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Dave Briggs: Surviving Chauvinism?

February 5, 2012

“If you want to yap..go watch it [the Super Bowl]…with the ladies in the kitchen.”* This morning, Fox News Weekend co-host Dave Briggs put his seemingly chauvinistic big foot in his mouth again this morning with another diss to the “ladies.” Unfortunately, neither he nor his TV wife Alisyn Camerota could quite successfully extract it.

During a segment entitled “Surviving a Super Bowl Party,” Dave declared that a Wall Street Journal author had called the game a “no shushing event.” Then, he scoffed, “I have to take issue with this….I’m not there for the commercials like my friend [Aly] here. I’m there for the game and the commentary. I don’t want you yapping!”  Looking into the camera at his audience directly (and then at Aly), he regrettably remarked, “If you want to yap out[side] of the commercials, go watch it in [sic] the other TV with the ladies in the kitchen.”

Not all of Dave’s F&FW audience were overly amused. One such viewer, Nicole Pinkham, took issue with Dave’s errant aside, Tweeting, “@davebriggstv @ClaytonMorris @AlyatFox Dave…you did not just say “watch with the ladies in the kitchen”…really?!?…c’mon man!!!” Coming “dutifully” to Dave’s defense, Aly artfully answered, “He was probably just dissin me!” Not helping himself in the least, Dave daftly added, “All the ladies at my party watch in the kitchen.”

Dave, Dave, were those “ladies” at your party driven there by their hubbies who would not let them drive either?

[Author’s aside: Long-time viewers of Fox & Friends Weekend may remember the significance of the author’s final gibe at poor Dave’s expense. Slightly over three years ago, Carpe Diem took the F&FW co-anchor to task for saying, “I love my wife, and I don’t let her drive,” and his subsequent inept explanation, “I have to clarify: I do let my wife drive whenever she wants—just not when I’m in the car.” In response to the author, Dave defensively declared, “My wife can do whatever she wants whenever she wants. I made an attempt [at] a joke, albeit a poor one….No man who marries a strong, smart, driven lawyer [Brandi Moreland] is a chauvinist.” And, dear reader, he probably is not: But, his comments today certainly did not further his case.]

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 02/05/12 (@ 9:33 a.m. ET)

A.M.: AmeriCANNED Morning?

March 12, 2010

The steady drumbeat of doom continues to eerily echo in the early American Morning air. Today‘s Steve Krakauer authored an article entitled, “Is It Time for Changes at CNN’s American Morning?” (Over a week ago, Carpe Diem had similarly asked, “AM: Shake-up Looming?“) Krakauer cited Dylan Stableford’s’s Wednesday piece dubbed, “Exclusive: CNN Developing Morning Show” as to CNN creating a “Fox & Friends” pilot to suggest that changes are imminent for CNN’s morning show. In making his case, Krakauer explains the import of AM‘s dismal ratings when he notes that  not only does sister network HLN’s Morning Express with Meade A25-54 demo ratings surpass those of AM, but also FNC’s Fox and Friends A25-54 demographic exceeds AM’s total viewers.

After Krakauer had presented a quite cogent argument as to the probable change, he mentioned that AM co-host Kiran Chetry was “another element.” He keenly queried, “Would a change at CNN in the morning coincide with her contract being up?” Remarking that CNN would not comment, he asserted that others yesterday had and linked to “Another Sinking Show at CNN” by author Glenn Garvin of the Miami Herald’s blog.

The demise of CNN’s American Morning, or, at least, the current format is long overdue. When CNN/US prez took the reins from Soledad O’Brien and Miles O’Brien and gave them to Kiran Chetry and John Roberts, he simply put new “new wine into old wineskins.” And, Fox & Friends‘ superior formula of news with a fun, flirty, and friendly approach continued to win the day convincingly over AM‘s stale recipe of the latest with a staid, distant, and supercilious style.

If Klein indeed revamps his early morning show, perhaps, there is yet hope yet for his anemic evening lineup.

“Bad” Juliet Detention?

August 12, 2009

Yesterday Live Desk guest co-host Juliet Huddy looked like a bad girl serving Saturday detention. No, the blonde lovely did not have on the obligatory sweats with flip-flops after a night partying hard in a short black cocktail dress with smart, sexy stilettoes but she came quite close as far as FNC goes. Reporting for duty, she wore a drab over-the-knee gray skirt, black/white housewife heels, black blouse, and buttoned-up dark purplish jacket that she had seemingly borrowed from a priggish schoolmarm. Yikes!

Juliet, FNC viewers know that you’re beautiful. Just don’t let them forget!

Domenica’s Crush on Dave?

June 22, 2009

“Our favorite dad.” An F&F day late and a dollar short? Perhaps, however, since yesterday was such a sweet Father’s Day show for Fox & Friends Weekend co-hosts Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris, the author was a bit hesitant to give Dave and Domenica a ribbing in that regard. However, today is another day.

Yesterday,  in one of her weather segments, Domenica dubbed Dave “our favorite dad” and then jested that he gave her an allowance like her own dad once did. (Not a joke that Dave’s wife Brandi would necessarily find riant but, perhaps, risible.) Then in Dave’s honor, Domenica gave him the weather conditions for the U.S. Open. Once she was done, she had to be prompted by guest host Courtney Friel to give a shout out to her own dad Domenique for whom the Italian lovely said that she is named.

Reading a bit too much into that vignette? Quite possibly. After all, Dave was the only father on the set yesterday. However, does not the reader recollect Clayton teasing Domenica recently about not seeming to mind her big hug from Dave (during a past three-second-hug school rule segment a while back)?

Don’t spice up the show too much, Domenica!