Kiran: Let’s Talk About Sex

American Morning’s version of Salt-N-Pepa’s hit could be heard as CNN business correspondent Stephanie Elam discussed marital discord during the 7 o’clock (ET) C Block this morning. AM co-host Kiran Chetry sang lead, Stephanie sang backup, and co-anchor John Roberts just barely joined in.

As the segment “Out of Sync” started, Stephanie stated, “It’s the one thing that no one ever wants to talk about is that one thing, and everyone thinks that it’s the other thing. No, it’s about money.” Kiran racily interjected, “What’s the other thing?” Stephanie replied, “Oh, you’re married.” While a broadly smiling co-anchor John Roberts in the middle chair clearly relished the exchange, Kiran riposted, “You’re a newlywed so I just wanted to know if you figured it out yet.” Stephanie retorted, “So, ergo, it’s not a problem for me.”

In response, Kiran, pounding her fist on the desk in laughter, jested, “Just you wait, Stephanie.” Stephanie smiled and answered, “Don’t do my marriage! And, if he’s watching I’m going to get lots of email right now.” As Kiran and John chuckled, Stephanie declared, “I’m moving on!”

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