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Nick Jonas: Brian, “Very Funny” (NOT!)

June 2, 2010

A Miley Cyrus question? Two! Fox & Fans co-anchor and former stand-up comic Brian Kilmeade did not fully amuse Nick Jonas this morning. In an interview of the Jonas Brothers (Nick, Joe, and Kevin) before their appearance at the White House tonight in a tribute to Paul McCartney, Brian served up mainly softballs to the boys. However, toward the end of the discussion, Brian got a bit personal with Nick.

After questioning all three brothers about their performance in front of the President and Sir Paul, Brian remarked, “Nick…what is your take on your ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus writing a song and using your relationship as inspiration.”* (Miley recently revealed that her new song “Full Circle” was based on her relationship with her former flame Nick.) Taking his left hand out of his pants pocket and wiping his brow, Nick coolly responded, “Miley is a good friend and has been now for a long time so I think that our relationship now is friends and that’s what’s important. And, it’s good to see that we both can express ourselves through music.”

Ever the wicked wit, Brian persisted, “Right. Do you think she should cut you in on the profits?” After a pregnant pause, Nick, with almost clenched teeth hidden in a smile, retorted, “Very funny!” With co-host Steve Doocy laughing in the background, a grinning Brian riposted, “I guess I’ll take that as a ‘no.’ So, fine.”

Nick should count himself lucky, though: he got off relatively easy. As long-time Fox & Friends fans know, Brian has a knack for getting under the skin of certain celebs. Examples include such notables as KISS’ Gene Simmons (“Make Out with Clarinet Players”), country star Trace Adkins (“Such an Idiot”), and comedienne Janeane Garofalo (“Saddam Must Love You”). Even if Brian was not “very funny” to Nick, he was rather entertaining to his audience.

*Fox & Friends – 06/02/10 (@8:11 a.m. ET)

Megyn: I Can Die Now!

March 22, 2010

With KISS front man Gene Simmons on set Friday, America Live anchor Megyn Kelly acted as giddy as a school girl at a Jonas Brothers concert. After introducing him and “his wagging tongue” (and his business partner) for an interview* ostensibly about health care reform, Megyn ducked her head demurely and cooed, “It’s so exciting to have you here first of all.” Then, when he subsequently grabbed her right hand and kissed it, Megyn gushed, “Oh, that’s nice. Oh, Gene Simmons is kissing my hand. I can die now!”

Subsequently, she said, “Everyone’s telling me, ‘He’s a genius. You can ask him about anything.” In response, the co-founder of Cool Springs Life immediately began his spiel on one’s need to be educated–about one’s life options. Trying to redirect Simmons, Megyn declared, “You have some strong opinions, I’m told, when it comes to, for example…health care.” Simmons replied, “Oh, it’s horrific!”

Megyn countered, “You voted for President Obama: you’ve been open about that.” Simmons answered, “I did” and added that he, “like most Americans…[was] closer to the center.” Elaborating further, he opined that the American foreign policy was “pathetic” and “wimpy” and that “in terms of the economy, fiscally, we think the worst thing we could do now is health care.” After then bemoaning the government’s involvement in health care, he began his promotion of his life insurance company anew, saying, “That’s one of the reasons why we’re here: we’re here to talk about your [viewers’] options.”

Then the sale was on and it went on and on and on. At one point, “Megyn aptly declared, “Wow! This is like an infomercial.” Yet, still it did not end. Later, as she concluded the interview, Megyn laughed, “Well, that, that went in an interesting direction!” And, so it  had.

The dangers of interviewing one’s childhood crush, perhaps?

*Video of interview (via

“Aly & the Boys”

July 2, 2009

As Fox & Friends ended today, co-host Steve Doocy simply announced, “Have a terrific Fourth of July! Aly and the boys are going to be here tomorrow, and [sic] Saturday, and Sunday.” However, Fox & Friends co-anchor Steve Doocy’s off-handed reference today seemed to say a mite more. I.e., the headliner of F&F Weekends is co-host Alisyn Camerota.

Steve appeared to be repeating an oft proffered refrain on Carpe Diem. As long-time readers know, the author has frequently referred to “Aly and the boys” as Aly and her Doublemen Twins. Truly, co-anchors Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs have grown significantly under Aly’s tutelage but she remains undeniably the captain of their ship.

Not only is Aly the leader but also she’s got the “IT Factor.” As FNC programming veep Bill Shine seems to sense, many viewers agree with Aly (in her  assessment of Italian Jersey girls after a report of Jonas Brother Kevin’s engagement to the delectable Danielle Deleasa), when she saucily asserted, “We’re irresistible!” To echo Robert Palmer, “Simply irresistible!”

Gretch: Rub My Toes, Peter Doocy

January 20, 2009

Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson seems to like the younger guys: The Jonas Brothers fan dallied with Peter Doocy, son of her co-anchor Steve Doocy, today. After Gretch complained that he had a “plum assignment” indoors in the warmth of the Newseum (when she and the other F&F co-anchors were co-hosting in the cold of D.C.), Peter joked, “Hey, Gretchen! I actually just rolled my sleeves down: It is a little warm in here.”

To the Villanova student, Gretch chuckled, “Come and rub my toes!” Peter shook his and disdained, “No, I’m ok: thanks!” Turning to Gretch, who did not return his gaze, dad Steve sheepishly interjected, “That’s sick!” Peter continued, “I just washed my hands: there’s not enough Purell in Washington.” Gretch cooed, “I just got a pedicure.”

Gretch, a little hot for student?