Clayton Chokes Up

Usually, one who eschews emotional moments, co-anchor Clayton Morris could not help himself today.* In a Father’s Day call to his father who survived very serious heart surgery recently, Clayton first kidded his dad about his “scary” mustache (in an old photograph displayed on the screen). However, turning serious, Clayton said, “This is a big moment for me and Happy Father’s Day. You know, I don’t ever get choked up but I will. You just went through quadruple bypass surgery, and, um.” Tearing up, he could not continue.

Stepping in for his friend and co-anchor, Dave Briggs stated, “And, we are very happy to hear you are doing well. I know this is emotional for Clayton: He and I have talked about it many a weekend. He’s thrilled, we are all thrilled that you are doing better.”

After regaining his composure yet still emotional, Clayton stated, “You have your energy back, and you’re looking fantastic. I got to see you last weekend. So, happy Father’s Day. Happy birthday.” He added, “Love to the family. And have fun today going out to breakfast and enjoying the rest of the day.”

Like Dave earlier today,** Clayton had his own Hallmark moment on camera. However unlike Dave, Clayton seems unaccustomed to them. Today the usually clowning Clayton showed his more sensitive side, i.e., that of a loving son.

*F&F (06/21/09) – @8:10 a.m. ET


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