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Carol Gets Playboy: John Doesn’t

June 19, 2009

Like a man who says that he “reads Playboy for the articles,” moderate Daily Beast columnist John Avlon turned somewhat mealy-mouthed during his weekly “‘Wingnut’ of the Week'” segment on CNN’s American Morning today. When he dubbed Playboy “‘Wingnut’ on the Left'” for Guy Cimbalo’s early June website column entitled, “So Right It’s Wrong: The Top 10 Conservative Women We Hate to Love, Avlon cited the Playboy columnist’s comparison of women, e.g., Peggy Noonan and Dana Perino, to Eva Braun and said that “it was way over the line so much so that Playboy took it off their website and issued an apology.” Happily, for the audience which had not previously heard of the controversy, guest host Carol Costello provided a more complete picture.

Carol commented, “It was incredibly sexist….A lot of conservative women and, actually, many liberal women, too, said Playboy crossed the line with that one because it also sort of said it was okay to, and they didn’t use the word “love” really…It was sort of like the “f word” and it wasn’t feminism either.” For the viewer with a DVR, AM provided a fleeting screen capture of the article which included the text that actually earned the Avlon’s “‘Wingnut’ on the Left'”: It read, “[T]here is a way to reach across the line without letting principles fall by the wayside. We speak, naturally, of the hate f**k.”

As an aside, if the viewer wants the perspective of a woman who was listed, Megyn Kelly amply provided it on her show America’s Newsroom.* She heatedly declared that “Playboy Magazine’s online site unleashed a vile attack” against her in what “some [were] calling a rape list. She added, “In my view, this is not the act of a publication that respects women in any way whatever their politics happen to be.

Today the author of Independent Nation played the centrist “wingnut.”


Alina Eyes Palin’s Bad Boy

May 29, 2009

American Morning guest co-host Alino Cho, resident fashionista (according to AM co-host Kiran Chetry),* seemed fascinated with self-professed redneck Levi Johnston. Decrying his fifteen minutes of fame, she discussed him each and every hour of the show this morning. According to my calculations she gave him an extra six minutes.

In the first hour of AM, as “Independent Nation” author John Avalon concluded his “Wingnut of the Week” segment, she asked, “What is a wingnut segment without Levi Johnston? He is…shirtless in GQ…poses with his baby, gives an interview. When is enough enough?” When Avalon indicated that Levi’s fifteen minutes were up and that he should move on, Alina replied, “I gotta agree with you on that.”

In the second hour, Alina promo’d and introduced a sympathetic “Pretty Damn Uncomfortable” Levi Johnston piece with GQ shirtless pics of him with his baby and a shot of the camouflage-clad, gun-slinging Alaskan rebel. After the report, Alina acerbically commented, “The writer [of the GQ article] believes that Levi is hoping to turn his story into a book or TV deal. That would be if anybody really cares about that story.” Guest co-anchor Rob Marciano wryly replied, “Well, you know, we seem to care.”

In the final hour, Alina did it again. When she presided over the “Political Drama” debate with lib Hilary Rosen, HuffPo editor-at-large, and conservative Leslie Sanchez, Hispanic Alliance for Prosperity Institute co-chair, she covered two issues. I.e., the profound matter of the nomination of the first Hispanic female, Judge Sonia Stomayor, to the highest court of the land and the shallow issue of “Levi Johnston shirtless in the July issue of GQ magazine speaking out.” A peculiar juxtaposition indeed.

Good girl Alina: bad boy Levi.