Gretchen’s “Virgin” Experience

Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen got to “make out” with British billionaire and Virgin Atlantic founder Sir Richard Branson on the curvy couch on the After the Show Show (ASS) yesterday.* F&F co-anchor Steve Doocy gleefully stoked the fires. (For viewers who did not see it yesterday, F&F was more than happy to offer another prurient peep today.)*

ASS was quite a bit more risque than usual yesterday. Throughout the segment, bawdy humor abounded. Steve joked that the Virgin Airlines PJ changing area was the Mile High Club room. Branson immediately jested, “Exactly. And now with our space progam coming up, it will be the 180 Mile High Club. As to the origin of the airline’s name, Branson repeated Steve’s alleged conjecture that it was so dubbed because it would not go all the way. (He explained that actually it was because he started business because he was only fifteen when he started in business.)

However, ASS got steamier when the topic turned to Branson’s Virgin glamor girl publicity shoots. Noting that five years ago Branson had picked up Pamela Anderson but yesterday he hoisted Kate Moss, Steve teased, “You just can’t bench press what you used to be able to? Are you looking for smaller girls?” In response, chuckling, Branson rushed toward Gretchen, saying, “Well, let’s see. What do we got here?” Gretchen screamed, “Oh, no! Oh, no! No!” As Sir Branson tried to lift F&F’s damsel in distress, one understood why she resisted so and had color coordinated beforehand.

After Branson relented amidst howls of laughter, he embraced Gretchen tightly as she exclaimed, “Oh, my god! I haven’t been swept off my feet in a while, Buddy! Alright? Flattered and flustered, she animatedly added, “Hello! Oh my goodness! Could we make sure we get a still photo of that? If I could make that like into an 11×14 in my office.” When Steve remarked, “That’s your screen saver,” Gretchen heartily concurred, “Definitely!”

As the segment concluded, still holding Gretchen, Bronson joked, “Could we turn the light out, please.?” As the F&F floor crew complied and added mood music to boot, Branson playfully acted as if he were friskily frolicking with her as she saucily screamed. As the lights came back on, Branson kissed her hand and said, “It’s been a pleasure.” Gretchen responded, “No kidding! Could you stop back in tomorrow?”

Probably not. But, Branson certainly gave Gretchen a Virgin flight of fancy.

*Fox & Friends’ After the Show Show (06/23/09)

**F&F (06/24/09) – 6:32 a.m. ET

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One Response to “Gretchen’s “Virgin” Experience”

  1. Jayne Catania Says:

    I would like to know the name of the product discussed on the June 24th show regarding a powder that is mixed with water and can be put on the lawn for continuous watering.


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