readers such as yourself. I appreciate your remarks and your query today. Happy New Year!

  8. David Says:

    Abby does a good job as a co host, and she seems to research her stories as well. I am wondering if she is being “fast tracked ” and even at 30, Abby is an experienced journalist.

    I would like to see Pete get F&FW. He is smart, and being a veteran, I like his perspective. Other networks would ignore someone with his background. Pete also works well with others.

  9. gigs Says:

    Is Peter Johnson Jr off Fox News since he was Ailes private attorney?

  10. Christie Says:

    I intended to get back to this before today- just one of those weeks…
    I didn’t notice that Peter Johnson Jr has not been on FOX til “gigs” pointed it out- I always enjoyed his insight- and seeing his family reminisce at Christmas. His politics and mine didn’t always coincide but I always felt he was very smart and not one to be blinded by political leanings when common sense was better employed.

    Enjoying the dialogue here- lots of truly horrific news out there but nice to find civil discussion exists!!

  11. gigs Says:

    I just read that Juliet Huddy just settled a threatened lawsuit.

  12. Tom G Says:

    I read that too ‘gigs’.

    So Mr. Bill has now been the target of harassment and/or inappropriate conduct claims by Andrea Mackris, Andrea Tantaros and now Juliet Huddy.

    When does the weight on the ‘scoundrel’ scale tilt more toward O’Reilly instead of BriWi as the bigger smuck?

  13. gigs Says:

    Brian Wilson? Also I love Fox but totally believed Gretchen. It is so inappropriate for women to wear tight and revealing clothing while reporting early in the morning and/or on very serious subjects. I don’t care what Megyn says about clothes not making a difference. She looked as if she was wearing a swimming suit during the GOP Convention.

  14. jakeho Says:

    Gigs, as to FNC news women wearing “tight and revealing clothing,” I think that most guys and gals appreciate a bit of eye candy to make the bitter news medicine go down a soupcon smoother.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    You can look great without being tacky.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, I was also wondering if Anna Kooiman ultimately left because Ainsley was given the Fox and Friends Weekday hosting position. I know she went to Australia, but that decision could have been the deal breaker.

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