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Anna Oops: Not “In Full Disclosure”

March 9, 2014

“According to the Daily Caller…a reliable news source.” Gretchen Carlson/Derek Jeter redux? Unfortunately, for Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Anna Kooiman today, she followed in the faux pas of erstwhile F&F (weekday) co-anchor Gretchen Carlson. Like Gretchen who failed to mention that her husband Casey Close was the agent of Derek Jeter in her 2009 F&F hagiographic interview of the New York Yankee superstar, Anna cited the Daily Caller as a “reliable news source” this morning without so much as mentioning that her co-host Tucker Carlson was its founder and current editor-in-chief.*

During a segment on Homeland Security (re a Border Patrol policy advising agents to not engage “rock throwers”), Anna remarked, “According to the Daily Caller, it says that.” Interrupting her, F&FW co-anchor Tucker Carlson smiling chimed, “A reliable news source.” Grinning, Anna stammered, “A reliable news sources, yes, ah, that, that these, uh, uh, uh, new standards essential match those of advocacy groups who, who think that policing our borders is not a good idea.”

Not a good idea, Anna? A good idea would have to reveal that your co-host Tucker is the founder and editor-in-chief of your source. Also, Tucker, a good idea would have been to reveal that you were the authority for Anna’s assertion. And, Clayton Morris, as the now oldest denizen on the F&FW curvy couch, a good idea would have been to step up to the plate to insure full disclosure to the F&FW viewer.

“In full disclosure”: F&FW is sorely missing its captain.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 02/09/14 (@ 7:11 a.m. ET).

Gretchen’s New Gig: The Real Story

October 6, 2013

Flowers for Carlson: Nerd Tears and Casey Close. Last week, Gretchen Carlson finally brought her own show, The Real Story, to her FNC fans. Slotted in what was once the final hour of America Live, Gretchen seems to have salvaged and revamped Megyn Kelly‘s sloping desk; to have “stolen” her all-femme “Power Panel,” and to have adopted the AL feel–perhaps, hoping that Megyn’s magic will rub off on her.

Fox News certainly hopes so. In the premiere of her program, Gretchen ceremoniously received the blessing of FNC fave The Donald who predicted that she would “have great success.”* (Adventitiously or not, Trump also trumpeted in her Fox & Friends successor Elisabeth Hasselbeck in her Fox & Friends debut.)

However, Gretch will have to do more than mimic Megyn and hobnob with the high and mighty to make her show a success: she will also have to prove that she learned well her Minnesota parents’ purported lessons of “core values and humility.”** She will have to eschew the solipsism that she too oft displayed on Fox & Friends, e.g., when she haughtily heralded her resume of being the high school valedictorian, the Stanford alum, and the first Miss America that was a classical violinist. Even though comedian Jon Stewart and her Connecticut blue blood friends may approve of such hubris, FNC’s much maligned “flyover” audience do not.

Gretchen’s Real Story needs to be about the Everyman/Everywoman who watches Fox News. Not Gretchen. If she remembers that simple truth, her intended audience will remember her and tune in—again and again.

[Author’s aside: Re the subtitle, Nerd Tears critic Kevin McCarthy gave Gretchen flowers on her last day on Fox & Friends and hubby Casey Close did likewise Friday on the last day (of her first week) on The Real Story.]

*The Real Story – 09/30/13 (@ 2:11 p.m. ET).

**Ibid at @ 2:01 p.m. ET.

Gretch’s Valentine Secret: “Not…For Broadcast!”

February 14, 2013

“Everyone’s going to have a good Valentine’s Day but me now.” Oops! Fox & Friends du jour “Dr. Love” Marc Siegel let co-anchor Gretchen Carlson‘s off-air romance remark about her hubby Casey Close out of the bag this morning–much to her chagrin. Poor Casey!

In the segment about medical love myths, Gretchen asked Dr. Siegel whether “love at first sight” exists.* After he had declared that it does indeed, co-host Brian Kilmeade interjected, asking if nature was thereby drawing men and women together to procreate. Emphatically, Dr. Siegel asserted, “Absolutely true, within the first couple of seconds!” Elaborating, perhaps, a mite too much, he declared, “It’s not all over after that….Well, you guys…told me you didn’t really love at first sight.” Pointing to Gretchen, Dr. Siegel added, “You didn’t have love at first sight with Casey, you told me.”

Her face reddening to match her dress, a chagrinned Gretchen chuckled, “Oh! Excuse me! That was not necessarily for broadcast.” Looking into the camera as if at her hubby, she fervently declared, “I love you, Honey! Happy Valentine’s Day!” Turning to Brian, she laughed, “Suddenly, this segment’s taking a totally different turn.”

As the segment ended, Gretchen remarked, “Everyone is going to have a good Valentine’s Day except for me now….I hope he’s still sleeping!” Trying to make it up to her man, she explained, “He is a fantastic husband…We, we met on a blind date. It was love at first sight–on the third date!”

“Casey at bat”: With Gretchen, he was “close” but he didn’t strike out!

*Fox & Friends – 02/14/13 (@ 6:23 a.m. ET)

Gretchen: “Not About Discussing My Marriage”

July 18, 2012

Deja vu: “Screwed” by Dick Morris. Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson appeared quite uncomfortable today when Fox News contributor Dick Morris used her view of the future of her marriage to sports agent Casey Close as a political metaphor. However, Morris seemed oblivious to Grechen’s apparent discomfit but her co-anchor Steve Doocy and her guest co-host Eric Bolling certainly seemed acutely aware of it.

In Morris’ political segment this morning, Gretchen queried, “Will [President Obama’s recent controversial small business comments] actually affect the voters in the swing states? Because I think a lot of people are amazed that it’s still a neck-and-neck race nationally. And, quite frankly, in the swing states President Obama’s winning right now.”*

Seemingly exasperated at Gretchen’s questionable recall of his past appearances, Morris replied, “Gretchen, we’ve been through this a hundred times together. He’s not winning: he’s losing by a lot. The polls of likely voters show a close race but the undecided always goes against the incumbent. ” Then, perhaps, piquing Gretchen more than was prudent, an impishly smiling Morris remarked, “Um, we talked about your marital history with that in mind. I said, ‘Are you going to be married to the same guy next year? And, you said, ‘Yes.'”

Grimacing, Gretchen softly responded, “Okay.” Meanwhile, Eric and Steve turned their gaze from the camera and looked away: Eric blindly into space and Steve warily off-set.”

Perhaps, sensing Gretchen’s discomfort and that of her co-anchors, Morris quickly commented, “And, I said, ‘Are you undecided?’ And, you said, ‘Not in the least!'” Seemingly still irked, an unamused Gretchen chuckled and looked down. Yet, Morris continued, “But, if you were undecided, it wouldn’t say good things about the marriage!”

Arching her eyebrows and shaking her head side-to-side, an apparently perturbed Gretchen stammered, “I’m only concerned about the, I’m just concerned about the election–not about discussing my marriage! But, anyway!”

As Yogi Berra might say, it was deja vu all over again: ironically, three months ago, Gretchen and Morris had virtually this same conversation. Last time, Gretchen was equally evasive in her response to Morris’ metaphor about her being undecided as to the future of her marriage. Then, she responded, “Not a good thing to say on national tv even if you were thinking it!”

But, perhaps, she just did. Again. Stay tuned.

Fox & Friends – 07/18/12 (@ 6:39 a.m. ET)

Gretchen & Casey: Still Close?

April 18, 2012

Carlson: “Not a good thing to say on tv even if you were thinking it!” Today, Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson appeared to provide grist for the gossip mill this morning about the state of her union with her hubby Casey Close (New York Yankee star Derek Jeter’s agent). If so, she can blame it on former Bill Clinton pollster and current GOP strategist Dick Morris.

During a political F&F segment on the Presidential race, Morris posited that undecided voters and likely decided voters tended to flip against the incumbent at the end of the election process: Illustrating his point with a smile, Morris remarked, “I’ve said this before with Gretchen. I asked her, “You gonna be married to the same guy next year?”* As Gretchen closed her eyes and rolled her head with a dismissive laugh, Morris continued, “And, she said, ‘Yes.’ When Gretchen softly echoed, “Yeah,” a grinning Morris concluded, “But, if she had said [that] she was undecided, I don’t think that would have been good about her marriage.”

With arched eyebrows, Gretchen declared, “Yeah, also, not a good thing to say on national tv even if you were thinking it!” Interjecting, co-anchor Brian Kilmeade deadpanned, “Right, she will say it in the break.” In response, Morris chuckled heartily.

Mighty Casey is at bat again: Home-run or strikeout? Gretch makes the Closeville call. Off-air.

*Fox & Friends – 04/18/12 (@ 6:40 a.m. ET)

Carlson: I’m a Cougar!

January 20, 2012

“I just don’t act on it.” Rwwr! This morning, Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson made no bones about her attraction for much younger guys after a F&F headline news story about a Utah high school that decided against choosing the “cougar [the cat] as a mascot because it [didn’t] want to offend another kind of cougar.”* In fact, she was “outraged.”

During the F&F mid-show headline news segment this morning, Gretchen’s co-host Brian Kilmeade read the ditched-cougar-mascot account and producers aired an accompanying Cougar Town clip of a flashing Courtney Cox. As he explained, “If you watch Cougar Town, you know Courtney Cox plays an older woman who dates younger men, Gretchen whooped, “Alright!” When Brian elaborated that some parents and school board members were consequently for another mascot, the bawdy former Miss America exclaimed, “Oh, come on! Come on! That is so ridiculous! And, I can say so with authority!”

Amused, Brian asked, “So you are outraged?” Lifting her right eyebrow suggestively, Gretchen cooed, “I’m a cougar!” Pruriently prodding her on, Brian continued, “You’re a cougar?” Shrugging her shoulder and smiling coyly, Gretchen insisted, “I mean I don’t act on it but I’m a cougar.”

Tweaking a randy Gretchen, Brian jested, “Right, I know: Casey’s 29. This is something brand new.” While chuckling at Brian’s playful but, perhaps, untimely reminder of her middle-aged hubby Casey Close, Gretchen protested, “I just mean in age alone–not that I’m gonna act on it.”

Crouching cougar: Hidden Carlson?

*Fox & Friends – 01/20/12 (@ 7:36 a.m. ET)

[Author’s aside: For related Carpe Diem articles, cf. Gretchen: Cougar 2 Pussycat, “Cougar” Carlson: “I’m in the Mood,” “Cougar” Carlson: Saved by the Bell, and Gretch: Rub My Toes, Peter Doocy.]

Gretchen: In Full Disclosure

July 12, 2011

But, she still doesn’t get it. Monday Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson interviewed Christian Lopez, the Yankee fan who gave Derek Jeter his 3000th hit home run ball back. Before she began, she declared, “Christian, in the [sic] full disclosure, I do have to tell you that my husband [Casey Close] happens to be Derek Jeter’s agent.”* Then, she inaptly added, “I just want to get that on the record ’cause sometimes people have a problem with that.”*

Apparently, Gretchen was referring in part to the author who first reported that she interviewed Jeter in a powder-puff F&F interview (December 2, 2009) without mentioning that her husband, Casey Close, was his agent. Obviously, she was including others, e.g., Huffington Post, Mediaite, and TVNewser who cited the Carpe Diem story as they, too, noted Carlson’s failure to disclose her conspicuous connection to Jeter. Not to mention, Howard Kurtz, host of CNN’s Reliable Sources, who acerbically remarked, “Somehow…Gretchen Carlson didn’t get around to mentioning that Jeter’s agent, the man who negotiated the shortstop’s $189 million contract is her husband. Now, I think it’s fine for her to interview Jeter…but how about leveling with the viewers?”

No, Gretchen, people do not “have a problem with” your being married to the agent of Derek Jeter. But, they do have a problem with your not disclosing that very fact when you do a story on Jeter. It just might color your perspective a bit. And, your viewers deserve to know.

In fact, if you had learned the real Jeter lesson, you might have added a caveat in your interview later with Tim Pawlenty, the former Minnesota governor and GOP presidential aspirant.** To wit, when you appeared to defend repeatedly Pawlenty’s opponent, Michele Bachmann, from his verbal attacks, you might have merely mentioned to viewers then Bachmann was once your nanny when you grew up in your hometown of Anoka, Minnesota.

Close is cool: Just “full disclosure,” Gretchen.

*Fox & Friends – 07/11/11 (@ 7:38 a.m. ET)

**Ibid at 8:13 a.m. ET.

Special F&FW Cast: Future F&F Team?

March 20, 2011

Today, Fox & Friends Weekend (special edition) again turned to F&F‘s real A-Team as U. S. forces attacked Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy’s loyalists with B-2 Stealth Bombers and Tomahawk missles. When the show started, F&FW regular co-anchor Alisyn Camerota declared, “Alright, good morning everybody!…We have special coverage: I welcome in my colleagues, Steve and Brian, in for Clayton and Dave this morning.”* [N.B. For those who missed the import of Aly’s opening announcement, co-host Clayton Morris confirmed, “We were off this morning because of special coverage.”] Interestingly, Aly did not mention F&F‘s weekday missing center-seat co-host, Gretchen Carlson.

Perhaps, Aly’s omission was no mistake. In fact, Gretchen’s unannounced absence would come as little surprise to long-time F&FW viewers: FNC Programming SVP Bill Shine has regularly teamed Aly with Steve and Brian on F&FW special editions. However, more portentively possibly, of late, Gretchen has seemed to have made herself scarce on F&F as her hubby/sports agent Casey Close reportedly leaves his agency, CCA Sports, this month when his five-year contract expires.

Perhaps, Aly’s appearance with the weekday crew is a harbinger of changes to come. If Gretchen does depart F&F for other things as her hubby transitions to a new agency, his own, or otherwise, F&F weekday has a seasoned, alluring alternative, Aly. Furthermore, Shine already appears almost to have begun auditions for F&FW‘s center seat on the curvy couch in February when he presented Fox News viewers with a sexy three-gals-in-three-days weekend revue (starring Dana Perino, Molly Line, and Ainsley Earhardt).

Stay tuned, F&F fans.

[Author’s aside (as to Aly’s potential move to F&F): On F&F this week, Shine substituted not only Aly (Friday) but also America’s Newsroom co-anchor Martha MacCallum (Monday-Wednesday) and the aforementioned FNC correspondent Ainsley Earhardt (Thursday).]

*Fox & Friends – 01/20/11 (@ 6:00 a.m. ET)

Gretchen: “Not Me. Not the Young Part!”

November 30, 2010

Glamorous and super rich: Two out of three ain’t bad. This morning Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson appeared to proudly proclaim that she was not ready to cede her 1989 Miss America crown to those “komely” Kardashian kids. At least, not yet.

During a preview of an upcoming segment with the sexy sisters, Kim, Kloe, and Kourtney, co-anchor Brian Kilmeade waggishly intoned, “They’re young, they’re glamorous, and they’re super rich! Am I talking about Gretchen Carlson? No. I’m talking about the Kardashian sisters.”

Rather regally, Ms. Casey Close chuckled, “Not me, not the young part!” Something better left unsaid. Perhaps, Gretchen has forgotten E.D. Hill, her F&F predecessor.

*Fox & Friends – 11/30/10 (@7:19 a.m. ET)

Gretchen: Casey Who?

December 2, 2009

Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson scored an impressive interview with Derek Jeter, World Sports Illustrated’s “Sportsman of the Year.” As she basked in the glow of her catch this morning, she failed to share a little fact with her audience: Her hubby is Casey Close, a long-time agent of the World Series champion New York Yankee co-captain Jeter.

From the moment the interview began, an enraptured Gretchen seemed to almost have her own  Chris Matthews “thrill up [the] leg” moment. Gretchen introduced Derek with a glowing litany of his accomplishments and, subsequently, asked him such probing questions as to what he would do after baseball and whether he would go back to school (since he left college as a freshman). After effecting his apparent apotheosis, she sympathetically queried, “Twenty-four seven the microscope is on you: How difficult is it to live your life so perfectly?”

Even after the interview clip had run, Grethen continued to lavishly laud her husband’s client. She told her co-anchors Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy that she had also asked, “So many people think that you are this perfect guy–which he doesn’t like that label–I said, ‘Do you have any flaws, like, do you make your bed in the morning?” [He does not.]

Apparently, even the producers realized that Gretchen’s questions were more than a tad power puffish. Right before the segment ended, Brian, ratcheting Derek’s divinity down to demigod, remarked, “Here’s the thing about Derek. Great job! He’s not the best in the league; he’s not the best shortstop; he might not even be the best on his team. But, yet everybody wants to be like him, right? Even his enemies seem to respect him. It’s amazing!”

Mighty Casey did not show up today but his man sure did. And, thanks to Gretchen’s pitching, there will assuredly be joy in Closeville tonight.

Gretchen: 2 “Close” 4 Comfort?

November 19, 2009

“Get off our golden boy’s case” seemed to be the message Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson had this morning for her colleague Brian Kilmeade this morning as he sported about the highly prized client of sports agent and hubby, Casey Close. After Brian’s first sports segment at the blue wall, he went back to the curvy couch and asked to “go off script just a little bit.”* Thereafter, he began to express sympathy for a certain someone in the news who was “going through a tough time.”

However, when he named the “poor chap” as New York Yankee star Derek Jeter and showed the New York Post cover pic of him cavorting with his gorgeous girlfriend actress Minka Kelly on the beach at St. Barts, Gretchen seemed slightly chafed. As Brian “encouraged” the 2009 World Series champion marooned on the isle with his bikini babe that things would get better, Gretchen shook her head, smirked, and crossed her arms tightly against her chest. Appearing more than a moit agitated with Brian’s puckish play, she put her right  forefinger to her temple as if she had a headache and snugly wrapped her left arm defensively around her waist.

When Brian finally finished his elfin tomfoolery,  a relieved Gretchen leaned forward, looked straight ahead, and placed her hands more comfortably in her lap. While co-anchor Steve Doocy introduced the next story, Brian turned to Gretchen and smiled impishly. Like an annoyed school teacher, Gretch gave him the eye for a moment and then looked away with a slight air of irritation.

F&F: NSFSC (Not Safe for Sacred Cows)

* Fox & Friends (11/19/09) – @6:36 a.m. ET

Game Gretchen: “Hubby, Daddy”

October 20, 2009

Today Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Gretchen Carlson gave a saucy “shout-out” to her hubby Casey Close. After co-anchor Steve Doocy defended his use of the term “mommy” for his wife during a “Don’t Say That!” segment (featuring an Esquire article about words a man should never say), Gretchen agreed. She said, “I’ve heard a lot of men do that: My husband hasn’t started that yet.”

As a spicy aside, she playfully pleaded, “Hubby, Daddy, if you’re watching, don’t call me ‘mommy.'” When Brian Kilmeade subsequently asked her if the moniker was a turn-off as a woman, Gretchen responded, “I just said, I just said to my daddy at home, ‘Don’t call me “mommy.”‘”

Apparently, not all of the games in the Close household are on the field.

“Chubby” Gretchen: “More” 4U

October 8, 2009

Yesterday Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson was one of nine women profiled by (“Celebrating Women 40+”) in an article entitled, “More Beautiful at 40 Than 20.” In a article by author/editor Genevieve Monsma, Monsma writes, “Bye-bye chubby cheeks, pimples, heavy makeup and bad perms.” In the interview, Gretchen discussed her improved body image now from approximately two decades ago as a beauty queen.

Gretchen elucidates, “My natural body is chubby so walking around in a swimsuit was not within my comfort zone.” Even after winning the Miss Minnesota and Miss America crowns in 1989 (pageants where talent played a major portion in the decisions), she seemed compelled to discuss her weight struggles with the media: After doing so, one less than charitable headline that followed read, “Blimpo Wins Miss America.” Now Gretchen asserts, “I feel so much prettier now than I did when I wore that crown: I’m more sure of myself and I feel I deserve the recognition I get.”

Explaining her new comfort level, Gretchen explains, “Now I love my job and have two small children who have given me a purpose in life.” She elaborated, “I’ve learned how to take care of myself and stay slim without being so obsessive—I run three miles, five days a week and that does the trick.”  Then appearing to embrace a childish naivete, she continued, “I also have a husband who tells me I look better when I don’t try too hard, something I’ve come to believe too.”

Gretchen, do you always believe Casey, too, when you ask him if your clothes make your butt look big before going out on a date?

GM: Gretch Motors Survives

May 19, 2009

For now the (Gretchen) Carlson family General Motors dealership in Anouk, Minnesota, started in 1919, was spared the feared franchise termination letter. Heralding the good news in a Fox and Friends on-set interview were Gretchen’s parents who were in town to celebrate the sixth birthday of their grandchild Kaia, Gretch and Casey Close’s daughter. However, tempering the elation, Gretch said, “Well, you skirted the first round”: Her mom agreed, “And now we’ll see. Now we’ll see.”

Congrats, Gretch and fam!

*After the Show Show: 05/18

Less Gretch? More F&F Femmes?

March 23, 2009

Did Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson let the cat out of the bag? Did spending quality time on holiday with her hubby top sports agent Casey Close and their two young children loosen her lips? After finally returning from her long vacation when Alisyn Camerota, Ainsley Earhardt, and Juliet Huddy filled in for her as guest hosts, Gretchen stated, “It’s great to be back, by the way; I was gone for, for quite some time; and I was to starting to feel like ‘Hmm, that work thing!” Then she quickly added, “No, just kidding.”

A kernel of truth in her jest? E.g., instead of quitting work to be with her family, is she considering cutting back her  hours? Gretchen may be having a hankering to return to a lighter morning schedule. I.e., Gretchen may want to be co-anchor of a shorter Fox & Friends that runs from 7:00-9:00 a.m. ET.

If so, FNC may have been auditioning Aly, Ainsley, and Juliet for the old F&F First hour (6:00 a.m. ET). Of course, it would be doubtful to see Aly returned to F&F after resurrecting F&F Weekend unless Ainsley or Juliet return to F&FW. Less Gretch and more femmes in F&F’s future?

Gretch’s Ox Gored Again

November 25, 2008

Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson is loyal to her family. And that’s a good thing. However, Gretch’s journalistic credibility seems somewhat strained when discussing the bailout of the Big 3 Automakers and the Citigroup bailout’s ramifications as to baseball players.

Most F&F viewers know that Gretch’s family are big Minnesota car dealership owners (Main Motors of Anoka since 1919) so her passionate defense of dealers and the need for a Detroit handout is understandable albeit tiresome. However, less well-known is that her hubby is CAA’s Casey Close, Forbes #5 Baseball’s Best Baseball Agent.

Today when discussing Citigroup’s bailout and the taxpayers’ consequent subsidization of Citigroup’s $400 million purchase of the name rights to the Mets new stadium, Steve Doocy suggested that maybe the Mets could play a free game as a token of thanks to the taxpayers. An amused Gretch said, “More on that later as to whether or not the players would do that” and then chuckled. Then Brian Kilmeade and Steve discussed a free Bailout Bowl between possibly the Mets and the Yankees. A pained Gretch asked, “But wait a minute! Why should the players have to play games because Citigroup screwed up?” Somewhat exasperated, Steve patiently explained, “Because their organization is winding up with half a billion bucks.” Gretch responded, “Oh.” Brian chided, “It’s called charity, Gretchen.”

Another ox gored, Gretch?